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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by author of SpiritualSecrets - ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

Read in conjunction with This Weeks Planetary Movements, Monthly Astrological Events & Years Events 2017


Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ...

The long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you


Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd July 2017 - Moon in Cancer

Unusual Moon in 12th House Karma - "Restful & Healing"

It's very powerful to feel "nothing" - to feel "cleansed"


Moon astrology - defines - that when the Moon enters the star sign it was last a New Moon - prior to the next New Moon is known as the "dark" of the Moon - the 12th House of Karma. The Moon in Cancer will be 12th House Karma Moon - however it is going to be an unusual transit - because in the middle on Saturday 22nd July - the Sun moves from star sign of Cancer into star sign of Leo.


Firstly, let me explain the importance of Moon in 12th House of Karma of Cancer - contrary to the nonsense other astrologers say - the Moon is always powerful - each day you're given emotions via the power of Moon - and even when you FEEL NOTHING - that too is an emotional energy.


Moon in 12th House of Karma will ensure YOU FEEL NOTHING towards anyone or especially towards ANYTHING that has been annoying and worrying you in the past 30 days - anything negative that has hurt you - you'll FEEL NOTHING.


This will happen - because - it's been solved, it's in process of being-sorted out or simply you'll FEELING NOTHING WORRYING you - because in the process and preparation of the Sun entering Leo on Saturday 22nd July - with the full power of Mars in Leo - positive Leo energies defined at the Leo New Moon on Sunday 23rd July 2017 - means FEELING NOTHING towards anything NEGATIVE.


Do you remember - when you were in a troublesome relationship - how much you got annoyed with them - until you couldn't take it anymore and it ended - just prior to ending it - you had a FEEL NOTHING moment - ensuring you detached yourself from them. However, initially after breaking-up - it takes time to heal - and only months later you get to a cleansed COMPLETELY FEEL NOTHING. That's when you're really ready to move-on with life.


Another example, is being worried about money - then - money gets sorted out; worried about exam or medical results - then - results are good; worried about anything - then - it gets sorted out.


Moon in 12th House of Karma on Friday, Saturday & Sunday will ensure whatever specifically you've been worried about in the past 30 days - you'll feel detached from - healed from - feeling nothing towards - proving that life is preparing you to move-on forwards.


Friday 21st July 2017

Moon enters Cancer 9am UK - 10am Europe - 4am USA EST

1:30pm India - 7pm Sydney, Australia


Saturday 22nd July 2017

Moon 13° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 13° Pisces

Moon 15° Cancer squares Jupiter 15° Libra

Moon 17° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn

Moon 28° Cancer squares Uranus 28° Aries


Sun enters Leo 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST

8:30pm India - [Sunday 2am Sydney, Australia]


Sunday 23rd July 2017 - Fresh - exciting - lively - New Moon

Moon enters Leo 9am UK - 10am Europe - 4am USA EST

1:30pm India - 7pm Sydney, Australia


New Moon in Leo 1pm UK - 2pm Europe - 8am USA EST

5:30pm India - 11pm Sydney, Australia


The important facet of Moon in 12th House of Karma on Friday and Saturday will be powerful COHESION of good feelings towards everyone and everything which is 100% good for you - as negative feelings are cleansed - you'll only feel the purest and softest of good feelings.


The invisible bonds of TRUST are actually karmic feelings - whenever you TRUST anyone or anything - it is because the karmic bonds within you are making you TRUST them - to be attached to them.


On a simple level - you always instinctively TRUST your grandparents and parents - [if they've not broken or abused your trust!] - because karma of life makes you TRUST them. The same in all your relationships - you TRUST them - as - they TRUST you - because everyone listens to their feelings and feelings make you TRUST some people more than others.


Whoever it is you get good feelings from during Moon in 12th House of Karma on Friday, Saturday & Sunday will give you lots of power and energy - because you'll feel reassured by life - that even though you've got "other" people in your life who've proven that you can't trust them - there are people in your life - whom you'll feel a sense of protection because you can truly 100% trust them.


Indeed, all good business is based on TRUST too - when someone promises to pay you - you're happy to work for them, but when they refuse to pay you or delay - you become uncertain of how much you can TRUST them. Life will show you all the people you can TRUST - so listen to your feelings - especially on Saturday.



Today's Audio for Friday 21st / Saturday 22nd July 2017

Moon in Cancer 12th House Karma & Sun in Cancer

To start Audio click on "Play" ... [12 mins audio]

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Saturday 22nd July 2017 - I'm back with Astrology

I'm back fully 100% with this Astrology website - I will be fully updating the website on Saturday & Sunday

Then from Monday 24th July - I will be answering emails & available for readings.




Nature talks to us ...... The color of flowers have been decided

The color is already decided by nature - and - yet we have to wait to see the truth when it opens

The flowers haven't opened yet - likewise in your lives too - "things" haven't yet opened or been revealed to you yet.

Sun in Leo from 22nd July => 22nd August has already been planned by destined destiny with lots of changes coming

Look-forwards and know that it's going to be good, bright and colorful ...... even if you can't see anything yet ....


The Astrological configuration with Sun in Leo & New Moon in Leo on 23rd July 2017 of inner and outer planets

defines positively exciting times ahead - full of heat, passion, desires and excitement - of things you can't see yet ....


Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] New Moon in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign]

Venus in Gemini [Air sign] Mars in Leo [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign]

Saturn [retrograde] in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]



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