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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by יהונתן וואקסמאן author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ...

The long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.


Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Moon in Aries

Everyone that's alive will be talking .... "unexpectedly" !


If you don't hear from someone - technically "they" are dead - or at the very least they're not in your aura at this present moment of life - and shouldn't be influencing what you choose to do at this moment in time. When you walk-into a shop with a pushy salesmen - the non-stop talking convinces you to consider buying what they're selling. Likewise, when you're around someone who wants "you" - you're convinced to do things that you wouldn't do on your own. That's life - we are all influenced by "others".


When the people give you a BIG BURST of energy, when the news you hear makes you change your plans, when the conversation you have makes you come ALIVE with positive excitement - then you get "enticed" into doing whatever it is - you also raise your energy levels to have lots of energy.


The truth is the positive energy is WITHIN you all the time - you just need the right catalyst to UNLOCK it. When someone turns you on - by saying they love you and want sex with you - OR when someone gives you presents - OR when you get paid - OR when you win some money - OR whenever "something" BIG happens in your life - your aura is UNLOCKED - and from WITHIN you - you come alive.


Each and everyone has had life-changing BIG "events" - we have them regularly - but we forget about them and go-back to sleep. But Sun in Gemini until 21st June 2016 is determined to create a BIG event - and will keep you awake for at least the next 12 months. It is defined by the PEOPLE in your life. All the truly destined relationships in your life - past, present and future. Whoever it is that makes you come ALIVE.


If "they" don't make you come ALIVE - and - if you don't feel ALIVE by the people in your life - then life will be ensuring you OPEN your eyes and "find" who it is that makes you come ALIVE. Because only by being ALIVE is when good things - unexpected good things can happen. During Moon in Aries - that's what's going to happen - to everyone - unexpected good things.


Moon in Aries will affect every star sign - in a different way - some of you will love the unexpected changes - others will feel it's too much change - whilst others will feel forced to make decisions - others will be simply happy to see so many choices - but Sun & Venus in Gemini means - EVERYONE - will be talking and communicating. The only problem will be having enough time to talk to everyone you want to talk to.


Tuesday 31st May 2016

Moon enters Aries at 1am UK - 2am Europe - [Monday 8pm USA EST]

5:30am India - 10am Sydney, Australia


Moon 8° Aries sextiles Venus 8° Gemini

Moon 10° Aries sextiles Sun 10° Gemini

Moon 13° Aries trines Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius


Wednesday 1st June 2016

Moon 17° Aries squares Pluto [retrograde] 17° Capricorn

Moon 23° Aries conjunct Uranus 23° Aries


Thursday 2nd June 2016 - 12th House Karma

Moon enters Taurus at 3am UK - 4am Europe - 7:30am India

[Wednesday 10pm USA EST] - 12noon Sydney, Australia


On Wednesday - Uranus in Aries & Moon in Aries - means whatever and whover "it" is that makes you feel EXCITED to be ALIVE is what you need in your life - but to truly maximize your potential - you have to be 100% excited by "it". I've sarcastically inserted images of $$$$ because whilst "money" excites people - "money" is only exciting and comes alive - when you see what it buys - and - when you see what you can do with "money". "money" is dead if you don't do anything with it - the energy to making "money" comes from wanting to buy things with it and spending it on things you love.


The same with people in your life - if they exist but don't talk to you or communicate with you - and don't make you feel ALIVE - then they're as good as dead to you. Human nature means that people in your life - their words - their smiles - their presence - should make you feel ALIVE.


During Moon in Aries - you're going to be surprised by WHO it is you need in your life - WHO makes you feel ALIVE. Because when you hear from them - and - when they talk to you, and you talk to them - and - when they convey good news to you - it will UNLOCK an energy within you - that will make you feel ALIVE. "It" will be exactly what you need ...... even more than what "money" can do for you !




Uranus has been in Aries since March 2011

Have you had something BIG and NEW since March 2011 ?

or - Are you still living the life you had prior to March 2011 ?


Astrological energies define change - whilst - some people are stubborn - some people are trapped in circumstances that they can't change and others simply REFUSE to change - changes eventually and always happen to EVERYONE.


Uranus in Aries is not "small" - it defines a "BIG" change. Aries defines something NEW. A once in a lifetime change - like getting married, having a baby, moving to a new home, setting up a new business. And whilst you are allowed to take with you all the "past" experiences - you can't live the same life you live prior to your BIG Uranus in Aries transition. You have to let-go of the "past".


Hence, whilst many people are still living like it was - 2010 - 2008 - 2006 - even like it was - 2002 or 2000 - in the next 6 months the power of Uranus in Aries will be ensuring EVERYONE gets the opportunities for the "BIG" change. The 1st sign you know it's coming is the fact that you can't take the same boring no-energy stagnation anymore - you're getting desperate for something NEW to come into your life - and - hopefully you're searching for possibilities.


The truth is - IF you should already have had the destined change - then at the moment you're really feeling the urgent need to ESCAPE the present situation which is in fact defined by the "past" - all I say is hold-on until you see destiny create the options and possibilities - then when it becomes so clear to you - then you'll be ready to break-free.


I mention this here - due to Sun in Gemini - creating lots of possibilities - and - choices - keep being OPEN to all - until the "right" one comes along - a sign it's the right one is that it comes with lots of positive energy.


Now I should add - that some of you have had the BIG change - but either because you're still holding onto a lifestyle or attitudes that you had prior to March 2011 - your physical body is living in the present - but your head is still living in the past. Uranus in Aries - means your head should be living in the liberated and energized present moment too. You should be HAPPY with your BIG change and loving life. And if you've not had your BIG once-in-a-lifetime change - defined by Uranus in Aries then it's coming ....... sooner than you think !


You see "some" people get the BURST of Uranus in Aries at the beginning of doing something NEW and BIG - but forget of how great it was - how totally energizing it was - and then loose the momentum. Let me give you an example - when you move into a new appartment - you're excited - but then you stop being excited about your home - UNTIL - you have a visitor or friend - who comes in and says what a great appartment you have - then you OPEN your eyes to see your own home through someone else's eyes.


The key to Uranus in Aries - means living with and being constantly energized by the fact that your life became a NEW life - and thinking back of how lucky you are to have a NEW life you wanted so much - and - how much different your life is now to what it was prior to your BIG Uranus in Aries transformation.


The reason I've inserted this here is that Moon in Aries - will be in 11th lunar House - which in fact is the house of Aquarius - and when Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries on Wednesday 1st June - will trigger Uranus in Aries into action - when it has been triggered - unlocked and opened - then there's no closing it - it's BIG and POSITIVE. Remember - the power of communication is your biggest human asset - not just emails - but your VOICE - as your voice defines YOUR IDENTITY.


Hence as Sun in Gemini & Venus in Gemini are moving to sextile Uranus in Aries on 14th June 2016 - life will ensure that via your speech - you will get many opportunities to get your BIG BREAK of Uranus in Aries. You won't have to wait until 14th June - as Uranus in Aries can happen anytime - whenever you're talking to and connected to the "right" people. Luck can come at anytime - all you have to do is be OPEN - be POSITIVE - talk and communicate.


Wednesday 1st June => Sunday 5th June 2016

The Gemini energies define how people talk is who they are ....

Freewill choice that defines Your karma - You can either talk positively - or - talk negatively - your choice

The purpose of the squares and oppositions is to WIN and overcome the negative situations by TALKING positive.


It much more important the way you talk about things that what you actually talk about. When a Doctor or Nurse in a hospital talks to patients they talk softly and give encouragement for people to get better - whereas the patient because of the pain and suffering - is negative and complains. The negativity being spoken by the "sick" person is defeated by the positive words spoken by the Dr's, healers and Nurse's.


It's the same purpose I have when explaining "astrology" - I always see the problems - and - then find a way to explain how to overcome them. I see the NEGATIVITY and instead of letting people suffer the squares and oppositions - I use POSITIVE words to help you circumvent and get around the obstacles. The purpose of the squares and oppositions is to WIN, to overcome the negative problems, to unblock any blockages that you have in your life - by communicating and by talking.


2nd June: Sun 12° Gemini squares Neptune 12° Pisces
3rd June: Venus 12° Gemini squares Neptune 12° Pisces

3rd June: Sun 13° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius
4th June: Venus 13° Gemini opposes Saturn [retrograde] 13° Sagittarius

4th June: Sun 14° Gemini squares Jupiter 14° Virgo
5th June: Venus 14° Gemini squares Jupiter 14° Virgo


Indeed, this week's 2nd => 5th June "Sun in Gemini" which creates 3 sets of squares and oppositions means a battle between - POSITIVE words and NEGATIVE words - between POSITIVE people and NEGATIVE people - and due to Sun & Venus in POSITIVE star sign of Gemini - POSITIVE words will WIN.


However, if some people want to be NEGATIVE - complain and emit negativity to the world - then they can attempt to continue - but by the New Moon of 5th June - they will find themselves all alone. The squares and oppositions will ensure a DIVORCE and an END to the interaction of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE people.


For most of you - there might be annoying moments which will make you feel a bit SAD - because you will realize that you can't continue being connected to some NEGATIVE people - because they're simply far too negative - as they're always complaining, always negative and always filling the airwaves with their negativity - which will force you to completely END your relationship with them - you'll simply STOP communicating with them - or you'll have a BIG argument.


It might make you feel like the sympathetic Dr, Nurse or healer that finally gives-up trying to bring optimisim to some difficult patients - that you'll simply say - "I can't help you anymore - you're going to die anyway!"


We've all been there - and - it's always the REAL REASON why relationships end - because it becomes a battle of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE - the breaking point is the moment - you realize this truth. And that's why prior to the New Moon on Sunday 5th June 2016 - will in fact - create a BREAKTHROUGH - because you will have gone through all the squares and oppositions successfully.



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