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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by author of SpiritualSecrets - ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ...

The long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you


Wednesday 20th September 2017 - New Moon in Virgo

Wheel of Karmic Fortune is turning and life is moving forwards

New Moon in Virgo with 4 Planets in Virgo - strong and clear - changes and choices

Sun in Virgo - Mercury in Virgo - Venus in Virgo - Mars in Virgo

Saturn & Jupiter - the 2 biggest planets of our Solar System moving forwards creating new changes


Irrespective of your astrological star sign or chart - and - irrespective of how unlucky you feel you are - and - irrespective of what's happened in your life until now - things will be changing for everyone in the world - as the - WHEEL OF KARMIC FORTUNE - has moved-on-forwards and is moving-on forwards - and - it's movements - you will be FEELING it STRONG over the next few days - if you haven't yet felt it - because it has been moving in the past 2 weeks.


The reason WHEEL OF KARMIC FORTUNE - moving - is - because by 10th October 2017 - Jupiter - the biggest planet in our solar system will be in the star sign of Scorpio on 10th October 2017 - and - Saturn - the 2nd biggest planet in our solar system with it's unique rings of destiny will be "home" in the star sign of Capricorn by 20th December 2017.


Both these BIG planets - define - TWO major changes in everyone's lives - and - they're moving in harmony with each other - moving your life into a NEW phase - a phase that most of you - have never seen - and - a phase that you're now ready for - a phase of STABILITY.


But to arrive at STABILITY in your life - anything and everything that is UNSTABLE in your life has to go - has to vanish - has to be fixed - has to eliminated from your life - has to be healed - and - to be truthful - there's not much time for it to be done - which means - there's going to be a lot of fast-moving changes happening.


The reason I'm defining this here is because this is the LAST NEW MOON prior to Jupiter entering Scorpio - and - this NEW MOON will be leading to and creating a Full Moon in Aries on 5th October 2017 - which means - this NEW MOON has the purpose to make you change your feelings - change your goals - change what you want - and - most importantly it will ensure something happens that needs to happen for everyone - for your long-term STABILITY.


Monday 18th September 2017 - "fresh and clear"

Moon enters Virgo 6am UK - 7am Europe - 1am USA EST

10:30am India - 4pm Sydney, Australia

Moon 8° Virgo conjunct Mars 8° Virgo

Moon 10° Virgo conjunct Mercury 10° Virgo


Tuesday 19th September 2017

Moon 12° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 12° Pisces

Moon 16° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 16° Capricorn

Moon 21° Virgo squares Saturn 21° Sagittarius


Wednesday 20th September 2017 - Venus enters Virgo

Moon 27° Virgo conjunct Sun 27° Virgo - New Moon

New Moon in Virgo 6:30am UK - 7:30am Europe - 1:30am USA EST

11am India - 4:30pm Sydney, Australia

New Moon with 4 Planets in Virgo - strong and clear - movement

Sun in Virgo - Mercury in Virgo - Venus in Virgo - Mars in Virgo

Moon enters Libra 11am UK - 12noon Europe - 6am USA EST

3:30pm India - 9pm Sydney, Australia


The way you will know that the WHEEL OF KARMIC FORTUNE is moving forwards is that during Moon in Virgo leading to a New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday - your feelings will be changing - and - you will feel different about LIFE - and - about the people in your life - and - about everything in your life.


You will get the STRONGEST feelings of detachment towards everything and everyone that is no longer going to be important to your future - and - you will get the STRONGEST feelings of attachment towards everything that is truly 100% right for you.


New Moon in Virgo - with 4 Planets in Virgo - Sun in Virgo - Mercury in Virgo - Venus in Virgo - Mars in Virgo - means it will be specific to ONE specific area and facet of your life. 100% clear. Moon in Virgo on Monday and Tuesday will be preparing you for whatever is needed in your life - by ensuring you FEEL what you need to feel and ignore everything else.


Astrology defines changes and movement - and - not just about today or tomorrow - "it" is about the destination of wherever life is taking you to. That destination is approaching soon, getting closer and closer everyday - but - instead of slowing-down as you approach your destination - the momentum of events will actually ensure you get faster and faster towards the destination.


Specific things MUST HAPPEN by the Aries Full Moon on 5th October 2017 - and - other things MUST HAPPEN by 10th October 2017 - when Jupiter enters Scorpio. The Moon will talk to your emotions and make you realize what a good idea it is that things MUST CHANGE.


You see - when you FEEL GOOD about changes - it is a sign that the changes are GOOD for you - that's the purpose of the New Moon - to make you FEEL GOOD and to make you WANT to change.



New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday 20th September 2017

What do you do - when something needs "fixing" in your life ?

New Moon in Virgo with 4 Planets in Virgo - strong and clear - changes and choices

Sun in Virgo - Mercury in Virgo - Venus in Virgo - Mars in Virgo


Virgo is the star sign that defines fixing whatever can be fixed - and - doing whatever needs to be done. Depending on "YOU", your age, your circumstances and your nature - what do "YOU" instinctively do - when something needs "fixing" in your life ?


Do you call a friend to help you? Do you think it over and wait to be inspired with the answers? Do you give-up and do nothing - waiting for some type of miracle to sort it out for you? Do you work-with other people in a team-effort to fix it?


Virgo energies work in 2 ways - either Virgo makes you get very determined with lots of energy to focus on the problem and fix it - or - Virgo makes you realize the truth - that some things can be fixed and some things can't be fixed - whatever can be done you'll do - and anything else you'll leave it up-to-fate to sort the problem out for you. This New Moon in Virgo will ensure life will get the job done for you.


Virgo is the star sign of Mercury - Mercury is the planet that controls your thoughts - and - hence the New Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Virgo will INSPIRE you with good thoughts, with positive thinking, with inspiration and clarity - to know what you should do.


The New Moon in Virgo will UNLOCK - everyone in the world to WANT to do something - and - most importantly will create the need to WANT to get your lives moving-forwards. Therefore anything that has been BLOCKING your progress - BLOCKING your destined destiny - BLOCKING you from being you - will have to GO.


The remarkable facet of this New Moon in Virgo - sitting on the cusp of Virgo - Libra - means - that it will create a quick-flow of movement and changes for everyone - it will make things happen quickly. There's - a window of 3 days - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - when things will happen - PRIOR to the Sun entering Libra. So expect the unexpected !


The reason for optimism at the New Moon is because Moon enters Libra and moves to conjunct Jupiter in Libra on Friday - Jupiter is the planet of OPTIMISM - and - hence - the New Moon will be creating something NEW for you to look forward to.


More to the point is that something that's been an irritating problem and source of negativity in your life will be eliminated - you won't see "it", feel or sense "it" anymore - as if it's vanished. As your mind feels it has vanished - so too - it will vanish in real life.



Today's Audio for Wednesday 20th September 2017

New Moon in Virgo & Sun in Virgo

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[ Advance preview for Moon in Libra - for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday ]



If your problem is a Karmic Problem - now is the time it will be fixed

Any karmic problems can be fixed too & Any bad-luck attitude can be turned into good-luck attitude


A few days ago - I added this following paragraph - because as well as day-to-day problems - if you've got an inexplicable karmic problem - for example - an affliction of bad luck that you've got - then this New Moon is time to HEAL and LET-GO of the bad-luck - especially if you believe you're doomed and will have bad luck forever.


You see - the karma of Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 => 2025 - means you have been shown your affliction, your bad luck, your blockage and it's hurt you - BUT - Pluto defines that you can HEAL it and UNBLOCK it. With this New Moon - now - is the perfect time to HEAL yourself - and - unblock your bad-luck.


Astrology of your life and all of humanity is batched in phases and into specific years - currently it is showing specific patterns - going back to 2008 - because all the answers to everyone's current situation are contained in destined events that happened since January 2008 - when Pluto went into Capricorn. Every event and every energy since 2008 that's happened in your life - has the destined answers to all situations that you're currently experiencing.


Once you unlock the meaning of each the destined experiences - both GOOD experiences and BAD experiences - since January 2008 - your life can move on forward; once you've healed the karmic experiences - your life will move on; and once you've understood the DESTINED karmic message - then - your life will move-forward.


And the bottom line is learning to let-go of things that are NO GOOD for you - and - learning to respect your own karmic destiny, appreciate the real reason why you're alive and living wherever you're living and doing whatever you're doing and knowing the TRUTH of what's truly GOOD for you.


The reason I mention it here PRIOR to the New Moon in Virgo - PRIOR to the Jewish New Year - PRIOR to the next phase of your life - is you can't move-on to the next phase - until you either let-go of negativity - let-go of badness - and - most importantly - use the experiences you've had since January 2008 - to find the answers you need - in order to get yourself out of the negative situation. HEAL - BE POSITIVE and LET GO !



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