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Today's Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.

For the Moon defines that something new happens every moment of every day of your life.


Written by יהונתן וואקסמאן author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you ...

The long "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares

& the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you


Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2016 - Moon in Cancer

Strong and unavoidable - Karmic emotions ...


You might always find it puzzling WHY you've got inexplicably strong feelings - but without no doubt you've got STRONG feelings for a reason. The invisible good feelings and the invisible bad feelings you've got are INVISIBLE - and yet because they're so STRONG - you can't avoid the feelings even if you try. That's what we call karmic. It never makes sense why - but your soul is given feelings to feel what destiny wants you to feel.


Inexplicable instantaneous attraction [in real life] and 1st impressions are always the best - because the warmth you sense is your aura and your feelings being spoken to by someone else's aura. For example, when you sit in an automobile to "test-drive" it , or when you walk into an apartment for viewing, or when you go for job interview - your aura is testing to see if you "fit-in" with it - to know if it feels "right" for you or not.


The same in relationships - not everyone you see and meet - electrifies your aura - the invisible feelings are destiny speaking to your aura. Making you feel positively energized OR telling you feel negative to keep-away from them.


During the past 7 days - since the Full Moon of 18th August - everyone has been opened up to feel STRONG emotions. Technically none of which makes sense why you've been feeling so STRONG. But it's very important you allow yourself to feel exactly what life wants you to feel - because it's the power of your emotions that will get your life moving forwards.


Moon in Cancer - is going to be speaking even STRONGER than normal - because of TWO sets of conjunctions - affecting TWO areas of your lives [1] Mercury, Venus & Jupiter in Virgo [2] Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius - BOTH sets are illuminated and energized by Sun in Virgo which is forcing everyone to "deal" with the core and the source of these problems - with the destined purpose to FIX whatever it is that needs fixing.


Listen to whatever Moon in Cancer is making you feel. Listen to your GOOD feelings. Unfortunately, the only way you're going to be able to eliminate the BAD feelings is by HEALING the feelings, fixing and solving the source of the reason WHY you feel bad.


The definition of selfish people are humans who not only believe "they" are in control of their own lives - but "they" want to control destiny and want to control other people's lives. That's BAD KARMA to want to interfere with or take-control other people's lives.


Hence Moon in Cancer resets the karmic boundaries to ensure people get BAD feelings and GOOD feelings to ensure "life" keeps everyone away from interfering with anyone who you're not supposed to be involved with. Indeed it is PROTECTION for everyone.


Saturday 27th August 2016

Moon enters Cancer 4am UK - 5am Europe - 9:30am India

[Friday evening 11pm USA EST] - 2pm Sydney, Australia

Moon 4° Cancer sextiles Sun 4 ° Virgo

Moon 10° Cancer trines Neptune [retrograde] 10° Pisces


Sunday 28th August 2016

Moon 15° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 15° Capricorn

Moon 24° Cancer squares Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries


Monday 29th August 2016 - date-with-destiny - cusps

Moon 27° Cancer sextiles Jupiter 27° Virgo

Moon 29° Cancer sextiles Mercury 29° Virgo

Moon 29° Cancer sextiles Venus 29° Virgo


Moon enters 12th House karma

Moon enters Leo 9am UK - 10am Europe - 1:30pm India

4am USA EST - 7pm Sydney, Australia


Moon in Cancer should be a very GOOD transit - solid GOOD feelings towards everyone and everything that is truly destined to be in your life. BUT - if you've got anyone or anything that you're not supposed to have in your life - OR - if you're attempting to overstep boundaries to take anything or get involved with anyone you're not supposed to be connected to - then Moon in Cancer will be painful. The STRONG emotions will hurt.


Now - I should add - that if you've got BAD feelings towards someone that you believe is your destiny - then the BAD feelings could be YOU need to heal the karma in the relationship. You see when you "hate" and "love" someone - there's something wrong with YOU.


You can't expect to have a relationship with someone you've got mixed emotions towards - and if you're generating "hate" and "love" towards someone - your aura is emitting CONFUSED energies - and you're creating your own blockage via the deceit your aura is creating - because the karmic bond in destined relationships should be 100% love. If you're creating both "hate" and "love" - then YOU need fixing. Although, it could be the reason WHY you're emitting "hate" is because deep inside you - you don't want the relationship.


Moon in Cancer defines HONESTY - illuminated by Sun in Virgo - means "it" all needs healing, fixing, repairing or ending. Ofcourse - it's your freewill choice - but if you continue to be stubborn and refuse to heal what you emit to the world - then it will only hurt you.


Moon in Cancer - will be creating destiny - because it will make everyone feel STRONG and GOOD towards everyone and everything life wants you to feel good about. And it will make you feel BAD towards everything life either wants you to let-go of or heal.


Just one last word - and - that is GOOD LUCK is an invisible energy that sits in your aura. You can feel when it's going to be a LUCKY day - because you feel lucky. And you can feel when it's an UNLUCKY day too. Listen to your feelings because you're being guided towards GOOD people which will create GOOD LUCK because they'll make you feel GOOD.


Mercury, Venus & Jupiter sitting on the cusp of Virgo - Libra

is affecting everyone - it's strong and unavoidable


Whatever you're experiencing in your life at the moment - you might think it will all pass - but each day it's getting STRONGER - at least until Mid-September - as you're being compelled and forced to deal with something. It must get "solved" and will be "sorted".


You should be feeling on the verge of a breakthrough - 3 planets sitting on the CUSP of Virgo-Libra is a facilitating cusp - anything is possible - the 1st date of breakthrough comes on Tuesday 30th August 2016 when Venus enters Libra , the next date will be the eclisped New Moon on 1st September, then the next date will be Friday 9th September 2016 when Jupiter enters Libra ,


The fact that from Friday 26th August - Jupiter 27° Virgo - Mercury 28° Virgo - Venus 26° Virgo - means it's all sitting on the cusp - it's all changing - it's all being forced to get fixed and sorted-out. Indeed by Monday Jupiter 28° Virgo - Mercury 29° Virgo - Venus 29° Virgo - truly a day of cusps. A facilitating day to get it fixed and ended.


The Jupiter factor is interesting because it's starting to make "some" people panic - as they're feeling - if they don't fix it now - they'll have to wait another 12 years before being able to fix "it". It's a panic that last few degrees of Jupiter in Virgo is making people feel - that's because Virgo is determined to FIX "It" - and - that is why it's creating an impatient panic - it's the only way Jupiter can get lazy and stubborn people to do anything!



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Moon in Cancer & Sun in Virgo

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