The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether are Infinite in their Power"

The Journey of Life - "You always get to the destined destination - even on the pathway you choose to avoid it"


Astrology of The Outer Planets in 2017

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2017

"2017" is going to be a fascinating year - defined by all your different kinds of karmic relationships with people and places

"2017" - will be changing everyone's lives and a new destined stability will be formed between September => December 2016

"2017" actually began in October 2016 - as October/November 2016 defined ending of an old phase - beginning of a new phase


Predictions for New Zodiac Year 2017 - September => December 2017

Predictions for the Year 2017 Part III - for 24th September => 31st December 2017 - for all 12 star signs with audio



Written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology

Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה, The Month's Astrological Events, This Weeks Planetary Movements & Karma of 2017-2020


The Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

The Year 2017 begins with:-

Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn


Mars starts the year at 9° Pisces

28th January - Mars enters Aries

10th March - Mars enters Taurus

21st April - Mars enters Gemini

4th June - Mars enters Cancer

20th July - Mars enters Leo

5th September - Mars enters Virgo

22nd October - Mars enters Libra

9th December - Mars enters Scorpio


Jupiter starts the year at 21° Libra

6th February - Jupiter goes retrograde 23° Libra

10th June - Jupiter goes direct 13° Libra

10th October - Jupiter enters Scorpio

Jupiter ends the year 16° Scorpio


Saturn starts the year 2017 at 21°22' Sagittarius

6th April 2017 - Saturn goes retrograde at 27°48' Sagittarius

26th August 2017 - Saturn goes direct at 21°11' Sagittarius

20th December 2017 - Saturn enters Capricorn


Uranus starts the year 2017 at 20°34' Aries

3rd August 2017 - Uranus goes retrograde at 28°32' Aries

3rd January 2018 - Uranus goes direct at 24°34' Aries

15th May 2018 - Uranus enters Taurus


Neptune starts the year 2017 at 9°44' in Pisces

16th June 2017: Neptune goes retrograde at 14°16' Pisces

23rd November 2017: Neptune goes direct at 11°28' Pisces

19th June 2018: Neptune goes retrograde at 16°30' Pisces


Pluto starts the year 2017 at 16°57' Capricorn

21st April 2017: Pluto goes retrograde at 19°24' Capricorn

29th September 2017: Pluto goes direct at 16°51' Capricorn

23rd April 2018: Pluto goes retrograde at 21°17' Capricorn


Understanding the Inner & Outer Planets Energies


When understanding "astrology" we departmentalize the planets in our solar system into 2 groups; the inner planets - that is the planets whose orbit's are between the planet Earth and the Sun; and the outer planets that are located from planet Earth to space beyond.


In very basic terms if you can imagine and think of transcending astrological energies from outer space - the OUTER EDGE and END of our SOLAR SYSTEM which we call the אין סוף - "Ein Sof" - The "INFINITY of the outer Ether"- as they transcend to the realms of our Universe and enter the orbits of the "outer planets" before they arrive at the Earth's orbit; whereas energies being emitted from the centre of our solar system the Sun pass through realms of the "inner planets" before reaching Earth.


When considering the "DIVINE DECREES and DIVINE energies" - and when considering the inexplicable karmic progress of each generation is BEYOND the normal astrological energies of our solar system - it is the definition of spiritual astrology teaches that we need to comprehend the energies that transcend from the OUTER ETHER. From Infinity and from our Galactic Center.


The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon - Inner Planets


The energies of our Solar system are emitted from the central energy of our solar system - the Sun - these energies arrive at Earth after passing through the orbits and realms of Mercury, Venus and then through the realms of Earth's physical Guardian protector - the Moon. Whether or not Sun's energies pass directly through these planets isn't necessarily relevant - what is relevant is that the Sun's energies pass through the orbit of the inner planets in order to reach Earth.


The energy that transcends is triggered and collected in each orbit it passes through and where the planets of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon is in relation to Earth and in which degree of which star sign as viewed from Earth - is the indication to astrologers as to the energy that can transcend to us on Earth; this daily unique specific code of astrological energy is the code that astrologers understand and use to make accurate predictions.


Understanding spiritual "astrology" is the ability to read this map and code of the Universe - a good mathematician can be a good astrologer for it is a precise and accurate art - but only a good spiritual astrologer can interpret the real meaning as ONLY with a belief in the Eternal Divine Creator of this Universe can one appreciate the ascendance and transcendence of energies.



Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - Outer Planets


The transcendence of energies from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether of far beyond our Solar system is the energy of the Eternal Divine Creator of the whole infinite Universe with its multitude of galaxies and stars; these transcending energies into our solar system come from the infinite ether beyond; they transcend through the orbits and and realms of the outer planets before they arrive at Earth. Therefore when we consider the energies that our being bestowed upon Earth we need to consider the transcending energies through orbits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.


Hence, for example, when we cannot understand why Saturn - planet of karma, destiny and judgment allows bad things to happen - we have to spiritually consider that we deserve such pain into our lives because the Universal Divine has transcended these energies to Earth where people and countries are not fulfilling their true destiny. It is nothing explicable nor clear like the Sun's energies - it is hidden, invisible and has transcended from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether.


It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether - because it's energies will transcend to Earth to affect our lives whether we like it or not. However, it is the job of a good astrologer to read these transcending energies to comprehend the spiritual mysteries of life on Earth. For each of the STAR SIGNS are indeed called the כיפה עליונה "Kipah Elyona" "OUTER shell of our Universe" - as they allow the DIVINE astrological energies to transcend to our Universe - and create the energies we SEE in real life on Earth.



This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף"

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2017

"2013" created a foundation of a new beginning and ensure you began to think - to redefine your Pathway in life

"2014" created "new" brilliant modern methods of doing things and obliterated all bad negative and dysfunctional methods

"2015" ensured you used your experiences of 2012, 2013 & 2014 - and put them all collectively to practical use in real life

"2016" ensured you began to believe in destiny - being positive - and finding yourself - what defines stability in your life

"2017" will ensure you've found yourself and eliminated anything bad for you - to live the best version of yourself for growth


Introduction to The Year 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries


During the past few years - as far back as 2010 - life for many has seemed like a start-and-a-stop - there's not been consistency of non-stop movement. That has now changed - since September 2016 defined by Jupiter entering Libra - combined with Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars going non-stop - means that life is now a non-stop continual journey.


The reason for this introduction to 2017 is to make readers away that from October 2016 - certain specific things in your lives will be changing in order to make room for destined changes in November / December 2016 - which will set the scene for 2017.


The purpose of all the collective astrological energies is to ensure everyone has something to look forward to. You see - intrinsic in human nature is an essential need to look-forward with optimism - "optimism" is the catalyst that gets people moving forward. Hence anything that creates worry - anything that creates pessimism in your life will have to go. That's what I call the karmic "garbage" collector.


Each year as you grow-up - each year as humanity grows-up - we all learn more about ourselves. Knowledge is both enlightenment and expansion of your mind - even when you read "garbage" on the internet - it helps you expand your mind to realize it is "garbage" and thereby helps you eliminate it from your life. People who refuse to learn about everything in the world - are actually refusing to deal with the "karmic" garbage that's stuck in our heads.


The more you learn about what's right and what's wrong - the more your mind expands - and the more you're able to find yourself - by finding what's right and wrong for you. You see - each of you - resonates to what your soul needs - so the way you find yourself is by searching and finding what brings out the BEST IN YOU and what brings out the worst in you too.


2017 is defined by Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries - which will ensure you focus more on the positive than the negative - will ensure you find WHO and WHAT it is that you need in your life because it brings out the BEST in you - as it makes you become the BEST VERSION of yourself.


I often say to readers that it's not always "what" brings out the best in you - by "what" you get - but by eliminating something that brings out the worst in your nature. You see - as a newborn baby - we're pure - but during life we pick-up garbage that stops us from being ourselves.


When you cleanse yourself of the garbage - especially the "karmic" garbage that's been dumped in your mind - then you set yourself free and that's when you can be the BEST version of yourself.


Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries - these 3 outer planets in positive star signs - have the purpose to make you become the BEST version of yourself - by liberating you from "karmic garbage" - stuff that messes with your head - stuff that distracts you from seeing how wonderful the gift of life is.


During a cloudy day - the Sun is still shining brightly and there are blue skies somewhere - but you can't see it - the purpose of Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries is to make you realize the Sun is always shining and there are always beautiful blue skies even on a cloudy day.


2017 - New Territory for Humanity

"Accepting yourself for who you are ...."

Combination of Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries


I've looked back at the astrological charts - and - due to the fact that Uranus has an 84 year orbit cycle - Saturn has a 29 year cycle - Jupiter a 12 year cycle - there are only rare times like 1986/1987 - 1997/1998 - 2001/2002 - Summer of 2012 - when these 3 planets where all in POSITIVE star signs together at the same time.


Therefore from September 2016 => October 2017 - it's a window of positive energies - combined with the fact that Mars - the closets outer planet is in NON-STOP mode in 2017 - because Mars does not go retrograde in 2017 - it means - positive movement and positive changes for everyone - which will truly begin for everyone in November/ December 2016.


Hence that's why you're seeing lots of changes unfolding - that's why you're changing your attitude to life - that's why other people are changing their attitude towards you - and - that's why you're seeing things much clearer than ever before. Most importantly is you're understanding yourself more and understanding what's truly right and wrong for you.


You're shedding the "past" - especially attitudes that were dumped in your life that made you think the way you've been thinking and because you're realizing how stupid some things that you're holding onto are - you're quite happy to be liberated from "stupidity" things.


I always say that ENLIGHTENMENT isn't just about learning something NEW - it's about realizing what you know is stupidity. The Light of clarity when shone makes you realize what you need to let-go of and thereby gives your mind a cleanliness of truthful clarity.


The only way you grow-up and expand is both by learning about yourself and what works for you - and - ACCEPTING you for being who you are. You see brilliant people who learn but refuse to ACCEPT themselves - are not at peace with themselves. "Clever" people who demand perfection - will never be happy - because life isn't supposed to be "perfect".


Hence - growing-up is about ACCEPTING yourself - ACCEPTING life for what it is - and - enjoying it all. You see unhappy people who want perfection are creating their own stress - happiness is realizing that life is life - and it's your job to enjoy the gift of life - enjoy what you have - enjoy being "you" - and - ACCEPT yourself.


And here is my point - when you ACCEPT yourself - that's when others will ACCEPT you too - that's when your aura will exude a natural sense of happiness with life - and that's when you'll attract the right types of people into your life.


For example - when you dress-up for Church or funeral - whilst you're dressing-up to be smart - it's probably not the real version of yourself - so you don't feel good - you're dressing up to be someone you're not for the occasion - but you're not going to want to wear your formal funeral clothes all the time - whereas when you wear the clothes you like to wear - then you're much happier because you're being the real you.


The same with combination of Saturn in Sagittarius - Jupiter in Libra - Uranus in Aries - life wants to introduce you to yourself - and then be yourself. When you do - that's when you'll find GOOD LUCK - SUCCESS - HAPPINESS - and feel the warmth of the destined relationships that you were born to be connected to.


You can only feel the positive facets of your life - when you are YOU - when you accept yourself for being YOU. The sooner you realize that you're in charge of your own happiness - is the quicker - you can be YOU - and the quicker life will change for you.


Do you remember how many times you "dressed-up" to go on a date - it was all fake - because you weren't being yourself - and they weren't being themselves either. Indeed - when you have relationships when you don't know yourself - you can't possibly get "it" right. But the moment you know yourself - the moment your honest with yourself is the moment you begin to get "it" right.



Saturn in Sagittarius - the Planet of Destiny

Reconstructing life & Creating Your Destiny


Each time Saturn moves star signs it redefines a different new and specific aspect in your life that needs changing. If you imagine each time you moved home - you had a "new" life - as each home and place you live in makes you "become" a different person.


Likewise - when you redecorate your home - and when you modernize something "old" in your home - it makes you feel "different" about life. Similarly, when you buy new clothes - the clothes redefine a version of "you" to the world that sees you.


When you wear casual jeans - you're a different person to wearing formal suit. You're technically the SAME person - but something about YOU has changed and been redefined.


Saturn in Sagittarius - defines you're going to becoming a MUCH HAPPIER - and you're going to EMBRACE and LOVE making changes in your life - because you'll actually see CHANGES are fun, enjoyable and easy to do. BUT - you will need to understand the meaning of "relationships" with other people in order to be a happier person.


Saturn in Sagittarius in 2016 and 2017 until December 2017 defines your active participation in "life" will be wanted and needed as life will create vibrant and positive energy that needs to be used to make you become HAPPY. Like expressing yourself more positively than you have been, communicating with and working with other people.


For the energy of Sagittarius is HAPPINESS is a FIRE sign energy - HAPPINESS creates HEAT from WITHIN to energize everything and everyone in your aura and in your life. Indeed Saturn in Sagittarius will be a time of great friendships, harmonious vibrancy and lots of good fortune - optimism with an inbuilt need for expansion and GROWTH - in more ways than one - for everyone everywhere in the world.


The most positive side of 2016 and 2017 is Saturn in Sagittarius will be the harmony it will create with Uranus in fire sign of Aries - this FIRE SIGN TRINE which will begin to create a NEW exciting, unexpected and unusual beginnings which will define 2016 & 2017 - to make them years of excellence and happiness.


There's no doubt from the astrological charts that the effort and extreme hardship experienced by many - will now be in the "past" - as Uranus in Aries not only escapes, dumps and deletes the "past" - but finds brilliant innovative and exciting ways for the new "future".


Uranus in Aries means you need to use your HEAD to "work" out what you need to do - but the secret to success of Uranus in Aries is to FORGET all the "old" ways of doing things that you would have done prior to March 2011 and allow yourself to be inspired with original ideas - don't copy others - be different!


This does NOT mean you have to wait until tomorrow for hardship to end - but it means in the same way problems and difficulties came easily into your life today from the moment you wake-up and realize this truth.



The Transformation created by the Outer Planets


The transformative "work" for each and everyone - began - in 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn and stepped-up a gear in January 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces and enhance by Saturn in Sagittarius since September 2015 - and whilst it appears to be very slow - the good news began and there's no going back to pre-2008 - each outer planet will create an intrinsically better quality and more meaningful life - as opposed to pretending to make "life" better in an artificially superficial way that was defined in the "past" generation through selfishness, waste and meaningless illusionary nonsense between 1995 - 2007.


Depending on your own age and your ability to THINK wisely - there will come a gradual enlightenment - that will begin when you find out that "something" you believed-in was a LIE. Something you had and used which - was BAD for you - and therefore the elimination of that superficial facet will make you eliminate everything that's superficial in your life to actually make your life intrinsically much happier. It is like a light going-on which gets brighter and brighter - ensuring all "darkness" is eliminated.


The shock of specific profound TRUTHS to your reality will OPEN you, AWAKEN and ENLIGHTEN you to question every other facet of your life - and make you wonder - is that a LIE too? The quest and search for TRUTH will then lead you to your karmic destiny that the outer planets have defined for each and everyone on Earth.


You'll realize it clearly in 2016 & 2017 that the simpler your life is - the better the quality of your life and the less waste and more respect you'll have for the gift of "life" - this inner transformation will redefine your life with understanding that quality of life is more important than quantity - quality of more profound and meaningful the moments of your life instead of quantity of nonsense.



There are no planets in 6 star signs

Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

The strength of destined changes will be defined by the fact there are NO planets in 6 star signs


Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


On 10th October 2017 - Jupiter moves into Scorpio and on 20th December 2017 Saturn moves into Capricorn - but until then - everyone will learn to comprehend the importance of working with OTHER people, having OTHER people in your life and needing OTHER people. The earliest planets begin to move into these star signs is when Mars enters them ....


28th January 2017 - Mars enters Aries | 10th March 2017 - Mars enters Taurus | 21st April 2017 - Mars enters Gemini

4th June 2017 - Mars enters Cancer | 20th July 2017 - Mars enters Leo | 5th September 2017 - Mars enters Virgo


Hence, the secret of success in 2017 is to look for, accept, be connected to and work with OTHER people. Between January => April 2017 and then even more new people from June => September 2017 - Saturn will ensure you meet all the people you're destined to meet - because they're going to be LUCKY for you - as you're going to prove to be LUCKY for them.



How much energy is in the world - how much love is in the world

How much fresh air can you breathe ? How much do you love life ?


Thanks to the wonderful karmic gift of the internet - we've all seen that life is unlimited and infinite - how many websites are on the internet - how much information is available on the internet - indeed how much can be stored on your iPod / iPhone - modern devices thanks to expanding memory - can do so much.


Many of you might remember when you used to have 1 GB microdrive to store your photos on in the year 2002 - and now today - 1GB is nothing - memory is expanding. Likewise you too - thanks to the internet - you've expanded your way of thinking and understanding. But these devices do have some limitations whereas YOU - your own mind is UNLIMITED.


In REAL LIFE - fresh air is available to all - go outside for a walk and breathe it - but lazy people can't be bothered going out for exercise - so they're missing opportunities to breathe fresh air. The same in LOVE - how much love-energy is in your life is actually unlimited - but people are lazy and can't be bothered at thinking of how many things they love in life.


When you begin to believe in yourself - when you begin to see life clearly - when you begin to THINK - you will realize that the expansion of your own mind is unlimited. Life is unlimited - love is unlimited - expansion of your mind is unlimited - and it's not defined by how "intelligent" you are - expansion and growth of your life is defined by how much you LOVE LIFE - how much you LOVE all the different types of people in your life - how much do you LOVE all the different facets of your life.



Astrological energies are infinite - you too have infinite capacity

The Mysteries and Secrets of your Life will be revealed in 2017


The ancient hebrew saying of "השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether are infinite in their power" - is so true - as I honestly agree with this 2000 year old principle and mean it truthfully - because over 2000+ years - it's proven the continuity of life and proves that life will continue to continue until the karma is complete. It shows that although we think "everything" is contained within the planet Earth - the truth is our life is sustained by energies that transcend from the infinite outer ether.


Unfortunately mankind - especially creepy fear-mongering characters together with fake man-made religions with small "closed" minds believe in a confined limited world of GREED and SELFISHNESS - have defined an inbuilt LIMITATION and restricted belief-system that creates fear - hence the reason they can't comprehend that there's an infinite amount of energy nor can they accept that the DIVINE GOD is infinite.


But and eventually when "they" are finally exposed for the liars they are - humanity will see the TRUTH and realize that there's infinite amount of energy that transcends to sustain and influence everyone on Earth. If you ask anyone to quantify - "how much love is there is the world? The answer is infinite as love continues to be created from nowhere each and everyday...."


When the Sunshines - you don't stop to think - that the sun is shining for the other 7 billion people on the planet - and the billions of animals, plants and trees that are all absorbing the Sun's energy - all you think of is a limited feeling of "it's a nice sunny day". Astrologically - there's infinite amount of energy transcending and it's far greater than any human could ever imagine - that's because human minds have been limited in their capacity.


During the past few years - especially through the power of the karmic gift of the internet - people's minds have been OPENED creating an EXPANSION OF MIND - and people can now comprehend MORE than they did 10 years ago. During the next few years - a bigger opening of people's minds will take place - as everyone will sense and become spiritually enlightened.


This expansion of mind and thoughts has needed to be gradual - because humanity couldn't withstand it quickly. Destiny has defined that NOW is the time that spiritual secrets need to be and must be revealed to humanity in order for people to able to become WHOLESOME - and the slow process of expanding one's mind will show humanity the reasons - especially as mysterious and karmic secrets of life will be explored, revealed and "found".


The truth is the mysteries and secrets have always been present - but it has needed the RIGHT time before they can be revealed and most importantly for humanity to be READY TO ACCEPT them.



Saturn in Sagittarius comes close in April 2017

and then in December 2017 crosses over the Galactic center


By 6th April 2017 when Saturn goes retrograde at 27°48' Sagittarius - it will be very close to crossing over the Galactic Center - at 28°/ 29° Sagittarius - this is going to be making the journey from December 2016 => December 2017 a STRONG journey of destiny.


You will get stronger and as you get stronger and more excited by your own destiny - by the right people in your life - you'll realize with complete clarity that life is all about having the right people in your life who make you feel alive.



Everytime planets Cross Over the Galactic Center

Renewal of Energy for Our Solar System

Everytime every planet crosses-over of 28°/29° Sagittarius creates a surge of positive energy for everyone

During 2017 - Saturn moves close to in April 2017 and then crosses over 28°/29° Sagittarius in November 2017


In the past few years - I've realized with enlightened amazement that the energies transcending from the Galactic center are more important than I used to think. It's the center of huge energies - which everyone is open to you - even though you can't see them. The lights and energies of which are millions times bigger than planet Earth.


The photo on the right is the truthful reality of the Galactic center - it's bigger than any of us can imagine and it transcends it's energies to everyone on Earth and everything in the infinite Galaxy. I'm mentioning this - because in 2017 - as Saturn moves to close to 28°/29° Sagittarius you're going to feel a huge burst of positive energies that will make sure you awake on Tuesday morning with confidence of knowing what you need to do.





The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is => & Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The Star Sign of Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

Image above is planets at 22nd December 2016 - [It's worth reading the Full Article on]


Space is Real and Infinity Exists

It might be overstating the obvious - but as you're intelligent and enlightened readers of "Astrology" and if you're anything like me - then you too FORGET the obvious - so - FORGET all the man-made garbage and earthly nonsense - and to THINK of infinite SPACE.


Think of the infinite reality of our Galaxy, the infinite vastness of the Ether and all it's lights and energies. The center of which - as far as we know it - is towards a HUGE source of energy and light in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius. Whenever, I have earthly moments of worry or fears - I STOP and THINK OF INFINITE space - which immediately makes me see the earthly stuff with a different perspective.


Whilst earthly stuff is important to "life" experiences - understanding that there's more to "life" than small and almost insignificant nonsense - then you too - will stop worrying. Older and wiser people always exude an aura of calmness and "don't worry" - because they too - have experienced lots of things when they were younger - and in old-age we realize that there's no point to worry about anything. So take advice from an "old" man - don't worry !




The Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

I've explained the meaning of outer planets of Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - on "2017-2020"



Astrologically - The 7 Years from 2013 until 2020

The astrologically destined events of the "end time" leading to a time of World Peace are already in motion

We are now on the destined journey to DIVINE peace on Earth and the complete cleansing of all past-life karma


Charts with Thanks to


The Outer Planets Forming the Karma of the Generation

When all of humanity is becoming enlightened with spiritual wisdom and wholesome in their karma

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם