The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Scorpio 23rd October => 22nd November 2016

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


Audio Version - "This Months Astrology - Part I"

Sunday 23rd October => Sunday 30th October 2016

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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Scorpio | Mercury in Libra | Venus in Sagittarius | Mars in Capricorn

Jupiter in Libra | Saturn in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn



Sun in Scorpio - October - November 2016
Jupiter moves from 9° => 16° Libra
Saturn moves from 13° => 17° Sagittarius


23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio
24th October: Mercury enters Scorpio
30th October: Venus 14° Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 14° Sagittarius
30th October: New Moon 7° Scorpio


1st November: Sun 9° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 9° Pisces

7th November: Sun 15° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 15° Capricorn

9th November: Mars enters Aquarius
12th November: Mercury enters Sagittarius
12th November: Venus enters Capricorn
14th November: Full Moon 22° Taurus

15th November: Mercury 4° Sagittarius sextiles Mars 4° Aquarius

18th November: Saturn 16° Sagittarius out-of-shadow March 2016

20th November: Neptune goes direct at 9° Pisces


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius
22nd November: Mercury 15° Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter 15° Libra
23rd November: Mercury 16° Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn 16° Sagittarius
23rd November: Venus 15° Capricorn conjuncts Pluto 15° Capricorn
29th November: Venus 15° Capricorn squares Uranus [retrograde] 20° Aries
29th November: New Moon 7° Sagittarius - Sun - Mercury - Saturn - in Sagittarius


Introduction to Sun in Scorpio 2016

Sun in Scorpio 23rd October => 22nd November 2016


The only reason the star sign of Scorpio is misunderstood - because most people in the world are superficial and rarely look at "depth". Let's be honest - we're all deceived in this physical world - and even if we say - we're above it all - we're not.


How many times do you see a handsome good looking person or beautiful attractive lady being "used" to sell whatever they're trying to sell you - whereas if they turned-up in jeans and scruffy or ugly looking - you'd be switched-off to them. "Sales" use the images to deceive and fool you.


It's the same with status and position - many people only listen and respect the superficial status of people - whereas rarely do people respect the "inner" person - and that indeed is due to the fact that you can't see the "inner" person - however, you can sense it - if you truly want to look for it.


Every star sign has both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE qualities - Scorpio is an enigma - because all it's positive qualities are within and all it's negative qualities are external - so it gives the impression of being a devil but in fact it's an angel dressed-up in disguise as a devil in order to protect the golden treasure that is within - whereas countless other star signs are in fact devil dressed-up as angels - now that's no completely true - but you get the gist of what I'm saying - a good Scorpio is one that hides it's true identity - it hides it because it is precious and it knows it !


"Empty vessels make most noise" - yes - you've all known and know so many superficial loud-mouthed people that are so full-of-themselves - they have no talent nor abilities - but because they make a lot of noise - you pay attention and listen to the garbage they say. Whereas, the truth is the solid people - the really special people - keep themselves to themselves - because they're protecting their inner treasure.


Most men have experienced that pretty women who need to show-off rarely have any inner depth - whereas truly precious people - you can sense their refined qualities just be being in their presence and looking into their eyes. The typical Scorpio energy means that with the minimum of words - you sense a deep truth - and within a short time of experiencing the Scorpio energies - you immediately know everything you need to know. It's either right - and will feel completely 100% right - OR it's wrong - and will reveal itself to be 100% wrong.


Scorpio is compared to "sex" - because with that person - it's either right or wrong - you know it when it's wrong even if you carry-on with the relationship - because you feel it when you're sleeping with them. In the same way the inner feelings defined - once you've had "sex" with someone you feel it's wholesome and right OR you feel is horrible and wrong - likewise during Sun in Scorpio - you'll instinctively know everything that's right and wrong - because the energies will touch you deep inside - and make you feel good or bad - with no inbetween.


The astrology of 12 star signs - means that each of us - even though you're not a Scorpio or have any planets in Scorpio - have an astrological energy of Scorpio in your life - as we're all made up of astrological energies of ALL the 12 star signs - that's why you continue to live each and everyday of the year - because the transcending energies enliven you - each and everyday. Someday's more than others - but you're never left with "nothing" - otherwise you'd be dead.


Scorpio is defined by Hidden Secrets & Deep Roots


This year Sun in Scorpio from 23rd October => 22nd November 2016 - will be working a lot of magic for everyone - especially as it will work in opposites - to the physical world - so when you think that NOTHING is going to happen - when you think that NOTHING appears to be going-on - that's a sign that a LOT of things are about to and are going to happen.


During this month when you look at nature - as all the leaves fall and everything appearing to die for "winter" - that's when in fact - everything is changing - everything is transforming - and everything is coming alive from WITHIN. It comes alive - because Scorpio is defined by DEPTH, HIDDEN SECRETS and DEEP ROOTS and only comes ALIVE when the focus of earthly energies shift to the "INNER".


Hence, during Sun in Scorpio - anything you deceptively thought was DEAD because it looked DEAD - is in fact ALIVE and will come ALIVE - and conversely if you've been fooled to think it's ALIVE you'll soon find out that it's DEAD.


The remarkable and most loveable aspect of Scorpio is that it can't LIE - even anything or anyone attempts to deceive you - you'll know the TRUTH - and if it's not right - deep within you - you'll know. What is TRUTH and what is a LIE - is something that is given to you - at each specific phase of your life. So whilst last year - you'd never have believed in Palmistry or Reincarnation - or believed in Abraham or Jesus - this year you've grown to understand that there's some TRUTH in lots of things - you never would have believed in before.


And the most important point I wish to say - is whilst last year - you'd never believe that you would have changed the way you have done in the past 12 months - this year you're now enlightened and mature to realize that changes DO happen - changes CAN happen - and instead of fearing the future - you're now looking forward optimistically to the future.


Journey of Sun in Libra into Sagittarius via Scorpio


There's no other way to describe Sun in Scorpio - other than a destined and specific important journey that must be taken in order to ensure you arrive at the right destination - the journey began during Sun in Libra and whilst it would be "easy" to go from Libra => Sagittarius - the transit of Scorpio in the middle is actually going to save each and everyone of you from making any mistakes - going to protect you from anything bad - and going to bring you the good luck you've been waiting for - it will also give you all the things you need to continue in your journey.


During Sun in Scorpio - life will give you moments of reflection and will want you to be honest with yourselves - and admit that since October 2015 [and for some of you will see that since October 2012] - you have changed a lot - and a new version of yourself has been created - a version - looking back on the past 1 - 4 years - you'd never have thought possible - that's because in the past few years all the planets have done their magic - sometimes - without even realizing it - you have changed - in fact the best changes have come from deep within you - without any fuss. It has just "happened" hasn't it ?


Now, I'm not saying it's all been so wonderful in the past few years - because many of the changes have come with moments of "pain" and hurt you from WITHIN you - and whilst you've had painful moments of feeling attacked and forced to change - it wasn't easy - especially if you didn't want the changes that destiny was forcing upon you. In hindsight you can now see the truth that destiny succeeded and created many brilliant changes - changes that no-one could have planned - because Saturn often does all it's work secretly behind the scenes.


Scorpio is well know for "sex" and transformation - it's also known for "death" - it doesn't create "death" - it simply reveals the TRUTH - and if someone is dead inside - then externally - they'll be found dead - because their roots are dead - the external will become dead too. However, someone who is alive inside - full of happiness - full of love - full of vitality - then because their roots are ALIVE - externally they will come alive.


Hence, during Sun in Scorpio - all relationships that are ALIVE - will reveal themselves as being ALIVE - and all relationships that are DEAD - will also reveal themselves as being DEAD. It's going to be a busy month ahead and most surprising aspects will come when you realize what and who makes you feel so ALIVE inside - and what and who - you feel nothing towards anymore - as if they've died - you feel nothing.


The Pathway of Destiny & Scorpio isn't always a straight-forward line


Scorpio defines that the pathway of destiny isn't always straight forward - it will get you to the right destination - even if means you have to take the most unusual, seemingly haphazard pathway of a "Scorpion" - the good news is - nothing will get in your way - and if you sense a blockage in front of you - you'll be able to circumvent all negativity, problems and blockages. Remarkably Sun in Scorpio will be the easiest month for real changes.


The Nature of Sun in Scorpio Avoids Negativity


There are TWO types of energies in the world - YIN and YANG - identified as INTROVERT and EXTROVERT. The essence of Scorpio is a Yin/Introvert energy that this year will define your TRUE identity without being influenced by anything or anyone. That's because Sun in Scorpio will ensure that you meet your destiny and avoid all external distractions and bad influences.


Have you ever noticed when you find yourself drained and tired - your instinct is to go to bed and "switch" off to the whole world - as your aura is REFUSES to be drained by anyone - so you LOCK your aura - thereby avoiding negativity. That's the nature of the Yin/Introvert of Scorpio energies.


The extrovert and socially reliant people of the world think this is MADNESS - because "they" survive and exist by receiving, stealing and taking energy through their interaction from OTHER people. Many of whom, don't DO anything positive for the world actually survive by stealing, taking and draining energy from others - and that's when they'll feel lost - because during Sun in Scorpio instinctively everyone will become "closed" and "protected" - not to be drained by others.


During Sun in Scorpio from October 23rd => November 22nd 2016 - you're going to be understanding this - with meaning and depth - and you'll begin to realize how many people actually DRAIN you - because they TAKE from you - and simultaneously you'll be blessed to realized WHO are good for you - and how much energy you have WITHIN you for yourself - if only - you stopped wasting energy on people who drain you.


You Can't Lie to Yourself ....

What Touches Your Senses Deep Within You ?


Everyone of you has your own unique things that touches your senses deep within you. During Sun in Scorpio - you're going to be inexplicably and pleasantly surprised to realize it's things, places and people - you never realized until now - that really does something for you - and with that truthful realization - your going to make important decisions about your future.



Depth in Music - An Honest Sensitivity always touches Deep Within

when you hear the right music at the right time

Stevie Wonder & Sting from Youtube


Inherently EVERYONE loves music - because whoever you are - there's music that does something for you - it touches something DEEP within you - I've chosen the above inserted youtube clip - for our generation that grew-up with the talented Stevie Wonder and Sting - and unlike popstars of today's generation - both have depth that touches. You will either feel it or you won't.


During Sun in Scorpio whatever and whoever does it for you - you will feel it - because DEEP within you - it will resonate. This applies to friendships, lovers, work. jobs, career, home and even the place were you have your morning coffee - places and people that are destined to be in your life - because their energy resonates to your soul - will be clearly defined by Sun in Scorpio - whilst everything else will create problems and negativity - ensuring you keep far away from.


During Sun in Scorpio - you're going to find some things and some people - you can't live without it - whilst other things you'll realize you must live without - because they're really BAD for you. Like music - you will either LOVE it or HATE it. All you need to do is be HONEST with yourself.


Sun in Scorpio will tell you the Truth


When you truly love someone you know it | When someone truly loves you - you know it .......

When you hate someone you know it | When someone hates you - you know it too !

There's no hiding certain karmic truths during Sun in Scorpio - as many truths will be revealed - it's your job to be honest.


Love and Hate are inexplicable and invisible emotions - you either have these feelings or you don't - these energies will keep you attached to people in your life - and will be working to attach you to new people, new circumstances and new places in your life.


Do you remember the times when you found a new home - instantaneously - you liked it - it felt good - because deep within you - your soul was telling you - this is your home. Conversely, if you had no choice and moved-in to a place and felt it was wrong - then you immediately and will always have a bad feeling - because deep within you - you know the truth that it wasn't right for you. Sun in Scorpio will be talking to you - it will be adjusting your life - defined by the inexplicable honest and truthful way you feel deep within you.


I must add - because during Sun in Scorpio - Neptune is stationary - going direct in Pisces on 20th November - will highlight spiritual truths, man-made-religions, the Pope and Vatican - which means if the current Pope feels he can't work with people who are being stubborn - refusing to be truthful with themselves - he will do what he feels right to do.


You see in order to be HONEST and TRUTHFUL - the fundamental energy of Sun in Scorpio is TRUTH - and starts by finding the truth from WITHIN yourself. Hypocrisy is not an available option for Sun in Scorpio - hence you too will be encouraged to be HONEST and TRUTHFUL with yourself - and when you do - you'll feel immense power from WITHIN to accomplish great things with your life.



Jupiter in Libra - Sun in Scorpio - Saturn in Sagittarius


The fundamental reason why Sun in Scorpio will create correctness, truth and positive changes for everyone is because - Sun in Scorpio will be inbetween to TWO biggest planets in our solar system - Jupiter in Libra on one side and Saturn in Sagittarius on the other side. It will create a sense of everything moving into place and being in it's correct place.


And the fact that throughout whole month of Sun in Scorpio - 23rd October => 22nd November 2016 - there are NO negative astrological aspects all Month will make a true STRONG Sun in Scorpio month. That means everything going smoothly - everything feeling good and everyone in your life that's truly part of your destiny will feel 100% right.


Any adjustments that need to be made - will "coincidentally" and "easily" happen. In fact and due to the fact that Jupiter moves from 9 ° => 16° Libra AND Saturn moves from 13° => 17° Sagittarius - everyone can expect TWO BIG changes in TWO areas of your lives. Changes that began in September 2015 for some of you - changes that began in May 2016 for others - and - changes that began in September 2016 for the rest of you.


Life is on-the-move for everyone - and - it will be leading to Sun in Sagittarius which promises to be the most vibrant positive month of the year - and the most enjoyable month you will have experienced in the past 3 years - and - for some of you in the past 6 years - and for others in the past 12 years.


You see, hopefully the reason WHY you read astrology is to comprehend that NOTHING stays the same - eventually and always - things change. During Sun in Scorpio & Sun in Sagittarius - there's something BIG for everyone coming - Sun in Scorpio & Sun in Sagittarius will create it all to happen - thanks to Jupiter in Libra & Saturn in Sagittarius. There's something DESTINED for everyone.



The Magic of Sun in Scorpio 2016

"Have you ever been 100% certain about something then it doesn't happen?"


You see - the astrological energies of Scorpio - make things happen - not because anyone is being forced nor even enticed - but because - it will make things happen naturally and by coincidences. As explained in above paragraph Sun in Scorpio is protected by Jupiter in Libra on one side and Saturn in Sagittarius on the other side - which means - everything will happen without any challenges, fights or arguments - it will simply happen - because destiny will be in control and making it all happen by "coincidence".


In fact the best side of Scorpio is being in SYNC with destiny - hence in northern hemisphere - leaves fall from the trees - there's no fighting the changing seasons - it's life - everyone accepts it - as the green leaves turn orange/yellow/brown and then fall. A natural cycle of life ends and gets ready for preparing for a new cycle.


Traditionally, no-one moves trees during Summer whilst the tree is fully alive. But from now onwards is the time when it's safe to uproot trees and replant them somewhere else. Hence, you too - if you've been dithering and undecided, or if you've been blocked - then Sun in Scorpio will make "moving" the most natural and easiest thing for you to do.


Whilst some of you won't physically make the BIG moves until Sun enters Sagittarius or even Sun in Capricorn - what will happen during Sun in Scorpio is the most natural realization that it's your destined time to make any necessary changes in your life that life wants you to make - and - by "coincidence" - people will be helpful, opportunities will come and it will all happen smoothly and easily - like it's the most natural and obvious thing to do.


You see this year 2016 is a STRONG zodiac year - hence during the 1st half of the zodiac - you've made some big changes and some of you have WANTED this or that to happen - but it's the 2nd half of the zodiac - is when the results and destined events will happen - in the most natural way - like it's so right and in sync with life.


Hence, during Sun in Scorpio - the changes aren't forced or created out of panic, desperation or anxiousness - changes happen - because it's time - because Sun in Scorpio - backed-up by Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius will make it all happen. Some of you have already seen this during the past few weeks - for those of you who've not seen it yet - you will during Sun in Scorpio.


Indeed, I always say that the 6 month rule of astrology defines that "things" you saw and experienced during Sun in Taurus - April/May 2016 - come back in some form in the opposite star sign during Sun in Scorpio in October/November 2016. It's not just specific to April/May 2016 - but everything between then and now - things that you were 100% certain about - that got messed-up, blocked or frustrated - now have the energy to happen - if indeed - it was truly destined to happen.



Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun in Scorpio 2016

"There are no negative astrological aspects all month"


Sun in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in retrograde Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in retrograde Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Defined by the fact that there are NO planets in - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo until March 2017 at the earliest - with the exception of when the Moon transits each of these star sign each month - this will ensure - movement and changes happening naturally - with a sense of peace and harmony in everyone's lives.


Sun in Scorpio will affect each of the 12 star signs differently - but the common factor to everyone - will be "coincidences" - how things will happen naturally - created via communication and connections to all the people you like.


You see Sun will be illuminating and energizing Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter in Libra define communication - but not time-wasting communication - only the communication that's going to have SUCCESS and positive results for you.


You see "thoughts", "words" and "communication" are ruled by astrological energies. When you think negative or can't get the right words out - means there's a negative cloud in your "thoughts" - and - when you think positive and can't stop talking means there's a positive sunny day in your "head" that's making you be OPEN to want to communicate.


Jupiter in Libra - defined as Jupiter moves from 9° => 16° Libra - means you will be wanting to communicate - but you'll only be bothered and want to communicate with the people who are going to be either positive, helpful, kind, energizing and meaningful to you. Jupiter in Libra will ensure you won't want to waste time with meaningless relationships or talking for nothing.


Combined with Saturn in Sagittarius - defines destined relationships - not just your personal loving relationships - but all relationship energies of all the people you interact with everyday - as Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to be connected to and surrounded by people who are really good for you - with a sense of warmth, friendship, kindness, respect and cohesion - making you feel part of something more than your own individuality - and as Saturn moves from 13° => 17° Sagittarius - you will all see movement and changes in your life - defined by all the nice people in your life - as you'll instinctively keep-away from and be disconnected from anyone who truly isn't good for you.



Whilst the Sun in Scorpio will define transformation and change for every star sign - some of you - depending on your own astrological chart - will be energized by either or both of these two sets of astrological energies.


You see whilst Sun in Scorpio creates a calm and peaceful transition of change - the planets in [Fire Signs] & [Air signs] will create the excitement and vibrancy as it all happens. Hence, even if you didn't want the changes 6 months ago - now - you'll be inexplicably happy, delighted and relieved that changes are happening.


I should add that all Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarians and Aquarius will have a STRONG transformation during Sun in Scorpio - unlike in previous years when nothing happens for you - this year's Sun in Scorpio has something for EVERYONE. I will be explaining the full effect on each of the Weekly predictions for 12 star signs.



All Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo will be energized and have changes thanks to .....


Sun in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


All Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarians and Aquarius will have a STRONG transformation thanks to


Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]

Then its added because in November Mars enters Aquarius [Air sign] Mercury enters Sagittarius [Fire Sign]



23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio - 1am UK - 2am Europe - 6:30am India 11am Sydney, Australia [ Saturday 8pm USA EST ] - immediately without delay - you will see the effects of Sun in Scorpio - as it will UNLOCK - the coincidences to begin - especially if you can honestly say that NOTHING has happened in your life since Sun entered Libra on 22nd September 2016.


24th October: Mercury enters Scorpio - during Mercury in Scorpio - from 24th October => 12th November 2016 - you're going to experience a profound shift in your communication - when your words will have truthful meaning and depth - that will define stability in your life - correctness and meaning - you might even find yourself refining what you say and who you talk to - as the almost conjunction of Mercury & Sun in Scorpio for the next 2 weeks - will ensure you're very focused on what life wants you to be focused on - saying the right things to the right people.


30th October: Venus 14° Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 14° Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius from 18th October => 12th November 2016 - means that you're going to be 100% connected with exactly who destiny needs you to be connected to - and you will feel the positive vibrancy by being connected to whoever it is.

Venus conjunct Saturn merely opens your eyes to see them clearly - however illogical - it is destined destiny. Indeed - it's not just personal relationships - but all relationships - work, career and even where you choose to live is defined by having the RIGHT people around you.


30th October: New Moon 7° Scorpio - New Moon - Sun - Mercury in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio - 5:30pm UK - 6:30pm Europe - 12:30pm USA EST - 9:30am Arizona - 11pm India

[31st October - 3:30am Sydney, Australia]



The Karmic Scorpio New Moon of 30th October 2016

No "turning back" - Life is moving forwards ...


When New Moon in Scorpio creates the destined changes - there's no turning back to the past - just like the leaves falling - it's a definitive change for everyone. Movement forwards. Hence, between this Scorpio New Moon and the Full Moon on 14th November - the Scorpio New Moon is going to reveal it's secrets and create the changes - everything you've felt, sensed, intuited and been inspired to think of - you will see how the thoughts you've been thinking about are like SEEDS that are sown - and then grows quickly. Do you remember planting water cress seeds - and watching how quickly they germinate and grow indoors within 7 days - that's exactly what it's going to be like.


During the past 6 months since May 2016 - you've had strong moments when you sensed something clearly and yet there were no visible results - well suddenly - defined by this New Moon and depending on your own astrological chart and your star sign is when SUDDENLY HUGE progress is made. That's because your strong thoughts you've been given since May 2016 - were glimpses of your future - and they've had time to germinate, grow and will now manifest in real life.


The first result - many sensitive readers will already be experiencing after the New Moon will be a truthful realization and clarity what you need and what you want - with a knowing of what is right for you. This New Moon will be creating in real life what it's destined to do for your benefit and for your growth for your future.


I'd like to mention the word "karma" with reference to New Moon in Scorpio - as many times I use it - and some people misunderstand my use of the word. "Traditional beliefs" - believe that you can't change your destiny - and inexplicable painful situations are defined by your past-life karma - and "karmic" situations that must be relived in this life - you have NO choice except to relive them.


Whilst I accept DESTINY has it's reasons based on past-life experiences and past-life karma you've created - I understand that the balance of "karmic" energies in your aura can be changed by DOING positively good things in this lifetime - especially if you do something exceptional - like changing your identity, persona, character and personality - then your past-life karma can be completely cleansed and deleted. That's because "karmic" energies sit in your aura, in your persona and deep WITHIN your mind and soul.


Each day - your aura - senses your own "karmic" energies - then it uses the astrological energies to GIVE you destined experiences - and when you're appropriately ready - destiny GIVES you karmic experiences. Equally so - when there are "karmic" moments - if you've done something to eliminate the need for those experiences - the "karmic" moment can be transformed to a positive situation.


Have you ever FELT the HUGE energy when you've done something really GOOD for someone else - especially when you're face-to-face with them - you see their smile - the twinkle of life in their eyes - when you give them "life" energy - as you sense their genuine happiness, humble thanks and deep appreciation towards you - this karmic "energy" - comes into your aura - and makes you transform too - with an inexplicably good feeling - that feeling is "bad" karma being eroded by good karma you've created.



1st November: Sun 9° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 9° Pisces - all the bright ideas you've had since May 2016 - will come back into reality - and this is the reason why - you were given the STRONG thoughts to ensure you believed in it - to ensure your mind will hold onto the dream - so that now it can happen.


Indeed, every invention and every strong decision you make - comes as and is created as a strong THOUGHT - that sits in your head - until the time is right to do something about it. Now is the time something will be done because it's the right time.



9th November: Mars enters Aquarius - during the past few weeks - Mars in Capricorn defined limitations of what you can do and what you can't do - the boundaries and limitations completely ends when Mars enters Aquarius - for the rebellious communicative star sign of Aquarius - does not know what "limitations" or "restrictions" means. In fact the more challenged it is - the more it finds ways to overcome the challenges successfully.


Mars enters Aquarius - combined with Jupiter in Libra - Saturn in Sagittarius - will make things happen - all of which is why it's so easy to predict that BIG changes will be happening for everyone. Time to expect the unexpected and unconventional things to happen.


The last times Mars was in Aquarius - as Mars is a two yearly cycle - was 4th December 2014 => 12th January 2015 and was 26th December 2012 => 2nd February 2013 and 15th January => 23rd February 2011 - and 4th February => 15th March 2009 - your GOOD LUCK will be coming back again now.


During Mars in Aquarius 9th November 2016 => 19th December 2016 - it will be an important transit - as Mars does what it does best - and that's to provide you with unlimited energy to do what you know you need to do.


Mars is naturally at home in Aries - and Uranus is naturally at home in Aquarius - therefore each planet is going to be in the home of other during during Mars in Aquarius 9th November 2016 => 19th December 2016 which means both will compliment each other to get the "job" done - you can expect things from the "past" getting sorted out AND things for the "future" being created and put into place. If you've been hesitating doing something you know you should be doing - then after Mars in Aquarius - it's a GO - green light for GO !



11th / 12th November: Venus 28°/29° Sagittarius - and crosses over the Galactic center at 28°/29° Sagittarius - the inner planet of Venus crossing over - will be STRONG - hence that's why many of you will be feeling STRONG about something / someone - and - simultaneously - you will feel STRONG about becoming detached and ending something in your life that needs ending. The STRENGTH is defined by whatever life wants you to be feeling STRONG about.

12th November: Venus enters Capricorn will bring GOOD LUCK to all Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio - other star signs won't feel it's energies as much - because all Libra, Sagittarian, Aquarian, Aries, Gemini and Leo - will be receiving GOOD LUCK from - Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius.



12th November: Mercury enters Sagittarius - is energy of laughter - it's the energy of positive change and movement - excited by sharing the positive energy with others through mind, thoughts and communication. You see when you speak with FIRE and excitement - it has much more power than sounding "dead-boring".


Mercury in Sagittarius from 12th November => 2nd December 2016 will make everyone become excited and fired-up about something exciting Mercury in Sagittarius - gets an additional boost of energy - thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius - ensures that your INNER self is stimulated, excited and ignited with destined WARMTH towards something that makes you feel alive.


"Ambitions, wants, warmth, excitement and desires" - are just words that define "destiny" - for at each stage of your life - you have new and different ambitions - and according to whatever it is you're feeling at the moment with Saturn in Sagittarius will define what "destiny" wants you to be focused on - because life wants you to have "it". When you get the strong feeling - the positive energy of want and desire - will ensure you pursue it, achieve it and get it.


The magical word we've all heard of - "Abra-cadabra - אברא כדברא" - is actually an aramaic / hebrew term - meaning "I will make it appear and happen - like I said I would". Indeed, there are times when you can say, wish and hope and NOTHING happens - and there are times when you can say ABRACADABRA and it magically happens - that's because you're EXCITED to want it to happen. The fire star sign of Mercury & Saturn in Sagittarius means if you feel it's warmth and excitement what "it" positively does for you - then you'll get it - if you pursue it.


Personally, I believe - you get the strong feelings to want something - because destiny wants you to go get it - so using the magic word of "Abra-Cadabra" will make you feel - your words, wishes and hopes are working. Which with Saturn & Mercury in Sagittarius your words will work.


All you have to do is be HONEST with yourself - define what you really truthfully want - but only if you honestly feel EXCITED by it. If you don't feel excited by it - then it won't happen. As you get excited and get fired-up to go get it - you'll see - how quickly - you'll actually get it - like magic!



14th November: Full Moon 22° Taurus [as always I will explain fully on Moon Astrology] - but suffice to say here - as you know Full Moon's are about making FINAL DECISIONS. Events that started at the New Moon culminate in the Full Moon - when - with all the facts and information you've been given - you're then able to make WISE decisions about your future.


Thankfully this Full Moon will be EASY - as everyone will have been inspired with clarity and truthfulness to see the ONLY way forward is the RIGHT way - and like a bull in a china shop or a bull that's got excited by a hot and enticing RED flag - this Full Moon will show you there's only ONE RIGHT way forward for you - and that's your destined way forward.


Usually Full Moon's are full of tension and always create LUNATICS with lots of madness - however this Full Moon will do neither - as Sun in Scorpio is refined [and there are NO SQUARES creating any tension at this Full Moon] to ensure that when things are right - they go smoothly and hence the only things that will be allowed to happen at this Taurus Full Moon will be everything that's RIGHT.


I must add that this will frustrate and anger - all people who are trying to do things that are WRONG - especially people who are doing things which are karmically wrong in hurting other people - this Full Moon is to define PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION and HARMONY - anyone who refuses to live in accordance with these fundamental concepts of humanity and amongst all of humanity - will surprisingly find things dramatically going-wrong for them at the Taurus Full Moon.



15th November: Mercury 4° Sagittarius sextiles Mars 4° Aquarius - exciting , lucky, successful and enjoyable - and remarkably - whatever it is - has only just arrived in your life - since Mars entered Aquarius on 9th November 2016 - suddenly something has got you excited - it's new - it's fired you up - and it's your destiny - and backed-up by all the astrological energies - especially Saturn in Sagittarius - it will leave you with no doubt - that the decisions you're making will positively affect all facets of your life.



20th November Neptune goes stationary => direct 9°14' Pisces - if you remember how I explained Pluto retrograde going forward on 24th September - I compared it to sitting in a train with your back towards the front - so all your get to see is the PAST. The outer planets - going forward - means a specific facet of your life and vision of your overall life - that's been LOOKING backwards - will now be able to LOOK FORWARDS.


Neptune is not related to OTHER people in your life - it's related to the way YOU think - your perception of life - and your philosophy of life. For example, someone that believes the ONLY thing important in life is MONEY - then their perception of life will be directed according to what it costs, whether it's worth it and what use is it in life; whereas someone that believes ENJOYING life is important - will define everything they do by how much enjoyment energy that receive from doing it.


Someone who believes the whole life is a game of meaningless nonsense will be believing in nothing, disillusioned with life and be LAZY - to do NOTHING; whereas someone who sees every moment of everyday is a unique blessing - and a gift of life - will be laughing, smiling and seeing the blessing in the "moments" of life.


Neptune direct will ensure you'll stop thinking depressing thoughts of the "past" and stop looking back at the "past" - to begin to look forward and think positive optimistic thoughts of the "future". Instead of feeling "what's the point" - you'll begin to feel "why not give something new a try?"


Neptune wants you to EXPLORE with your mind and your thoughts - and it will create positive thoughts, visions and illusions too of the "future" in your mind to STIMULATE your mind and move your life forward. Real events will happen to bring you good news and create HOPE for your future. Surprisingly, it will just appear out of nowhere - but the truth is it's been there - waiting to happen all the time - all it needed was for you to LOOK in the RIGHT DIRECTION to find it - and Neptune going direct will illuminate your mind to look in the RIGHT DIRECTION and then you'll "find" your illuminated pathway to go forward.


When Neptune goes direct 9°14' Pisces takes you back to April 2015 and/or to February 2016 - exactly where Neptune was in Pisces prior to the retrogrades - which means you'll pick-up from where you left off in ONE specific area of your life - and move forward again. For many of you - it will feel like you've been awakened, plugged in and made to become "back-to-normal" in one area of your life.


The most interesting facts will be - when life shows you the continuity of life - moving forward again with the hopes and dreams you had in both April 2015 and February 2016 - and how coincidences just happen to make it all possible.


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius



Sun in Sagittarius will ensure your life will be changed by 25th December 2016

"There's something BIG for everyone coming - Sun in Scorpio & Sun in Sagittarius will create it all to happen"


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Sun in Sagittarius - November & December 2016

"There are no negative astrological aspects all month"

The most positive, vibrant and happiest month of the astrological year

Sun in Sagittarius will have destiny and freedom from negativity written all over it with .....


Sun in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Mercury in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Mars in Aquarius [Air sign] Jupiter in Libra [Air sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in retrograde Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius


Sun in Sagittarius will be the most positive month of the year
Sun in Sagittarius will be the busiest month of the year for everyone
"Jupiter in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius"


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius

22nd November: Mercury 15° Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter 15° Libra
23rd November: Mercury 16° Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn 16° Sagittarius
23rd November: Venus 15° Capricorn conjuncts Pluto 15° Capricorn
29th November: Venus 15° Capricorn squares Uranus [retrograde] 20° Aries

29th November: New Moon 7° Sagittarius - Sun - Mercury - Saturn - in Sagittarius



Your life will be changed by 25th December 2016

There's something BIG for everyone coming

The combination of Sun in Scorpio & Sun in Sagittarius will create it


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