The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Pisces 19th February => 20th March 2019

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2019


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Sun in Pisces will create Long-Term Stability

The Last Month of the Zodiac Year - and - The Beginning of an Honest Future


19th February: Sun enters Pisces

19th February: Full Moon 1° Virgo

19th February: Mercury 15° Pisces conjunct Neptune 15° Pisces

20th February: Mercury 17° Pisces sextiles Saturn 17° Capricorn

22nd February: Mercury 21° Pisces squares Jupiter 21° Sagittarius

23rd February: Mercury 22° Pisces sextiles Pluto 22° Capricorn

23rd February: Venus 22° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22° Capricorn

26th February: Sun 7° Pisces sextiles Mars 7° Taurus


1st March: Venus enters Aquarius

6th March: New Moon at 16° Pisces

6th March: Mercury retrograde 29° Pisces

6th March: Uranus enters Taurus

7th March: Sun 16° Pisces conjunct Neptune 16° Pisces

9th March: Sun 18° Pisces sextiles Saturn 18° Capricorn

13th March: Sun 22° Pisces sextiles Pluto 22° Capricorn

14th March: Sun 23° Pisces squares Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

14th March: Mars 18° Taurus trines Saturn 18° Capricorn

15th March: Sun 24° Pisces conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 24° Pisces

16th March: Mercury [retrograde] 23° Pisces squares Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

20th March: Mars 22° Taurus trines Pluto 22° Capricorn


20th/21st March: Sun enters Aries

20th/21st March: Full Moon in 0° Libra

21st March: Venus 23° Aquarius squares Mars 23° Taurus

21st March: Venus 23° Aquarius sextiles Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

29th March: Mercury direct 16° Pisces

31st March: Mars enters Gemini


It's always a Good Sign if you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change because deep-down

February-March 2019 - Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - means you'll desire change more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it


Introducing Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces [Water Sign] Full Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] on 19th February 2019

Mercury in Pisces [Water Sign] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



The moment Sun enters Pisces on Monday 18th [USA] / Tuesday 19th February 2019 - it immediately creates a Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday 19th February 2019. This will be a BIG SHOCK and create a sudden change for everyone.


There's a huge contrast between Aquarius and Pisces - in fact - in trying to fit StarSigns together - Aquarian's never ever work with Pisces - the difference in personalities is simply not workable. Everything that Aquarius is - Pisces isn't - and - everything that Pisces is - Aquarius isn't.


Hence, you can expect MAJOR CHANGES to hit you on Tuesday 19th February 2019 - and - the most important will be STABILITY and HONESTY. You see - as you understand from Astrology - Earth Orbits the Sun - so when we say - Sun enters Pisces - we actually mean that Earth as viewed from Sun has orbited to enter StarSign of Virgo.


The unlocking power of the Full Moon in Virgo - immediately - Sun enters Pisces - means - experiencing the fullness of Virgo energies. Virgo is an Earth StarSign that creates long-term Stability - because - it ensures everything that's 100% right for you - is attracted into your life.


Virgo - doesn't know the word "can't" - Virgo only knows the word "can do". The Full Moon in Virgo will therefore speak directly and honestly to your emotions and tell you the truth - that - YOU CAN DO "IT" & YOU WILL DO "IT" & YOU MUST DO "IT".


Sun in Pisces - unlocking the full power of the 12th StarSign of the Zodiac - means - believing in the future. So often in life - especially when you get "depressed" and feel "dead" - you stop believing in the future. Sun in Pisces wants you to BELIEVE in the FUTURE.


Pisces - the most spiritual and psychic StarSign - speaks to your belief system - speaks to your mind and thoughts - and - says - to BELIEVE in the FUTURE - but - in order to convince you that you've got a future - Pisces creates something to happen to make you BELIEVE.


BELIEVING in whatever you BELIEVE in is essential to living a healthy life. If you didn't believe in the"future" - you wouldn't waste your time reading astrology websites - and - you wouldn't be a healthy human being.


BELIEVING in the FUTURE is the fundamental component to a HEALTHY MIND. "Wasted" alcoholics and people who "waste-away" the life energy - don't believe in a future - so they waste their lives away.


Sun in Pisces and Full Moon in Virgo - will define that it's time to stop wasting-away the gift of life - and - wake-up to believe in the future. And the way it will be done is everyone will be sharply awakened at the Full Moon on 19th February 2019 - to want the FUTURE - to believe in a FUTURE.


The fact that all the planets in [Earth Signs] means - it's time for MAJOR REAL-LIFE CHANGES for everyone. Instead of talking about change - it's now time for change - it's time to be woken-up and get back to living life to the fullest.


No-one should ever be "dead-bored" with life - no-one should ever feel neglected or ignored by life - everyone who is alive - should be feeling that life has purpose and meaning - with - goals, aims and ambitions for a better future. Hence, the biggest changes will be created to ensure everything that's been blocking your destined destiny will be unblocked.


Pisces [Water StarSign] - Pisces the "Fish" - defines - that even if there seems to be obstacles or blockages - there are always other alternatives. Pisces says you'll find what you're looking for - just - keep on moving.


Over 70% of Earth is water - over 70% of your physical body is water - that's why the Moon which creates tidal flows - talks to and communicates it's pulling power on your physical body. Sun in Pisces [Water StarSign] will instinctively move you - lead you - guide you - create changes in your life - to get your life moving forwards.


Pisces the 12th StarSign of the Zodiac is the StarSign of DEATH and ENDINGS. That does NOT mean people who've been blocking your life will suddenly "drop-dead" - what it means - is "they" will have no power or influence to block your progress.


Destiny will ensure - anything or anyone that's blocking or preventing you from moving forwards - from being yourself - from living your destined destiny will vanish and drop-dead out of your life.


Sun in Pisces from 18th February => 20th March 2019 - has - the purpose to get your life moving - ready for the beginning of the most KARMIC Zodiac Year that begins on 20th March 2019.


I use the word KARMA - which is the word that defines ACTION. In the study of Yoga - whilst - using your mind is empowering - thoughts and good intentions aren't enough in the real world. Life is defined by ACTION.


When you hear about "homeless" people and feel sorry for them - it's not enough to feel or think. But when you see someone "homeless" on the streets begging and desperate - and - you give them $10 - then you've completed the YOGA OF ACTION - your KARMIC actions combine with your YOGA of THOUGHTS - and - creates energy in the world.


When you live with "KARMA" - then - life energy lives within you with "KARMA". When you create changes in the world - then - the world includes you in the KARMA of life. And this is what I've referred to as coming out of "dead-zone" - when you - COME ALIVE because of your ACTIONS.



It will be Busy & Complicated

Sun in Pisces will be busy and complicated for many people - catch-up with January 2019


Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign]


Extra Audio - Explaining the Planets of Truth

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Between 1st January => 14th February 2019 - due to Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] - all of the 4 outer planets were in the natural home StarSigns - "RESET" was created - "SYSTEM RESTORE" happened. Many of you - experienced sudden and quick-moving changes - found yourself "RESET" to be more alive than you have been in a long time.


You immediately attracted your destined destiny - you immediately came-alive with vibrancy that you've not experienced in a long time - and - surprisingly you found yourself "divorced" from and "disconnected" from - lots of things that you truthfully have no feelings towards anymore.


Others haven't yet felt the full consequences of the 4 planets - and - all of you - haven't yet seen the results of what happens next in your life. You see - when your iPhone crashes and you have to re-sync it - OR - when you have to buy a brand-new phone - it takes time to load it with all your data - phone numbers - apps - email addresses etc ... before - it becomes fully operational.



Sun in Pisces [Water Sign] Full Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Mercury in Pisces [Water Sign] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



With Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] from 15th February 2019 - with Uranus entering into Taurus [Earth Sign] on 6th March 2019 - with a Full Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] on 19th February 2019 - means - in the next few weeks - you will be FULLY OPERATIONAL - fully functioning with a completely brand new feeling to the future.


As everything that's WRONG for you is DELETED from your life - and - everything that's RIGHT for you is returned to you and brought into your life. The advantage of planets in [Earth Signs] is there's no place for LIES or DECEPTION.


Whatever is true - is - real - and will be happening in real life. Whatever is a deception and imaginary will vanish and fall apart. Indeed - Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] for the next 7 years - will define - the TRUTH is the REAL TRUTH - hence many unloving marriages will probably end, many deceitful, untrustworthy and dishonest relationships will fall apart.


BUT - the BEST facet of 5 planets in Earth StarSigns - Venus - Mars - Uranus - Saturn - Pluto - means destined destiny - attraction and trustworthy long term relationships will be formed. There is indeed, no greater happiness in life when you're doing the right things with the right people in the right place.


From 1st January 2019 - pieces have been moving into place. From 15th February 2019 more pieces will be moving into place - and - by 6th March 2019 - you will realize the truth that an END to an old phase has ENDED and the BEGINNING to a new phase of long-term stability has BEGUN.



"Freedom from lies - freedom from liars"

"Deception" is something bad for everyone

Truth creates light, brightness, happiness and freedom - Lies creates darkness, sadness and negativity


Since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on 8th November 2018 - during the past few months - you've gradually being feeling SET-FREE from negative situations - you've being feeling optimistic about the future - and - the main reason is because Jupiter has set-you-free from liars and lies.


You're seeing life clearly and honestly - you're seeing the goodness in good people - and - you're able to detach yourself from people who are bad for you. There's no cohesion holding people who aren't good for you in your life. And during Sun in Pisces - if there's anyone or anything that still connected to you - who shouldn't be connected - they'll completely be out of your life forever.



Long Term Stability Begins - Destined Destiny

Mars in Taurus - followed by - Uranus in Taurus

Mars in Taurus from 14th February - combined with Uranus in Taurus from 6th March 2019


Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Mars in Aries since 1st January 2019 - began a new 2 year cycle of Mars. Everything useless and meaningless that defined your life in 2017 and 2018 is now dead and finished - especially if you've had bad luck. Mars in Aries has awakened you to want whatever life wants you to want.


Mars in Taurus from 14th February => 31st March 2019 - defines - real events - actions speaking louder than words - and - most importantly the definition of HONEST and TRUTHFUL foundations for your long-term stability.


Mars in Taurus will form trine to Saturn in Capricorn - the 1st time in 30 years - and - defined by Uranus about to enter Taurus on 6th March 2019 - means - 7 years of destined stability begins now. Anything that's been BAD for you - unstable for you - wrong for you - and - unlucky for you - will have vanished from your life by 14th February 2019.


In fact, "it" wasn't in your life since 1st January 2019 - but "some" of you - might have been holding onto the possibility "it" would come-back. The past month of Sun in Aquarius has defined a TRUTH - and - it ended. Now you're ready for SOLID STABLE and GOOD future ahead.


A lot of changes will be happening quickly - all of which are defined by the exact dates-with-destiny


14th February: Mars enters Taurus

18th February: Venus 16° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 16° Capricorn

18th February: Venus 16° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 16° Pisces


6th March: Uranus enters Taurus

14th March: Mars 18° Taurus trines Saturn 18° Capricorn

22nd March: Mars 22° Taurus trines Pluto 22° Capricorn


The combination of Mars in Taurus - Saturn in Capricorn - Venus in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn - will create destined stability - for your long-term stability - trust and honesty - and - irreversible events will be ensuring everything good will be formed in your life. Most importantly - everyone and everything that's BAD for you - will be eliminated from your life forever.



18th February: Sun 29° Aquarius sextiles Uranus 29° Aries - just before Sun enters Pisces - there's a powerful energy of unexpected shocks and surprises - when something totally beyond your control happens to you and for you. And due to the power of the Moon on almost maximum strength - "it" will make you inexplicably and unbelievably - SHOCKED and SURPRISED.




Karmic Wheel of Fortune is on-the-move

Those at the top never stay at the top

Those at the bottom never stay at the bottom

The Wheel of fortune is on-the-move - and - people's fortune is changing


Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Mars enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


How many times have you been at the "bottom" and how many times have you been at the "top" - how many times did you have no power to do anything - and - how many times did you have lots of power to do everything.


Unfortunately - during the ups and downs of life - we fail to maximize our potential - and - often people at the "top" fail to treat people at the "bottom" correctly. The karmic wheel of fortune which was on the move since August 2018 - which for some of you stopped again - is now 100% on-the-move again forwards for everyone.


The problem is when people at the "top" feel they've lost their magic and they're on their way down - you will see them behaving badly. Whereas people who are on their way up will be feeling inexplicably excited because you'll feel your lucky magic is back.


The wheel of fortune defined by - Mars in Taurus & Uranus in Taurus - defines MONEY and Earthly Power - for creating real changes in real life - physical material wealth - and - with it the power to do with it wisely. The reality of life is the bond of cohesion between you and the people in your life is defined by MONEY.


You go to work for MONEY - you enter relationships for MONEY. Whenever you want a connection with someone you do so with MONEY. Money is not a bad thing - money is an important tool. But sadly, some people who have money are mean and stingy - whilst others are kind and generous.


Indeed, the reason why you might quit your job is because you get offered more money elsewhere - the reason why you might end your relationships is because they don't look-after you financially. Hence, money - when used wisely - as a flow of energy - can make life happen for you - but when restricted makes life get blocked for you.


So as you enter the next 7 years of your life - defined by - Uranus in Taurus - promise yourself that your going to be wise with your good luck - as the karmic wheel of fortune will give you the opportunities that you've been waiting for. And for "those" people who will panic because they're loosing their lucky magic - it's merely the cycle of life - nothing lasts forever.



Cohesion - Instinctive and Natural

The most natural human facet is to want to be connected to other people


Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


With no planets in 7 of the StarSigns - Aries - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - means that life is all about following your instincts - being natural - being honest - and - being connected to other people.


Being "alone" - feeling "alone" - living "alone" - is - the most painful facet of being a human - because - it's not natural for anyone to be "alone". All the planets in [Earth Signs] - and - especially the fact of Uranus entering Taurus [Earth Sign] on 6th March 2019 - for the next 7 years - means - instinctively and naturally - you'll find yourself - living for relationships and connections to other people.


Mars in [Earth Sign] from 14th February => 31st March 2019 will be initiating the process - followed by - Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] will ensure MAJOR changes in the way you feel about life.


The only problem will be for people who live SELFISHLY - who don't want relationships - who don't want to share their energy with anyone - will find themselves isolated - until - they too - get the message - that it's destined time for living for and with other people.


You could say - Uranus in Aries is like immaturity of childhood - Uranus in Taurus is adulthood - when you want to love someone as much as you want to be loved - when you want to share you life with someone - because - they're sharing it with you.


This indeed is the beauty of the "internet" - that - we can all share with each other - we can all feel connected to others - we can all find our destined destiny via the energy of being part of other people's lives. The [Earth Signs] StarSigns defines all you have to be is yourself - emit to the world who you are - and - you'll be found by people who will be attracted to you.



Be Honest - What is it You Really Want ?


A wise man once asked me - "What I wanted from life?" - and every answer I gave him was the WRONG answer - not the answer he wanted to hear from me - UNTIL - I said "I give up - I want nothing" - well it wasn't entirely true - but to stop his mind "game" - the only way to stop him was to throw-in the towel and say "I want nothing".


That indeed is "life" - a series of teasers - that annoy you to pursue dreams you can never achieve in order to torment you. The truth is - as young adults - we're all convinced and deceived that we must pursue dreams and have goals with ambitions for the future. It is only when you arrive at mature midlife you realize - the illusion of life - and then need to readjust your way of thinking.


It is during the midlife years that you realize pursuing things that are NOT YOURS to have - and NOT attainable - are pointless futile and stressful goals - whereas when you accept life - for whatever it gives you - when you WANT NOTHING from life - and most importantly WHEN YOU WANT TO GIVE to LIFE - and be of service - that's when life looks after you.


Sun in Pisces is the 12th star sign of the zodiac and is supposed to be - idealistic and spiritual - and the greatest spiritual service you can do - is HELP YOUR OWN SOUL to grow spiritually - by using the month of Sun in Pisces - to become in-tune with your true destined destiny and becoming enlightened.


Whatever your soul yearns for - whether it be spirit communication, spiritual astrology, palmistry, psychic energies, yoga, meditation, religious study of the Holy Scriptures, study of the Bhagavad Gita, - or whether it be understanding colors, light, healing, absent healing, meditative healing etc etc ...


Whatever it is that you've wanted to learn about - allow the time during Sun in Pisces to HELP yourself - to refine your own soul and to attain spiritual enlightenment. Everyone has the capability - all you need is to dedicate the TIME to do it - Sun in Pisces is the perfect time for self-realization and hence self-healing.


So instead of sitting in front of the TV in the evening - or wasting the days away - dedicate some time to learning about your own spiritual soul - meditate more - pray more - light a candle for and "tune" into all the spiritual souls of people you've ever known in your life - and ask them to inspire you with spiritual wisdom.


Each year you're getting older and wiser - each year Sun in Pisces transforms your life - takes you to a new level of spirituality - and prepares you for the next zodiac year - use Sun in Pisces wisely - and you'll be surprised by the results you'll see.


Most remarkably is the shift you will feel from WITHIN you - when you give of yourself to others, give of yourself selflessly to others, of service to others, be kind to other people you meet and greet in the street - especially poor homeless people - then you can see - being of service to others actually helps your soul.



You might be impressed by infinite "space"

But the miracle of "life" is within YOU


The spiritual journey of life is fascinating - because we're all on it - whether you believe it or not - each and everyone is on the spiritual pathway to enlightenment. And like an adult that looks at a youthful teenager - we can see through them - because once upon a time - we were stupid, immature and experienced the same inadequacies and insecurities of know-it-all teenagers. Similarly through the spiritual pathway of life - we can look back to where we were and identify with people who are still at that point we used to be - whilst knowing that we have learnt and progressed forward.


People who have truly progressed spiritually NEVER criticize nor condemn nor punish anyone who is at a lower level - because deep-down we know we've been there - and genuinely feel compassion for all people - praying for them to move-on from their level of beliefs to becoming more enlightened. Meanwhile we respect everyone - for whatever level of spirituality they are on - people in front of us and people behind us - are all equals - for we are all on the same journey.


I'm always intrigued and fascinated by fanatical "religious" people - because in their arrogance of "knowing-it-all" - they condemn and hate everyone - especially people who are actually HIGHER than them spiritually - but they deceive themselves like an arrogant obnoxious know-it-all teenager. How many teenagers do you know that argue, shout and scream - demanding "they" know better than adults ? How many adults do you know that have never grown-up spiritually - and still shout and scream ?


Thankfully astrology predicts a spiritual awakening for all of humanity - it is a fact of life - it's going to happen - and each year Sun in Pisces - transcends new wisdom and new spiritual understanding - and it does this by connecting to the INNER MOST thoughts in your mind - through PEACE and TRANQUILITY - that makes you aware of something STRONG and DEEP that's WITHIN you.


People who believe that they know-it-all and there's no new wisdom to learn - are ignorant idiots ignoring the truth - because life is moving forward - new wisdom is continually transcending and all of humanity is collectively moving forward to accept the new enlightened wisdom - each person on their level and each person at the right time when they can absorb the "SpiritualSecrets".



Life, Love & Light is within YOU


The spirituality of Sun in Pisces will make you aware that the miracle of life itself is WITHIN YOU. Suddenly, Sun in Pisces - will ensure you stop looking for "external" lucky-charms - and wake-up to the truthful reality that the secret of life is WITHIN YOU.


No-one questions the most important "fact of life" - that babies are conceived and born - from an invisible power of creation within every adult - from nothing comes something amazing - that's the fact of life. Sun in Pisces will show you that from WITHIN you - from absolutely nothing you can FIND everything you're looking for. The secret of which will be to OPEN your mind to THINK.


As adults, we're convinced to think restrictively "WITHIN THE BOX" - but as many of you know - the greatness of creative imagination comes when you think expansively "OUTSIDE OF THE BOX". Logic might tell you that the "internet" is an impossible invention - but fact of life - the "internet" exists and works. Have you ever tried to explain the "internet" to an old grandparent? Unfortunately many of them and their restricted confined and imprisoned minds cannot comprehend the "internet". It's too much for them to understand.


However, accepting and enlightened souls - can understand from examples of technology - that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE - that you can create SOMETHING from NOTHING - YES YOU - YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING - through the power of your THOUGHTS - through the intuitive power of your imagination - through your connection to an Eternal Spiritual power that is the power of the essence of LIFE itself - your SOUL that is DEEP WITHIN YOU.


When you think of the fact that a baby is conceived - from nothing - except the positive energy from WITHIN - then you can understand that you can CREATE and MANIFEST anything in your life - well "almost" anything. Pisces is always associated with spiritual activity, the paranormal and most importantly associated with HEALING.


Pisces has the power to envelope, protect and heal - for in the same way a FISH is immersed in WATER to keep it alive - Sun in Pisces immerses people in the energy of their own spiritual aura - which brings HEALING from WITHIN.


Sun in Pisces will enable you to find the answers from WITHIN - in the same way - a baby is conceived from WITHIN - the life-energy you need - the healing you need - the positive energy you need - to make yourself wholesome is WITHIN YOU - and now is the time you'll FIND it.


Many people need to sit-in-the-sun to feel the healing of the Sun - but it is only during Sun in Pisces - you will sense a strong healing energy transcending through the Sun in Pisces - sense it - absorb it - and let yourself grow spiritually - as your inner soul feels it's connection to the Divine.


Sun in Pisces will show you that from WITHIN you - from "nothing" you can FIND "everything" you're looking for. It's always funny to hear from readers - that so many times - especially after they waste money on psychics, fortune-tellers, tarot readers - that in the end they realize that the ANSWERS they've been searching for an actually WITHIN them. For the truth is many psychics don't have the answers - many of them can't even see what's about to happen in their own lives - so how can they see what's going to happen in your life.


You're deceived by "psychics" as many of them are selling you a "dream" - but in fact they're destroying your dreams - because when you believe in their nonsense - like you believe in winning the lottery, winning in casinos or finding love from a "prostitute" - you realize that they are doing something much worse than taking your money - they are stealing your mind and thoughts - as you become addicted to wanting to hear the false dreams - instead of accepting your TRUE destiny.


During Sun in Pisces - you're going to be inspired as you see a TRUTH - a REAL TRUTH - that will amaze you to know - that you can do a better job of predicting your own future than anyone else - you don't need to give-away your mind and soul to others who are willing to steal it. "Teaching You Astrology" - I hope to be able to help you - teaching you to believe in yourself .....



This is the Age of Enlightenment

I believe we're living in age of enlightenment and good karma of the world


עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל - "The Divine Eternal Creator who makes peace in the Divine spiritual realms will make peace amongst us". The Hebrew word for wholesomeness and completion is שלם is the same word as שלום - Shalom - Peace.


We are living in unique karmic times - and - the final word for our generation is karmic wholesomeness for everyone. The only pathway to arrive the destination is WISDOM and ENLIGHTENMENT. Because unless you learn something for yourself by your own life experiences - you don't truly believe it to be so.


Often I use the word KARMA - let me explain - in the wisdom of YOGA - "KARMA" is defined as the YOGA of ACTION. You see, many people have good intention, good thoughts and even promise that they are going to do something - but - when they don't do anything - they are lacking the KARMA to do it.


This year 2019 - is a MAJOR KARMIC year - a year of ACTION. It's not enough to talk or think about changes - but now is the karmic time to participate and create change in your life. This is the destined time for you to become ENLIGHTENED by learning for yourself.



המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד


"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3.


Verse 4 continues - "Wait until the end of times and then "Wisdom Shall Increase" - the internet has defined knowledge is readily available - the atmosphere of the world is defining everyone is "open" for an expansion of mind and thoughts to believe there's more to life than what appears to be "life".



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun in Pisces - Finding Inner Peace, Wholesomeness and Tranquility is the meaning of "Life"


18th/19th February: Sun enters Pisces - each and everyone is about to feel a shift away from Sun in Aquarius into Sun in Pisces energies. It's going to be quite interesting to see people "change" - as you enter an important month of the year that's going to shift your perspective of "life" - and a month when you're going to become much calmer about life, more spiritually "mature" and find strength from within yourself. All of which is created through a refined aura of ACCEPTANCE - accepting what "life" is - accepting your phase in "life" - and accepting the karmic nature of inexplicable things that "happen" in life.


Mars in Taurus & Uranus entering Taurus - people who REFUSE to accept the truthful reality - are going to find themselves getting upset with "life" - the truth is their behaviour is saying they are upset with DESTINY - upset with KARMA - upset with their own soul - but instead of changing from WITHIN - such people will attempt to do "battle" with destiny - and that's when it will hit them back - for "as they do to others - so is done to them".


Hence, even though you'll find LIFE, LOVE and positive SPIRIT from WITHIN you during Sun in Pisces - there are people out there in the world - who's life-energy within them is running on "empty" - and hence beware and be-aware that Sun in Pisces is going to bring out the worst in "them". The truth is "they" have the chance to change - but letting go of their stupid arrogant stubbornness - but it's like telling an alcoholic or drug-addict that drugs are very bad - some people simply can't let go of their addictions.


Sun in Pisces will help break any addictions - because your INNER SPIRITUAL SOUL - doesn't really want the earthly crap, useless nonsense and toxic garbage - it wants purity - and Sun in Pisces will help you attain spiritual wholesomeness and enlightenment - as it will help you break-free of earthly addictions - it will even help you break the addiction to junk-food and anything that's truly bad for you.



19th February: Sun enters Pisces

19th February: Full Moon 1° Virgo

19th February: Mercury 15° Pisces conjunct Neptune 15° Pisces



Tuesday 19th February 2019 - Full Moon in Virgo

Movement - 100% Honesty - 100% Stability - 100% Clarity

All lies will drop-dead - there's no more energy for deceit


One of the main reasons why people don't do things and why things don't happen is because of "uncertainty". No-one wants to make a mistake - everyone wants to do something "right". Hence, whenever your life is moving forwards it's because you know that whatever you're doing is "right" for you.


The more "right" things you do with your life - the more SUCCESS you have - and - automatically - the more "right" energy is sitting in your aura, your mind, your thoughts and your feelings to give you CONFIDENCE to continue to do whatever you're doing.


Even if "other" disruptive, interfering and deceitful people tell you what your doing is "wrong" - if you believe it is "right" for you - and - it gives you SUCCESS and HAPPINESS - then you'll instinctively continue to do it - because in your belief system - you know that sooner or later it will prove to be a SUCCESS for you.


"ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" - whatever you actually do is more important that what you say you're going to do - and - what you think about doing. When you said you love someone - or someone said they loved you - but - you're not with them anymore - in hindsight - you have proven that to be a lie.


Indeed, there are two types of people in all our lives - those that talk and promise you everything and then do nothing ; and those trustworthy people who promise and you can always trust them forever. Unfortunately, people make mistakes - and - only when they wake-up - they realize the people they can trust and the people they truly love.


The planetary configuration from now and for the next 12 months of all your lives - defines - being CONNECTED to the "right" people whom you can trust with your life - who will always be trustworthy for you - you're good for them too - and - who are the definition of STABILITY, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in your life.


Therefore there are two problems


[1] getting disentangled from - disconnected from - divorced from - the people who are "bad" for you. Well the good news is that Sun in Pisces from 19th February => 20th March 2019 - will be doing that job - and - it begins immediately - thanks to the Full Moon in Virgo.


[2] recognizing the truth of all the sincerely good people from your past who you can trust and who trust you - and - now - getting reconnected to them - well that too will be easy - and you'll instinctively find yourself being reconnected to them - because - they'll instinctively be wanting to reconnect with you.


Whilst many times we say - Life is all about RELATIONSHIPS - the truth is - LIFE is all about GOOD relationships with people who are truly destined to be in your life - and - being DISCONNECTED from anyone who isn't destined to be in your life.


"Relationships" are like the food you eat - if you eat a dodgy sandwich from a take-away - then you might end-up sick. Whereas if you eat a sandwich from healthy and reliable food-outlet - then you'll feel healthy and nourished after eating it.


Sun in Pisces [Water Sign] Full Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Mercury in Pisces [Water Sign] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Everyone of us has been fooled and lied to - we've all the led-astray - but - now - thanks to Full Moon in Virgo [Earth Sign] - 3 planets in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 3 planets in Pisces [Water Sign] - and - Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] - the truthful clarity - will be 100% clear.


From today onwards - many MAJOR changes will be happening in everyone's lives - as you get disentangled from "wrong" situations - and - as you get connected / reconnected to everyone and everything that is "right" for you. The remarkable facets will be "it" is going to happen quickly - and - after "it" happens - "it" will make you feel "it" is 100% right .


For those of you who read this in advance - then - you'll have to wait until Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday - then on Tuesday night - the energies of truthful clarity - will SHOCK and SURPRISE you - as you'll realize with such clarity - "some" facets of your life that you've been holding onto are "nonsense" - whilst "other" facets of your life that you discarded and ignored a few years ago - are in fact VERY IMPORTANT to you.


Recognizing the TRUTH - and - being HONEST is what the Full Moon in Virgo is all about - and - like magic - things will end - things will begin - things will be "reset" to be the way they should be - all of which will define TRUTH - SUCCESS - and - most importantly you'll get the strong feeling of confidence that everything is going to be alright - because - everything is already changing to be alright.



20th February: Mercury 17° Pisces sextiles Saturn 17° Capricorn

22nd February: Mercury 21° Pisces squares Jupiter 21° Sagittarius

23rd February: Mercury 22° Pisces sextiles Pluto 22° Capricorn

23rd February: Venus 22° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22° Capricorn

26th February: Sun 7° Pisces sextiles Mars 7° Taurus



Pisces - The Mysterious 12th StarSign of "Rewards"

Between 20th February => 6th March 2019

"REWARD" is a GIFT that fills your aura full of happiness and accomplishment


Pisces - the 12th StarSign of the Zodiac - is known astrologically as the most mysterious - as - Pisces creates endings wherever endings need to be created - Pisces is in sync with destiny and is not in sync with what you want or don't want.


Pisces the 12th StarSign is also referred to as the "reward" StarSign - when everything you've done in the past 11 months comes to a finalization and reward for whatever you've done. Pisces is the month when "coincidences" happen to give you what you need - because of whatever you've done in the past 11 months.


Now - that doesn't mean - because - something has ended - and - you're left with "NOTHING" - that "nothing" is your reward. Because at least being left with "NOTHING" means you're now set-free from a negative cycle - and - ready to begin a whole new future.


Let me explain the - "REWARD OF NOTHINGNESS" - because the word "REWARD" instinctively means "MONEY" for most people. So I need to explain the truth - "REWARD" is a GIFT that fills your aura full of happiness and accomplishment.


If we're being honest and looking at life - the truth is NONE of us keeps anything - sooner or later everyone on the planet dies. The only thing you truly take-with you - the only thing you have - is - your personality - your attitude to life - your innate inner feelings - your soul - and - people who fill their minds with enlightenment and happiness - are constantly living in a REWARDING world of positive energies.


Whereas people who are constantly negative, grumpy and unhappy with everything in their lives - are - living in an inner prison of "HELL on Earth". The reward for wasting the gift of life by being negative, destructive, worrying and being ungrateful is - living in HELL on Earth in the mind.


Whenever, you read about "poor" people being happy with life - it's their karma being REWARDED - to feel at peace with life - to be blissful - to be content - to be genuinely happy with everything in life. Whereas, you read about "rich" people being unhappy with life - it's their karma rewarding them and tormenting them - from within.


When people have MAJOR change at Midlife - it's a truthful realization that "something" is not right - life isn't right - the innate UNHAPPINESS is saying that "something" is missing - that's because - the truth is - "something" is missing - "something" needs to change !


Sun in Pisces - especially between 20th February => 6th March 2019 - means - an ENDING to anything destiny has decided must now END - and - with it will come the "REWARD" - either you'll feel empty - or - you'll feel happy. Either way - the "REWARD" will be the message and guide to whatever you decide to do next with your life.


When you get positively "REWARDED" with a glow of happiness - instinctively you feel you've done something right - and - want to continue. When you get negatively "rewarded" with emptiness - instinctively you realize you must make a MAJOR change.


Hence, some people will hate the ENDINGS and it's REWARDS - some people will love the ENDINGS and it's REWARDS. Some people will get ANGRY at the ENDINGS - but - almost everyone will realize by the 6th March 2019 - that - there's nothing you can do about some situations - ENDINGS happen - that's part of life - to ACCEPT some things come to an END.


The reason for the MAJOR ENDING - is that - on 6th March 2019 Uranus enters Taurus - and for the next 7 years - Uranus in Taurus working with in harmony with - Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn - will be defining a NEW phase for everyone. A phase either as a step-up from the past 7 years - or - a completely new phase of something totally NEW.


HONESTY is something only you know from WITHIN you. When you've found inner peace - inner happiness - feeling of success - then irrespective of whatever "other" people think of you - you know you've done "it" - you've got "it" - "it" is something that no-one else can define for you - HONESTY - "it" is the truth from WITHIN you.


Whenever you love whoever you love - only you know the truth of the way you feel. Whenever you love living wherever you're living - only you know the truth of where you love - because - "YOUR HONESTY YOURSELF - creates - YOUR INNER HAPPINESS".


I believe that the HONESTY factor is defined by destiny - guiding you to be living the life you're supposed to be living. And whilst people can continue all their lives to be DISHONEST - the astrological configuration in 2019 & 2020 - is defining MAJOR changes for everyone in sync with the destined truth and honesty for whatever is truly right for you.


And it is always ironic - especially after all the BAD experiences created by Uranus in Aries - from - 10th March 2011 => 6th March 2019 - [ with the brief set of GOOD experiences when Uranus was in Taurus from 15th May => 8th November 2018 - that you know the HONEST TRUTH - by experiencing things that were WRONG for you.


The reward for mistakes of the past 7 years - is - TRUTHFUL REALIZATION of knowing what to keep-away from - and - the reward for the good things of the past 7 years - is what you honestly know is 100% right for you.




1st March: Venus enters Aquarius - Venus in Aquarius until 26th March 2019 - sitting in 12th House relative to the Sun in the 1st House - will define destined connections to "love" and "money". Your heart and excitement will be turned-on by whoever and whatever destiny wants you to be connected to.


Let me explain - when Venus is in 12th House - you don't want anything NEW - you only want to be connected to things and people you're familiar with - who you can trust - who you know already - and - know they would never hurt you.


Venus in 12th House since December 2018 - is the main reason - why everyone is being RECONNECTED to people and facets of your life that you can 100% TRUST. Most importantly - Venus in 12th House is completely DISCONNECTING you from anything or anyone that's untrustworthy for you.


Venus in Aquarius - behind the Sun in Pisces - defines "12th House of karma - in sync with your true destiny" - means - a powerful week of unexpected coincidences when you will feel inexplicably attracted to people and situations - with an inexplicable STRONG KARMIC bond of cohesion that they define inexplicable LUCK [as explained on Healing-Your-Venus].


Therefore - anyone and anything that will be defining your HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT is destined destiny - and - you'll feel it - by being made to think-back to all the things and people you can trust.


The same applies to purchasing things - you will go-back to someone you've bought from in the past - because - you can trust them. In relationships too - since December 2018 - many people have REBOUNDED back into relationships they can trust - especially - if you've just come-out of a bad relationship.




Pisces - The Mysterious 12th StarSign of "Rewards"

The Mysterious Pisces New Moon 5th March 2019

"REWARD" is a GIFT that fills your aura full of happiness and accomplishment



6th March: New Moon at 16° Pisces [ to be fully explained on Moon Astrology ]

New Moon - 4pm UK - 5pm Europe - 11am USA EST - 8:30pm India - [7th March 3am Sydney-Australia]


Understanding "astrology" - means - you know and accept there's a timetable for things to happen - and - as you will see defined by this New Moon in Pisces - which - conjuncts - Neptune in Pisces - something unbelievable will be happening - something mysterious - something beyond "logic" - something extra-ordinary that will awaken even the most logical-minded person to BELIEVE in something mysterious.


Whenever life wants to make you aware that there's more to life than what appears to be - life creates inexplicable things to happen. And then your mind begins to search for answers to whatever "It" is that you're seeing and feeling.


When you inexplicably STRONG dreams or visions or feelings that compel you to do something extra-ordinary - that's what people call INSPIRATIONAL. The truth is - "it" is a mystery where the idea, dream and thoughts come from - but everyone has had those powerful moments.


During the next few months - thanks to this date-with-destiny - this New Moon in Pisces - and the mysterious events it will unlock in your life between 6th March => 24th March 2019 - you will pursue what life wants you to pursue - because - "it" won't go-away from your thoughts, however much you want to stop thinking about "it". The Pisces New Moon will ensure - you have no control over your feelings and thoughts - so that you LISTEN to your feelings and do whatever life wants you to do.




6th March: Mercury retrograde 29° Pisces - retrogrades back to 16° Pisces until 29th March 2019 - and - the mysterious Pisces energies will be in action during Mercury retrograde - ensuring - everything from the "past" that needs to be solved and healed - will be fixed and sorted-out.


Anything that's preventing you from moving-forwards with your life - especially - bad connections and negative situations - will become disconnected from during this Mercury retrograde. Any problem that annoys you - and - worries you - will become "dead".


You see people falsely think Mercury retrograde means nothing happening. That's not true - Mercury retrograde means - there's no chance of holding onto situations which are bad for you. Mercury retrograde means there's no cohesion or connection to anyone or anything meaningless. However it is exceedingly powerful to get you RECONNECTED to trustworthy and meaningful facets of your life.




Uranus - the Meaning of Freedom

Uranus is the planet that creates shocks and surprises

Uranus works when it is in same StarSign OR the opposite StarSign as your planets


6th March: Uranus enters Taurus - Uranus is the most unusual of planets - Uranus is the planet that always gets the blame and compliments for creating unexpected shocks and surprises. Uranus always creates the MidLifeCrisis when it opposes your natal Uranus - between the age of 38 and 48 - depending on your chart.


Uranus in Aries - since March 2011 => May 2018 - has affected - all SunSign Aries, Sun Sign Libra's - anyone with planets in Aries & Libra - and - everyone born with Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975.


Uranus in Taurus - 15th May 2018 => 8th November 2018 - and - 6th March 2019 => May 2025 - will affect - all SunSign Taurus, Sun Sign Scorpio's - anyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio - and - everyone born with Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981.


Uranus in Taurus - 15th May 2018 => 8th November 2018 - and - 6th March 2019 => May 2025 - will affect - all SunSign Taurus, Sun Sign Scorpio's - anyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio - and - everyone born with Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981. And the magical healing quality of Uranus - will be very powerful for -- all readers born between 1956 => 1970 with Neptune in Scorpio being energized by attraction of Uranus in Taurus.


And before some of you start to PANIC - don't - I will tell you the truth - this website was created thanks to my Midlifecrisis - Uranus ensured I did something that not only makes my life exciting - but yours too !


And as each of you who've been through Uranus oppositions - and - as each of you are about to go through it - it will create GREAT and UNEXPECTED GOOD things in your life. Uranus will create GOOD - because - it eliminates and ensures you get set-free from anything BAD.


It's like beginning a NEW life without technically having to die - although - Uranus is the catalyst which makes you feel like you're dead and prevents you from continuing to live a dead-boring life - and - is the reason why you are set-free to live a NEW meaningful life.



Uranus in each of the star signs


Uranus in Cancer - September 1948 => June 1956

Uranus in Leo - August 1955 => August 1962

Uranus in Virgo - November 1961 => September 1968

Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975

Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981 - affected everyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio

Uranus in Sagittarius - November 1981 => November 1988 - affected everyone with planets in Gemini & Sagittarius

Uranus in Capricorn - February 1988 => January 1996 - affected everyone with planets in Cancer & Capricorn

Uranus in Aquarius - January 1996 => March 2003 - affected everyone with planets in Leo & Aquarius

Uranus in Pisces - March 2003 => March 2011 - affected everyone with planets in Virgo & Pisces

Uranus in Aries - March 2011 => May 2018 - affected everyone with planets in Libra & Aries

Uranus in Taurus - [15th May => 8th Nov 2018] & 6th March 2019 => July 2025 - will affect everyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio


Let me give you a quick lesson on Uranus - look at your own astrological chart - and - see which transit since 1975 created the UNEXPECTED SHOCK and SURPRISE in your life.


Uranus creates a BIG unexpected surprise and sudden change to what you assumed logically would happen. Uranus puts your life on a new and different pathway. A pathway that defines FREEDOM and being LIBERATED from a dead-end. Compare the above dates - and - see that it works.


Whilst it does define other planets - the biggest Uranus changes comes - when Uranus opposes your natal Uranus - when Uranus opposes your SunSign - when Uranus opposes your MoonSign - or - when Uranus opposes any of your planets.


Oppositions always ensures YOU do something dramatic and YOU do something to change your life pathway in sync with what's right for you - whilst - when Uranus conjunctions to any of your planets - it makes you magnetically attractive to be noticed and recognized by "other" people.


Uranus conjunctions makes you receive from others and receive from life to better improve your life by bringing something unexpected and positively good into your life - in the form of - sudden help - that life wants to help you - as a way of saying THANK YOU.


Uranus creates disconnections to negative people in your life who aren't appreciating you - because they're not grateful for what you do for them. Uranus creates connections to positive people who are enchanted with you and will appreciate you. Hence, the midlifecrisis of Uranus - ensures - divorces from ungrateful partners to ensure you get connected to someone who loves and appreciates you.



Freedom - Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus is the planet that creates Freedom from negativity by liberating you from the source of your pain

Mid-Life-Crisis for some readers - and - Exciting Beginnings of Freedom for everyone else !


Whatever is the reason why you feel "trapped" and "depressed" will vanish and drop-dead - with Uranus in Taurus from 6th March 2019 - because of Mars in Taurus from 15th February => 31st March 2019.


It's going to be extra-ordinary - and - remarkable - as there will be no more tolerance for "negative" situations anymore - anything that's been hurting you so much - especially any intolerable pain in the past 7 years - will be changed - because life will divorce and detach you from "it".


Uranus in Taurus - says - there is no such thing as COHESION or MAGNETISM to anything you hate, dislike, negative or have complained about. Uranus in Taurus will be setting everyone free from whatever you hate. Hateful words and hateful thoughts merely define you don't want it in your life - so - Uranus sets you free from it.


Let me give you an example - a grumpy man who complains about his wife - Uranus in Taurus means she will leave him; a moaning and nagging wife who complains about her husband - Uranus in Taurus means he will leave her.


Uranus in Taurus - means - the positive person will no longer tolerate nor be connected to someone negative. Whilst many relationships are created by destiny - divorces are creating because people are UNGRATEFUL - divorces are created because of bombardment day-after-day of negativity - that Uranus defines it must END.


Uranus changes star signs every 7 years - so - every negative situation changes every 7 years - Uranus in Taurus will be making things happen very quickly. Because unlike Uranus in Aries - Uranus in Taurus is TRUTHFUL and has the purpose to eliminate INSTABILITY - to create the foundation of STABILITY.



Taurus defines Your Instincts of Desire

You'll never complain about anything you love

The truth is humans like to complain - complaining is another way of saying - you don't want it in your life


When people complain about the "weather" - they're saying they want better "weather". When people complain about any facet of life - they're saying they don't want the life they've got. They're emitting negativity to the world that they want a change. So Uranus listens and prepares to make a change. People who truthfully love the gift of life - never waste energy complaining about anything.


During the past 7 years - you've had something in your life that you don't want anymore - whatever "it" is - you've been thinking about it because Uranus in Aries has made you think about "it" - you've decided - you can't take "it" anymore in your life - the request for change has been sent - Uranus in Taurus will be the answer.


If your request is NEGATIVE - then the manifestation is LOOSING "it". If your request is POSITIVE - then the manifestation is achieving "it". Uranus is simple - Uranus sets people free from negativity - Uranus gets people attached to whatever is your positive desire and definition of FREEDOM for you.


Hence, the moment Uranus enters Taurus - Taurus energies are activated. Let me explain - when you instinctively get attracted to something - it doesn't need words to attract you - your INNER feelings make you desire it.


When you go shopping - whilst the background music is putting you in a good mood - and - whilst the glitzy razzle-dazzle of lights are getting you in the right mood - it is the INVISIBLE energies that are attracting you to desire whatever it is you want to buy. [Which sometime gets ruined when as sales-people open their mouths!].


The invisible Taurus energies are POSITIVE DESIRES - Taurus doesn't do negative - Taurus doesn't get attracted or turned-on by anything negative - Taurus is the alluring attraction that gets you to be connected to whoever life wants you to be connected to.


Taurus instincts of magnetic attraction - means - that you FEEL it from within you - because there's a vibrational energy of excitement that is turning-you-on. It might begin as a "thought" that you want to go-out shopping - or - want to go looking for something - but Taurus ensures you get-moving towards "it".


Likewise - people looking at you - people wanting you - are FEELING something about you. That's the power of destiny creating connections and cohesion to everything life wants you to be connected to. In essence it is THOUGHT energy from within you.



Taurus creates thoughts of Cohesion


Cohesion means your instinctive thoughts are loving "it" - you're connected to "it" because "it" is connected to you. When you're constantly thinking of how much you love "it" - then - you're thoughts are connecting you to "it". People who think of how much they hate "it" - are creating disconnections to "it".


It's quite simple - there's an expression - "you are whatever your thinking about" - and - provided your thoughts are energies of DESIRE and LOVE towards whatever you're thinking about - then it will have profound positive results with Sun in Taurus.


You're reading this astrology to be empowered by wisdom - to know how to use the astrological energies wisely - and this is all you need to know - THINK ENERGIES OF DESIRE - of what you WANT in your life - and - it will come to you.


Conversely, you'll notice stupid people who will be moaning and complaining - and self-destructively ruining their lives - as stupid people will be using their minds to emit hate that they don't like this and don't like that - and you'll see them creating their own problems.


All you have to do is be HONEST within yourself and your thoughts - THINK ENERGIES OF DESIRE - of what you WANT in your life and what you LOVE about your life. The more you THINK of what you LOVE - the more it will be part of your life.


For example, in relationships - love the people you want in your life; in business - love the money you'll earn to buy things you want; in career - love the job you do because it makes you feel alive; in home - love where you live; and for ambition - desire and love - whatever you want in your future.



Uranus in Taurus will unlock the Truth

"Instinctive actions will be speaking louder than words" - "The truth will set you free"


How many times have you heard people say - "I hate him - I hate her - I will never do that - I will never go there" - and - then they end-up doing it. Everything that most immature people say is their instincts saying it. They don't truthfully mean it.


They put negative thoughts - angry thoughts - obsessive thoughts directed at others - because - they want "it" - they want to be connected to "it". And because they can't have "it" and can't be connected to "it" in a positive way - they say it and talk about it in an angry way and negative way.


The only reason people talk about whatever they talk about is because they feel talking about it - gets them connected - makes them feel connected. For the truth is - if you didn't careless about "it" - you wouldn't waste your time talking about "it".


Uranus in Taurus is going to be full of shocks and surprises - as - things you said you'd never do - you will be doing - if your natural instinct will make you do them - because not doing whatever your nature wants you to do will be too painful.


When we talk "Uranus in Taurus" energies of cohesion - for many people - it will define "SEX" - the stimulating and liberating energy of having healthy SEXUAL relationship. And it's something you can't stop from happening - you will want whoever life will make you want - and - they'll want you too.


Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Due to all these outer planets in sync with each other - there's no more battles - it's all going to be easy - natural - healthy - truthful - and - SYSTEM RESTORE to being the healthy person you're supposed to be.


Due to all these outer planets in sync with each other - there's no more battles - it's all going to be easy - natural - healthy - truthful - and - SYSTEM RESTORE to being the healthy person you're supposed to be.


For many people - it will make the past 7 years completely vanish - as if it didn't exist - especially the painful moments - and - things that you did which were simply "wrong". Uranus in Aries - created both instability and stability - but - now Uranus in Taurus will eliminate all instability because it will eliminate all "lies" and anything that's simply "wrong" for you.


The good news is instinctively you'll be attracted to everything and everyone that's "right" for you. And as you see - Uranus doesn't judge anyone - Uranus defines what's "right" and "wrong" for you.


The ex's might be good people - but - your ex's aren't good for you. The job you had might be a good job - but - no longer good for you. The home you've lived in might have been a good home - but - no linger good for you.


Uranus in Taurus doesn't complain or judge - Uranus in Taurus ACCEPTS the truth - Uranus doesn't fight or battle - and - there's a huge difference - because - it is ACCEPTANCE that liberates and sets people FREE.


When couples divorce with ACCEPTANCE and move-onto someone new. When you leave the home you've lived in - or - sold the automobile you've been driving - you do so - with - ACCEPTANCE and TRUE HAPPINESS - because - hopefully - you've found something truly 100% RIGHT-FOR-YOU.


Depending on you - depending on your circumstances - depending on your astrological chart is when Uranus in Taurus will be unlocking it's magic - but - everyone will be seeing MAJOR changes - thanks to Uranus in Taurus - between 6th March => 31st March 2019.


Then - Uranus in Taurus will become truly STRONG and POWERRFUL between 14th April => 30th April 2019 - with a MAJOR - life-changing real-life result that will eliminate all instability from your lives - as you find the TRUTH - as you live the TRUTH - as you become "HAPPY to be YOURSELF" - living your destined destiny.


I've added the important word - INSTINCTIVE - "Instinctive actions will be speaking louder than words" - because it will be instinctive impulsive actions that will happen - when you do instinctively and suddenly whatever life wants you to do.


Cohesion and relationships - connections and disconnections - are all - "Instinctive" - the Taurus animal-instinct ensures irrespective of logic and intelligence - that - you do what life wants you to do - and - when you do it with Uranus in Taurus - immediately it will unlock lots of positive energy and with it SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.





7th March: Sun 16° Pisces conjunct Neptune 16° Pisces

9th March: Sun 18° Pisces sextiles Saturn 18° Capricorn

13th March: Sun 22° Pisces sextiles Pluto 22° Capricorn

14th March: Sun 23° Pisces squares Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

14th March: Mars 18° Taurus trines Saturn 18° Capricorn

15th March: Sun 24° Pisces conjunct Mercury [retrograde] 24° Pisces

16th March: Mercury [retrograde] 23° Pisces squares Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

20th March: Mars 22° Taurus trines Pluto 22° Capricorn



Sun in Pisces will ensure you find yourself - understand yourself - and - accept yourself. "Acceptance" & "rejection" are important facets of knowing who you are and where you belong - as I'm sure you've experienced in the rebound of love - after being rejected someone - and - being loved by someone new - someone who is kind, honest, sincere, compassionate and destined for you.


Either people will accept and love you for you being yourself - or not - but you can't hide from who you are - and - no-one can deny your existence either. Hence, like everyone of you who are experiencing karmic changes in 2019 and 2020 - the way you'll achieve your destined destiny is by being honest with yourself - and - seeing which direction life takes you - amongst people who "accept" and "love" your for being you.


Sun in Pisces - leads to - Sun in Aries - when after accepting and understanding yourself - you're ready - to be the best version of yourself - as we all head into the New Zodiac Year - 2019 - 2020 - a powerful life-changing karmic zodiac year for everyone of every StarSign.




Audio for - Sun in Aries 20th/21st March 2019

"Introduction to the New Zodiac Year"

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Sun in Aries - The New Zodiac Year

Major Once-in-a-Lifetime Changes Coming

Truth will redefine you life - and - "it" will be once-in-a-lifetime - which will be "healing" you

Depending on how much deception and instability is in your life - defines how big the changes will be

Depending on how much you need correcting to be put back on-course will define the changes


Aries - the 1st StarSign of the Zodiac defines - NEW beginnings. Sun in Aries will immediately create a Full Moon in Libra - will be a remarkable beginning to the Zodiac New Year - which promises to be life-changing for everyone of every StarSign.


Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Sun in Aries will be illuminating it's power on all the planets - most significantly you will be feeling and seeing in real life the fullness and true meaning of 3 major changes in your life - and - it will all just "happen" by coincidences to show you that life hasn't forgotten you.


[1] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] defining something BIG that fills your life with excitement and optimism for your future - the combination of Sun in Aries [Fire Sign] & Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - means - you'll know the meaning of Jupiter. Repeat cycles will be like it was in 2007 - 1995 - 1983. Whilst this began in December 2018 - the true realization will be seen 100% clearly in March/April 2019.


[2] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] defining something truly DESTINED for you - something that creates stability in your life - like your loving relationships - like you job/career - like your home - like your destined purpose of life. Even if you've not been "yourself" for the past 7-12-24 years - Saturn will be making MAJOR life-changing changes happen. Ensuring you meet your destiny. Whilst this began in January 2018 - the true realization for many people will be seen clearly during March/April 2019.


[3] Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] & Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - ahead of the Sun in Aries [Fire Sign] - means - no matter what - you're headed towards your "future". Even if you believed nothing will ever change in your life - Sun in Aries from 20th March - in fact - from 6th March 2019 when Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] combined with Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] - you'll already be seeing your future begin from 15th February 2019.


Whenever you doubt the "future" - whenever you have moments of depression - whenever you don't believe that things can ever change - then - somehow or another - destiny makes things change.


During the past 7 years - since 2011 - everyone has had time which entered "dead-zone" and "nothing-happened" - now - everyone is being awakened and everyone will be coming alive - life will make you look-forwards to the "future" and will somehow or another - get you back to normal - to being the person you were born to be.


20th/21st March: Sun enters Aries

20th/21st March: Full Moon in 0° Libra

21st March: Venus 23° Aquarius squares Mars 23° Taurus

21st March: Venus 23° Aquarius sextiles Jupiter 23° Sagittarius

29th March: Mercury direct 16° Pisces

31st March: Mars enters Gemini





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