The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 22nd August 2016

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2016


Audio Version - "This Weeks Astrology" - 24th => 31st July 2016

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Predictions for Each of the 12 Star Signs

The important astrological aspects will be explained for each of the 12 star signs :-

Sun in Leo | Mercury in Leo | Venus in Leo | Mars in Scorpio | Mars in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Virgo | Saturn in Sagittarius | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces | Pluto in Capricorn



22nd July: Sun enters Leo
27th July: Mercury 24° Leo trine Uranus 24° Aries
29th July: Mercury 28° Leo square Mars 28° Scorpio
29th July: Uranus stationary retrograde at 24° Aries

29th July: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "turnaround"
30th July: Mercury enters Virgo


1st August: Sun 9° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 9° Sagittarius

1st August: Venus 24° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries

2nd August: New Moon at 11° Leo

2nd August: Mars enters Sagittarius

5th August: Venus enters Virgo

12th August: Saturn goes direct 9°47' Sagittarius date-with-destiny - "turnaround"

16th August: Sun 24° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries

18th August: Full Moon at 26° Aquarius


22nd August: Sun enters Virgo

22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo

30th August: Venus enters Libra

9th September: Jupiter enters Libra

12th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future begins"


Introduction to Sun in Leo - July & August 2016

The "Fire" and excitement will be very strong !


Sun enters Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Virgo [Earth Sign] Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


If you're looking ahead and wondering what's coming in Sun in Leo - then be warned - there's going to be lots of of activity, heat, passion, excitement and love - defined by RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PEOPLE - both dumping and ending bad relationships & strengthening and beginning new relationships.


You will only be able to avoid it - if you're dead - but anyone and everyone who is alive - will not be able to avoid the vibrancy and destined destiny of what will be happening. Sun in Leo in July & August 2016 will define exactly WHY you're alive. Sun in Leo will ensure you're connected to whoever you're destined to be connected to - do whatever you're destined to be doing - and most importantly - you will be doing it because you LOVE whatever "it" is you will be doing.


12th July => 5th August 2016: Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

14th July => 30th July 2016: Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign]

22nd July => 22nd August 2016: Sun in Leo [Fire Sign]

2nd August => 27th September 2016: Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

12th August 2016: Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]


Sun in Leo, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius

Lively, exciting, aliveness, optimism and good luck returns for "all"


Everything and everyone resonates to the 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER - You can only have peaceful harmony in your aura when you're resonating with ALL the 4 Elements - each creates an essential component to your existence.


Even of you're not a "fire" sign and even if you don't have any planets in "fire" signs - you still have the "FIRE" within you - that can be ignited when life needs it to be ignited. The astrological reason why many of us get excited, desire and want things in our lives is because we get the FIRE of desire to want it. The inexplicable way in which you come ALIVE from within yourself is defining the FIRE in your aura.


The astrological energies of FIRE - means that without even speaking or communicating - you feel the FIRE of positive energies from within you and it makes you want whatever life wants you to want. FIRE ensures that can't ignore the source of the FIRE. That's exactly why I've defined Saturn in FIRE sign of Sagittarius for 2016 & 2017 - that you will get FIRED up to be connected to whoever it is that destiny wants you to be connected to.


The transit of planets in fire signs - especially in Leo will FIRE you up to want whatever and whoever it is that life wants you to want and that's why I can predict Sun in Leo will be positively vibrant - especially for all who've been missing something in the past few weeks.


Sun in Leo [Fire sign], Mercury in Leo [Fire sign], Venus in Leo [Fire sign], Mars in Sagittarius [Fire sign], Saturn in Sagittarius [Fire sign] and Uranus in Aries [Fire sign] - that means - inner and outer planets in [Fire sign], - will be creating the ability to make things happen - defined by making you and other people in your life - EXCITED and FIRED-UP from within to want things, to change things and to be compelled to do whatever the source of your exciting energies define.


It's been a long time since we've had 6 planets in fire signs - and it will be an enjoyable month of Sun in Leo - as it will show you that all you need is to feel the FIRE from within you - and then you know anything can happen. The only people who hate planets in fire signs are dead-boring lazy people - because "they" want a dead-boring life - but the invisible fire-energy will make everyone restless - it will make people do things - search for things - because doing NOTHING isn't an option.


More than likely - you might already have certain things or ideas in your head, you might already know the people and things that life wants you to want - but now the - Saturn & Mars in Sagittarius - trine to and combined with - Sun, Mercury & Venus in Leo - will ensure the connections are strengthened with vibrancy and the reconnections are made.


Fire signs are NOT selfish energies - because Fire needs other people to share the warmth and vibrancy - hence that's why people will be making connections with other people - in search for the vibrancy. Saturn in Sagittarius will need the RIGHT people and things to energize you. When you find what and who it is - then you'll find the RIGHT energy - but until you find it and get it - you might get a bit annoyed and impatient.


Summer of Many Changes, Vibrancy and Love

Sun in Leo 22nd July => 23rd August 2016 - will create many changes - fast moving and constantly changeable

With a new stability emerging and forming in your life defined by Saturn going direct on 12th August 2016


Rarely is Sun in Leo defined as down-to-earth stability - but this year - each and everyone will find stability in appreciating what you have instead of pursuing meaningless nonsense that you'll never need. This doesn't mean it's going to be dull and boring - to the contrary - it will be an exceptionally STRONG, busy and vibrant transit - in more ways than one.


Sun in Leo - is going to channel everything that is right for you to come into your life. This journey began with the Zodiac New Year in March 2016 - in fact it really began in September 2015 when Saturn enters Fire sign of Sagittarius - you've seen this year has been like no other year you can remember - and during Sun in Leo - it's going to THRUST huge amounts of energy into your life - what you do with it - depends on your star sign and what phase of life you're up to - but it's going to create CHANGE.


I always call - Sun in Leo - the falling-in-love month OR the heart-attack month - that's because when you have STRONG energies - life makes you do something with all the energy - DOING NOTHING or BEING ALONE is NOT AN OPTION - so if you're traditionally lazy and lonely - then be careful - because Sun in Leo will burst the blood vessels - especially if you're not using all the energy LOVING someone - as Sun in Leo wants you to SHARE your life with someone and wants you to be busy doing whatever it is that you naturally love doing. Sun in Leo makes it restless for anyone who isn't using the energies you've been given.


Now - I know some of you will laugh at Sun in Leo - being called the heart-attack month - but the truth is people who don't LOVE anyone - who don't LOVE anything in life - have a BIG problem with their hearts - because life is a gift - and the center of your physical existence is your HEART - the positive emotions that drives your body and keeps you ALIVE. Loving anyone, loving anything in life and feeling your LOVE for "it" is the BEST gift of life. You can't lie to yourself - and Sun in Leo - will be opening everyone's heart-up to LOVE "someone" or something !


The Invisible Energies of "Love & Warmth"

Stop being "invisible" and become "real"


By now - each of you should realize that there's something INVISIBLE that makes things happen in your life. Some days you wake-up full of life - full of optimism - full of inner excitement - whilst other days you wake-up and feel empty. Neither is logical - and yet - your own premonition and attitude - makes a difference to what happen.


But even if you wake-up assuming nothing is going to happen - by "coincidence" - you meet someone or hear from someone - and the energy of someone else in your life makes you suddenly feel so much better. The "other" person has UNLOCKED something inside you - to make you be a different version of yourself - a happier version of yourself - a better version of yourself - a more enjoyable version of yourself - and a version of yourself - that YOU LOVE and OTHERS LOVE too !


Astrologically, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Leo with Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius and with Uranus in Aries - all these 6 planets in fire signs - energized by the Sun - at the center of our solar system - means Sun in Leo - is going to energize your life - by relationships with OTHER people. The good side to Sun in Leo - is the people you like - the people you love - even places, things and work that you love - will all be manifestations what life wants for you.


Even if people have been "cold" to you - even if life has been dull, quiet and boring in the past few months - during Sun in Leo - that all changes. Hence - if you love people in your life and if you love life - then Sun in Leo is going to be FANTASTIC. That's because Sun in Leo reveals the TRUTH.


In relationships - initially you get a "good" feeling - it's invisible in it's essence - but it an inexplicable warmth that makes feel - there's something there - THEN - comes a moments when the invisible feelings become REAL and STRONG - when you touch each other , hug or kiss - that's when you feel "it" - "it" then becomes part of you. The catalyst to make something NEW become part of your life - will be Sun in Leo.


"It" will be a loving relationship - even a relationship in your life that becomes STRONG and REAL - and I'm not just talking about your "love" - but it could be any type of platonic, family or even business relationship - all people in your life - are in your life for a REASON - there's a STRONG bond that keeps you attached.


You work, live and exist because of other people in your life - you make decisions - because of wanting to be with the people in your life. They" make you feel alive and "they" give you life - as you give them life. You're probably living where you're living and working where you're working - because of PEOPLE - who made it happen and who make you feel "right" about life.


Whatever decisions you're about to make - whatever events are about to happen during - Sun in Leo - will make you make them because of PEOPLE - with a STRONG attractive affinity for wherever and whatever you're doing with your life.


The negative downside is - if you've got NO-ONE in your life - then Sun in Leo - will make you exceedingly frustrated - until you FIND someone or FIND something that you "enjoy and love". Sun in Leo - wants you to do whatever it is you LOVE doing - with the PEOPLE you LOVE the most. It will make Sun in Leo - one of the best summer's ever.


You can't have it being ALONE - the invisible energies of LOVE and WARMTH - needs you to - get-out and be amongst other people - don't go through the drive-thru at KFC or Starbucks - get-out and sit-inside amongst people. When you walk in the street - don't think "too many people" - think - "so nice to see so many people".


It is clear from the astrological charts - that Sun in Leo - will be ensuring you OPEN your lives to others - and when you realize it is OTHER people that makes your life happier and successful - you'll want to be amongst others more often.


In the ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love @ - I've explained that to make anything happen in this world - you need SOMEONE else in your life - the bond of LOVE with someone else - creates something from nothing. WHO that person is - WHO the people are - will be clear to you during Sun in Leo - and will probably be a BIG surprise to some of you too - as they want you - more than you want them.


Summer of Love - the importance of Sun in Leo

You can't lie to yourself - what and who you love


Sun in Leo in 2016 - this vibrant positive month of the year will be a breakthrough for almost everyone - Sun in Leo - defines creating something from nothing via the energy you feel via other people in your life. Indeed, everything good you'll ever do in your life is always created via your connection to other people - people who create "warmth & fire" with you.


"You either feel a warmth or you don't - you can't make yourself get "fired-up" and excited !"


The invisible astrological energies of "Fire" signs give people the energy to want something and give you the excitement about whatever life wants you to be excited about. Whenever you get the "fire" energy from within you - you can't do "nothing" - you get compelled to want to do something. What "it" is - is defined by destiny.


There's an important facet of "Fire" signs and that's if you have to get-away from bad people and bad situations - the positive energy of "Fire" gives you the courage, the strength and vitality to get-away. Leo is the LION - the power and strength will be given to you - so that you do whatever you feel you must do and accomplish whatever you feel you must accomplish in your life.


The best facet of Leo is truth - you can't lie to yourself - what and who you LOVE is defined as a destined and karmic truth to you - whilst simultaneously - what and who you HATE is also defined as a destined and karmic truth to you. Both positive and negative emotions of LOVE and HATE - define what you do, why you do it and ensure you do whatever your destiny wants you to do.


When it comes to "destiny" - none of us can choose who we love and who we feel nothing. When destiny gives people the strong feelings then that's "destiny" - when destiny takes-away the feelings - that too is "destiny". But as you will see - EVERYONE will be feeling STRONG feelings towards "someone" or "something" during Sun in Leo.



3 Big Events that will change all your lives

[1] Mars in Sagittarius [2] Saturn direct in Sagittarius

& [3] Jupiter moves from 20° => 28° Virgo

Jupiter moves from 20° => 28° Virgo - with outer planets of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in retrograde means "real life" success


Sun in Leo is going to affect everyone differently - for some star signs - Jupiter moving from 20° => 28° Virgo will be the BIG change

For other star signs Saturn going direct in Sagittarius with Mars in Sagittarius will be your strength and destiny

And for the vast majority of people - BOTH Jupiter & Saturn - will create BIG changes for everyone


Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system

moves from 20° => 28° Virgo


Between 22nd July => 31st August 2016 - Jupiter moves from 20° => 28° Virgo - that's BIG for Everyone. I won't need to explain much for Jupiter in Virgo - other than say - each and everyone of you will be experiencing something BIG in your lives. The purpose of which will be to end a phase of your life that's been defined by the past 6 years.


You see - the zodiac is split into 2 halves - Aries => Virgo & Libra => Pisces. Part I began Jupiter entered Aries in 2010 - Part II begins when Jupiter enters Libra on 9th September 2016 - to begin a new phase for everyone. Hence, everything that needs fixing and ending to complete the 1st half will be completed and ended by 9th September.


Everything that is no longer going to be part of your future - will need to be removed from your life. And because Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system - it means it will be something BIG for everyone. The best facet of Jupiter in Virgo - will be ensuring you don't do anything "stupid" - all decisions you make will be correct - because - each decision will immediately unlock "success".


Let me compare Jupiter in Virgo - to a car/automobile mechanic - who fixes your automobile - Virgo ensures you see the problem - and whilst it hurts to see the problems - because it prevents you from moving-forwards. When you find what needs fixing - fixing it will immediately ensure - your life gets moving. And the mere fact that Jupiter moves from 20° => 28° Virgo - means - fixing "it" will be essential - then immediately it's fixed - "it" will move BIG things quickly - and suddenly unlock "success".


Appreciating the gift of life and people in your life

Sun in Leo will affect each star sign differently

Therefore I will explain Sun in Leo on each of the weekly predictions for each of the 12 star signs

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces


Sun in Leo - due to [1] Mars in Sagittarius [2] Saturn direct in Sagittarius & [3] Jupiter moves from 20° => 28° Virgo - means that something BIG is going to be changing for everyone. You see - Sun in Fire Sign of Leo - always creates change because it is a month when it's impossible to do nothing.


This year - Sun in Leo - combined with 3 major changes in outer planets - means something BIGGER than usual. Which for those of you who love changes then you'll love Sun in Leo - for those of you who hate changes - then Sun in Leo is going to be a challenging battle.


Because the truth is "life" can't stay the same - "life" is a continuous journey - and if your life has been stuck and stagnant - then destiny will be saying - it's time for changes. The biggest change is to appreciate and love the gift of life and to love the people in your life.


You see - there are TWO types of changes - external changes that impose their energies on our lives - and - internal changes that force you to change your minds - either way - "change" always influences your mind and thoughts. Hence, when you live with a love of life - gratitude for the gift of life - then your mind is prepared for everything. For I've often said we are all living on borrowed time - knowing this - means you will appreciate every moment of every day - like a gift of life that it truly is.


Sun in Leo 22nd July => 23rd August 2016

A Window of Opportunity for all ...

Good karma means "Love heals - Hate kills"

This is the month when you can change your destiny - irrespective of your astrological chart and what psychics said to you


Have you ever noticed that so many times when you read astrological predictions or attempt to understand your own astrological chart - that you never get what is predicted at the time your supposed to get it ? Have you ever had a psychic reading and then nothing comes true ? [I'm not referring to the fake psychics who can't even predict their own future - but even the predictions of genuine psychics and good gipsy's].


That's because potentially "it" could all have happened - but got blocked because of bad karma, anger and negativity - or - quite simply you missed your destined opportunities. Sometimes that can happen because of the KARMIC override button - OR - because you blocked or destroyed your destiny - either because you're in the wrong place and/or connected to the wrong people.


Indeed, how many times have you felt that because you're connected to "someone" negative that they're blocking your potential - and - everything goes wrong. On this point - I say - it's always better to be alone than connected with the wrong people.


From the Karmic Full Moon in Capricorn on 19th July 2016 and then continued even stronger during Sun in Leo from 22nd July => 22nd August 2016 - will create a window of opportunity to live your own destiny. BUT - and it's an important BUT - so listen carefully - Sun in Leo energies define you must be positive and loving whoever you love - you can't allow yourself to be hateful or angry or love no -one..


You see POSITIVE KARMA is created when you're positive and loving and connected to OTHER PEOPLE - but NEGATIVE KARMA is created when you're hateful, jealous, angry and not loving anyone - during Sun in Leo from 22nd July => 22nd August 2016 - whatever people are on the inside will be exuding on the outside.


Hence all the karmic conflicts in the world will either EXPLODE into the evil of war and death - whereas all people with good souls will EXPAND into becoming even better people. It is a month when you'll see clearly - all kinds of people for what they truly are.


Indeed, it's the reason why many spiritual people are predicting the changes and window of karmic opportunities in the 45 days - between 29th July 2016: Karmic Clarity - which I define as date-with-destiny - "turnaround" for good people and 12th September 2016: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - when "the future has arrived and begins a new phase in your lives".


The power of OVERIDE from your own astrological chart means all you have to do is LOVE the GIFT of LIFE - and - LOVE all the people in your life in the 45 days - between 29th July and 12th September 2016 - and don't create any negative bad karma in the world with the positive energies you're given.


Then irrespective of your own astrological chart - you can overcome and get something you never expected to happen - because GOOD KARMA of positive vibes in your aura will make you unexpectedly LUCKY.



Sun in Leo 22nd July => 23rd August 2016

Months Astrological Events Explained


22nd July: Sun enters Leo - 10:30am UK - 11:30am Europe - 5:30am USA EST - 4pm India - 9:30pm Sydney, Australia - immediately Sun enters Leo - life will HIT you - you'll feel it - so clearly and so strongly that will shock and surprise you - that's because Sun is the ruler of star sign of Leo - and Sun constantly in Leo for the next 30 days - means a STRONG LIGHT and HEAT will be turned-on in your life.


It will SURPRISE - everyone - because until you feel excited by something or someone - you won't realize - who or what it is - but as soon as you are excited and fired-up with a surge of energy from WITHIN you - you will "Know" that Sun has entered Leo. Depending on your star sign - between 22nd => 29th July 2016 - it will HIT you - what you want - what does it for you - who you want - who excites you and who you must have in your life.


Now - according to your age and phase in your life this year's Sun in Leo will affect you differently - especially for everyone under the age of 29 - "it" will be a hot sexual infatuation - someone you've become attracted to - and can't wait any longer to be with - Sun in Leo - will be a month of a HOT and STEAMY affair.


Then everyone between the age of 42 and 62 - you too - will be falling in love with someone new or even want someone from the past "again" - and hence if you're in a boring relationship - Sun in Leo - will ensure you end "it" or bring "it" back to life again.


However, everyone between ages of 30=> 55 - you will BREAK-FREE of any negative relationship and won't care about breaking the rules - because you've had enough of boring relationship - and a sense of "heated" urgency - will make you feel - if you don't do something BIG with your life now - then you never will.


I must add a point for all CREATIVE people - people with websites and people who love feeling the aliveness of creativity - then your passion and love from within will be fired-up in order for you to CREATE something NEW for the benefit of many people - the SURGE in energies during Sun in Leo - will be very powerful for you.



27th July: Mercury 24° Leo trine Uranus 24° Aries
29th July: Mercury 28° Leo square Mars 28° Scorpio

29th July: Uranus stationary retrograde at 24° Aries - I've often defined the powerful communicative energies of the internet by the energy of planet Uranus - as it creates something UNEXPECTED and SUDDENLY from anywhere in the world. The true Uranus in Aries energies are POSITIVE. Indeed the "internet" means you can get an email from Australia, India, USA or Europe - each will give you an ENERGY - depending what the email is - and depending who it is from - and what they say to you - will define how you receive it.


Planet Uranus - also defines SEX - as it is a BOOST of positive energy - that lasts a few minutes for some - but can keep relationships alive for weeks, months and years. Since Uranus entered Aries - in March 2011 - it began a new cycle - where everything PRIOR to March 2011 is the past - experiences that are now all dead-and-buried - AND - everything after March 2011 - is the present leading to the future. Uranus which defines sexual loving relationships, business and the internet - takes time to mature - you don't realize - what's happening until you have TIME to think, reflect and understand.


During the next 6 months of the long Uranus retrograde - you'll have time to think about your relationship to the internet - and you might even dump some internet habits - and replace them with REAL life. And for people - like me - who have internet businesses - from now and until 26th December 2016 - you'll have time to review and think about what you've done - and decide whether it's worth all the effort - or simply to streamline what you do - quality is always better than quantity.


Uranus retrograde in Aries - will effect everyone with websites and online business - and that is the desire to want to create something NEW on the internet is driven by Uranus going direct in Aries - therefore between now and end of December 2016 - you won't want to do anything NEW. You'll be happy with what you've done - happy with what you've created and happy to let it be as it is.


During the retrograde - you might want to go-over and refine what you've done - but the impetus to create anything NEW on the internet will vanish - so if you've not started it and don't have it up-and-running by 26th July 2016 - then you'll change your mind from the whole idea and drop the project until January 2017.


Something BIG for everyone

It's the month that's going to transform your life - making it an unforgettable Sun in Leo - for 3 specific groups ...

All readers born between 1948 => 1960 | all readers born between 1971 => 1988 | all readers born after 1981


[1] All readers born between 1948 => 1962 - due to your Uranus in Leo and/or Pluto in Leo in your birthchart - means something BIG, UNEXPECTED and SURPRISING will be happening in your lives between 22nd July and 22nd August 2016 - for you it is life-changing - much more than others.

To understand this - you have to accept that gift of life is precious - don't waste your time and energy on the "past" - let-go of the "past" and don't worry - your life is transforming to a new phase - but - if you don't let-go quickly and move-on - then life will force you to let go - and that might be painful. Remember you only live to love and to be loved - don't you? Don't waste your time on the other nonsense.


[2] All readers born between 1971 => 1988 - due to your Uranus in Libra and/or Pluto in Libra in your birthchart - means you too - will be getting opportunity for BIG changes - except - it you won't be forced to change - you can take the opportunity if you want. True Love will be knocking on your door - it's your choice to let it in or not. And if you let it in - it will change your life for the better - making you very lucky


[3] All readers born after 1981 - if you've never been in-love or if you've never had "sex" - then this year's Sun in Leo - will make you fall-in-love. Your heart will become OPEN to love - you'll desire and want - like you've never wanted before - that for some of you - will make you panic - because you've never felt this way before.

It will surprise you - what LOVE does to you - it shirks off the negativity and makes you feel alive like never before. It applies to everyone - but specifically to all readers born after 1981 - especially if you've never had sex or been in love - this Summer will be your 1st time - good luck!


[4] And not to forget - readers born PRIOR to 1948 - OR - between 1962 => 1971 - due to your Uranus in Virgo and/or Pluto in Virgo in your birthchart - you won't be neglected - because Jupiter moving in Virgo - will sort out and transform your life automatically. Most of you have probably been sensing it coming - so you're being remarkably relaxed about "life" - instead of getting anxious - keep being relaxed about life - and enjoy all the moments of Summer and the ice-cream too.



Due to the prophetic visions of spiritual psychics in Israel - I've added this paragraph about the 45 days they're defining ...

45 days between 29th July => 12th September 2016

The Cohesive forces of Love are greater than "hate"


29th July: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "turnaround" towards the future - towards a new phase of life - karmic choices ....

The Spiritual prophecies currently being talked about amongst spiritual circles - correlates to this astrological period of potential changes

A period when you can change your destiny - defined by the karma in your aura and in your soul.


Although astrologically I personally define it from the Full Moon of 19th July 2016 - I'd agree with the "other" spiritual psychics to predict both "turnaround" of fortune for all. You see when the world is filled with aura of doom and gloom, wars, negativity and selfishness - it's not good for anyone - hence over the past few years - there's begun a "turnaround" from darkness into light.


Even so - there's still darkness of selfishness present. Let me give you example - how many of us - think of the daily tragic loss of life of many people who've died in the past few years - how many of us - realize how lucky we are to be alive ? Unfortunately - last month's tragic events are forgotten - even last week's tragic events are forgotten - because many people are still "thinking" of themselves.


I believer the spiritual truth is that "tragic events" are messages for people to change their attitude to life - but because people don't change - therefore destiny is preparing to create events to change people from a "positive" method - via a STRONG desire to want to love.


You see - a single person who refuses to have a healthy relationship - eventually changes their attitude and changes their minds - because they'll get given the sexual urge and fired-up desires of love - which forces them to go-out and be connected to other people.


The purpose is to create greater COHESION for humanity - and - to ensure that NO-ONE is alone. Indeed - this is the karmic blessing of the internet - that everyone has the connectivity to other people. Even in countries where they're attempting to restrict internet access - it's impossible - that's because the COHESIVE STRENGTH of LOVE and GOOD RELATIONSHIPS is much stronger than the divisions created by "hate".


You see the cohesion that is created via love for other people is LIGHT - whereas discordant argumentative energies are individual selfish energies that are "dark" and "dead" energies. The strength of LIGHT always obliterates DARKNESS. Hence, a nasty argumentative person who is totally selfish - they're not looking to bring people together in unity - but an enlightened loveable and friendly people is always looking for ways to bring people together.


The internet is constantly looking for ways to bring people together - [like the popular fascinating brilliant invention of Pokemon-Go which is getting people out and about amongst other people] - whereas those "controlling" characters who are seeking to ban internet access and bad games - are merely trying to keep people disconnected and isolated. But the COHESIVE STRENGTH of GOOD PEOPLE and the gift of internet is much stronger than division.


Hence, and in sync with some of the prophetic visions of those good psychic Rabbis in Israel - I can see - due to Sun in Leo Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius that the cohesion of good people via bonds of LOVE and the result of everyone being connected to other people - and the collective COHESIVE STRENGTH of LOVE and GOOD RELATIONSHIPS - via the internet - will indeed create BIG destined changes. Indeed the cohesive strength of good people can even overthrow governments and make the great leaders change their minds as they listen to the strength of people.



30th July: Mercury enters Virgo - Mercury is moving FAST - in fact VERY FAST through Leo and now into Virgo - and soon into Libra. The luck that Mercury in Virgo will bring will mean that your mind will work FAST and become very clear - as the natural home star sign of Mercury is Virgo. Mercury in Virgo is able to make you FOCUS on what needs to be done - and gets you to do it - quickly. Nothing gets in the way - nothing blocks the flow of Mercury energy - and as quickly as you think it - you say it - and you do it - and just as quickly it gets a REAL result.


Mercury at home in Virgo and direct until 31st August 2016 - means the power of sensible, logical and clear-thinking communication will be restored to all your lives. You'll be able to THINK clearly and then immediately make things happen - by making good decisions. Mercury in Virgo will show you with clarity - a TRUTH - an important TRUTH you need to see in order to close a DOOR on nonsense - and which will simultaneously show you the correct pathway to your DESTINY.


For any of you - who need the energy to be right to write, email or express yourself - then Mercury in Virgo will ensure you get all the right words to say - what you want to say to all the right people - as you mind is "switched-on" to clear-thinking mode. Mercury is in it's natural home of Virgo - means your ability to think with logical clarity, make good decisions and solve all your problems because you're thinking again - is back.


Mercury is in it's natural home of Virgo - means that you're unlikely to make any stupid mistakes or doing anything stupid - and that's why - this weekend most people of every star sign will be in the mood to communicate - "no-one" will say anything stupid - in fact - you'll be surprised as you get the words out to say with clarity exactly what you want to say and who you want to say it too. The best facet is will knowing what you want - because Sun in Leo will make you want it - and Mercury in Virgo will ensure you communicate it directly to the world and "get" what you want.


1st August: Sun 9° Leo trines Saturn [retrograde] 9° Sagittarius

1st August: Venus 24° Leo trines Uranus [retrograde] 24° Aries


Whilst both the above aspects are exact on 1st August - the influence is throughout Sun in Leo - and will depend on when Sun in Leo - touches you - to ignite your life full of love, desires, wants and a need for connectivity to all your right relationships.



2nd August 2016 - Mars enters Sagittarius

Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius

Mars enters Sagittarius is a Big Day - Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius - forming trine - to Sun in Leo - and to Uranus in Aries


2nd August: Mars enters Sagittarius - Mars re-enters Sagittarius [back to when it reentered on 6th March 2016] - Mars belongs in a fire sign - Mars communicates to something WITHIN you - that generates energy to make you want to get-up and do something. Mars makes you want to EXPAND to be a better more loveable version of yourself.


Mars drives and motivates and Mars in Sagittarius combined with Saturn in Sagittarius - will ensure you're motivated and energized to want to do something because of the DESTINED people in your life - the people who inexplicably fire-you-up with life vitality.


None of us - knows why some people excite us - and why others do nothing for us - that's the invisible energy of destiny. But you can be sure that from now until 27th September 2016 - Mars in Sagittarius will awaken you to want to do something and change something in your life - out of love for someone you love. For someone that destined destiny makes you want to love - as they will be made to want to love you too. Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius will inexplicably make you come alive - for all the destined relationships in your life. And it will ensure you ignore anyone who destiny doesn't want you to be connected to.


Everyone and everything that's alive and destined to be in your life will be coming completely ALIVE and making themselves known to you. It will make everyone inexplicably attracted to everything and everyone "destiny" wants you to be attracted to. Mars will be in Sagittarius until 27th September 2016.


Mars in Sagittarius combined with Saturn in Sagittarius - is the reason why - all of you will have destined, vibrant, good, loving and life-giving two-way healthy relationships - even those of you - who've not met "love" for the past few years - will be falling madly in-love with life - and will become so happy you're alive - that you will probably actually feel you've become a completely different person. "You" will become the person you're destined to be - a person who lives for love in all your destined relationships and a person who loves life again.


Mars is the natural ruler of Aries - indeed Mars needs to be in a fire star sign to be ALIVE - and hence - Mars in Sagittarius means becoming vibrant and alive - Mars is often referred to as the masculine energy of determination of desiring and wanting something - Mars is the energy of creativity of creating something from nothing.


Hence Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius combines to ensure - you are given power and energy - via all your relationships - via the vibrant life-creating energy of LOVE for people in your life - that you will be ALIVE - more alive than you've been in 30 years - as the Saturn cycle is 29 year cycle - hence this is the 1st time in 30 years of BOTH Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius and it lasts until 27th September 2016. Combined with the trine to Uranus in Aries - This is the exact astrological reason - why I know it's going to be quite a month of unexpected changes for everyone. All defined by destined relationships and the invisible powerful bond of LOVE in relationships.



2nd August 2016 - New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo - Anything Can Happen

Literally everything and anything happens !

A New Moon of Unexpected Good Surprises - as the New Moon & Sun in Leo - trines - Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius

New Moon - 9pm UK - 10pm Europe - 4pm USA EST - [ Wednesday 1:30am India - 8am Sydney, Australia]

[ to be explained fully on Moon Astrology ]


2nd August: New Moon 11 ° Leo - all I want to say - is that in the same way each and everyone have been surprised by what's been happening in the past few weeks - you're all about to be even more surprised by what this pure New Moon will be doing for you. By now - you know - that every New Moon - creates something fresh and new - and because it's New Moon in Leo - a positive star sign - it manifests in something positive.


Leo is the star sign that defines "you" - your true identity - so whatever you really are - "life" will give you something "new" to help strengthen your own confidence in the real version of yourself - it will give you something you need in order to be "you".


It will OPEN your life to a new Liberated Freedom - to do what you want to do WITH the people you want to do it with - with the love and happiness for "life" that "life" wants you to feel. The Leo New Moon is a beginning of new beginning of a new you - as "things", coincidences and surprises will happen to make you a happier and more loving version of yourself - than you've been in a long time.



5th August: Venus enters Virgo - Venus is an inner planet - which means it ensures you do what you love doing and with the people you LOVE. Although relationships and things people do often seem illogical - if they are LUCKY and you LOVE doing them - then you will always do them. Like Coca-Cola, chocolate Ice-cream or KFC - it doesn't matter what anyone tells you - if you LOVE them - you'll continue to eat them.


When things change to show you something NEW that you can LOVE too - then you change your habits - Venus in Virgo - is about to change your habits and find something NEW for you to LOVE. It could be NEW clothes, new home, new love or a new line in your business.


The fact that Mercury & Venus in Virgo combined with Jupiter are in Virgo - means you're going to feel something STRONG - something that will solve your finances - something NEW that will be LUCKY and create the stability that Jupiter in Virgo is procuring in your life - you will realize the LUCKY things you do in your life - are just LUCKY - because DESTINY defines them so.


Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo means you're going to be very focused on ONE specific facet of your life. A facet that's been neglected for 12 years. 3 planets in Virgo will ensure you won't be inclined to do anything WRONG nor be inclined to WASTE time doing anything that doesn't have a purpose to it.


However, even though there's 3 planets in Virgo - because - Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius with Sun in Leo - means - you'll be able to have the fun and vibrancy of good relationships - AND - have the ability to concentrate on your finances and that Jupiter in Virgo factor too !



Saturn in Sagittarius defines ....

The reason you're alive is for "relationships"

"There are people who are alive who don't love anyone" .... although I've heard it said - I don't believe it


Humans - all humans love someone - it's the cohesion that keeps humanity together. The fabric and bonds within humanity break-down when there's weak cohesion - so every 29 years Saturn in Sagittarius - ensures - humanity is bonded together via relationships.


Saturn in Sagittarius - ensures that - everyone will love someone - everyone will find someone new to love - and - everyone will realize who they love in their life. Saturn in Sagittarius - ensures everyone feels the invisible cohesive bond and ensures it creates vitality with reasons to want to live.


During the past few months - during Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius - "some" people have been thinking of past relationships - and - hopefully any forgiveness, healing, karmic detachment and letting-go has happened - in preparation for when Saturn goes direct.


Whilst for "some" people - the Saturn retrograde might have disconnected you from some people - which will now come-back into your life. That's because "some" people hadn't finished their past relationships - so they weren't yet ready for the future with you. Saturn direct means - everyone will have a turnaround - and instead of holding onto the "past" - destiny will ensure - the only way forwards is the "future".


Now, I know that some cynical selfish immature people - can't comprehend the truth that life is all about relationships - but every mature adult - realizes the TRUTH - because when you mature - you realize the only strong memories you've got are defined by your GOOD RELATIONSHIPS - all the other stuff is forgotten.


It is the energy and memories of GOOD people in your life that define your life. A nerdy teenager is only nerdy because they've not yet experienced relationships - the older you mature - the more good relationships you've experienced - the more wholesome your aura - the happier you are.


The person you are is defined by all the GOOD people you've known and you know in your life. Even good one memory of one day with one good person can change your aura. That's the power of relationships - and that's the only reason you're alive.



12th August 2016 - Saturn direct in Sagittarius

From 12th August 2016 => 6th April 2017 : Saturn goes direct from 9°47' => 28° Sagittarius

12th August: Saturn goes direct 9°47' Sagittarius date-with-destiny - "turnaround" in relationships


The next 7 Months of all our lives - from 12th August 2016 and until 6th April 2017 : Saturn goes direct from 9°47' => 28° Sagittarius that's a lot of movement - and will touch everyone's lives. In fact due to the overlap of Mars in Sagittarius from 2nd August 2016 => 29th September 2016 Mars 0° => 29° Sagittarius means - everyone will be affected by RELATIONSHIPS between now and end of September 2016.


Now let me explain about relationships - there are TWO types of relationships - ONE-WAY relationships and TWO-WAY relationships - all immature people believe that life is a ONE-WAY relationship of taking from others - whereas all mature people know the truth that life is all about TWO-WAY relationships. Realizing this truth is the purpose of Saturn in Sagittarius.


When a multi-national corporation - treats it's workers whom are creating the profits like slaves in a one-way relationship - the company collapses. Whereas when corporations realize that life has to be TWO-WAY relationship with it's workforce - then there's collective strength.


It's the same with governments and amongst all groups of people - wherever it's TWO-WAY - there's success - but whenever it's ONE-WAY it's doomed to failure. That's the karma of Saturn in Sagittarius. That's the lesson of what's going to be unfolding in all our lives from now and until April 2017 [and in fact from now until Saturn enters Capricorn in December 2017]. Hence, whatever you're doing - if you want success - ensure it's a TWO-WAY relationship.


The next point you need to know about Saturn in Sagittarius is - the invisible bond in destined relationship energies is always present. When you "think" of someone - irrespective if they're with you or not - irrespective if they're alive or not - you still FEEL their energy in your aura. That's because the reason you're alive is defined by the invisible karmic and destined relationships in your life.


I always say - you can't choose who life makes you connected to - and no-one can make you feel connected to someone if you truthfully have no feelings to them. You either have it or you don't. Even your own parents - if you feel nothing - then you feel nothing. And yet complete strangers whom you meet for the first time - you have an inexplicable strong feeling - well it's one of the mysteries of life - and yet - it is the reason why everyone makes the destined choices you make.


When Saturn goes direct on 12th August - Saturn moves from 9°47' => 28° Sagittarius between now and April 2017 - it will take everyone on a non-stop journey - it will change many people's lives. Especially as relationships with no energy fall apart and collapse - relationships that are ONE-WAY will abruptly end - and destined relationships with the karmic blessing of destiny will be strengthened to become strong TWO-WAY relationships.


And hence - during the next 7 Months of all our lives - from 12th August 2016 and until 6th April 2017 - there's going to be lots of changes and rearranging of all our lives in sync with being connected to all the people "destiny" wants you to be connected to - and - disconnected from all the people "destiny" wants you to be disconnected from.


One important point to help you decide whether your in a ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY relationship - is are they "thinking" of you - would they be connected to you if you gave them nothing. Indeed - it's a fact of life that we only do things for other people - either because they give us something in return - OR - because we love them.


Likewise people only do something for you - because you give them something - OR - because they love you. Both doing something for someone because you love them or because they give you something in return in a two-way relationship is "Saturn in Sagittarius".


Therefore - what will happen - quite surprisingly and suddenly when Saturn goes direct - is realizing the truth about your relationships - and any relationships which are ONE-WAY - any relationships that you realize you don't love nor do they love you - any relationships that parasites are using and taking from you - you'll abruptly END.


The truth is - you've known they were always BAD for you - but you lived in hope they would change - when you realize they'll never change and when you realize that someone new is truly GOOD for you - then you'll be quite happy to dump them - and - liberate yourself from BAD ONE-WAY relationships. Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure everyone grows-up.



18th August 2016 - Liberating Full Moon

Complicated and Unpredictable Full Moon

There's something for EVERYONE - something different for every star sign

as not everyone wants to be "in love" - because not everyone wants a loving relationship

"Love and Life is always unpredictable and complicated especially when it comes to people and relationships!"


Full Moon 10am UK - 5am USA EST - 11am Europe - 2:30pm India - 9pm Sydney, Australia


18th August: Full Moon 26° Aquarius - the reason I call it "complicated" is that you'll have no idea of what Sun in Leo - will be doing to you - until you FEEL it. It will be exciting, firing-you-up with energy, boosting you with GOOD NEWS - defined by everything that's been DEAD or STAGNANT in your life - as far back as March 2011 - will now get a BIG BOOST to move-forward thanks to both Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn going direct in Sagittarius.


From the moment Sun enters Leo on 22nd July 2016 - there's a facet of Fire Sign of Leo - that defines - ever since September 2015 when Saturn enters Sagittarius - you have been awakened and something has "lit" a fire from within you. What and who "it" is - is invisible - but Sun in Leo - the 5th star sign of the zodiac - will reveal to you exactly what and who "it" is.


You won't be able to HIDE it from yourself - because from within - it will do what it needs to do - as it moves your life forward. Therefore - I can say - with honesty - I have NO IDEA what this Aquarian Full Moon will do for you - but it will reveal to you - something that your destiny - has been defining for you.


When you see what "it" is - the Aquarian Full Moon will be strong - you will know - you MUST have it in your life - whilst simultaneously - it will ensure you totally IGNORE - all other ideas and possibilities in your life - because if something doesn't truly excite and enliven you - you will assume - it can't be right for your future.


The reason I define the Full Moon as complicated is that it sits in a month when EVERYTHING IS CHANGING in your lives - hence whatever life wants you to want - irrespective of logic - you will want it - whilst both Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo - are ensuring you're realistic, sensible and pragmatic in doing what you want to do - there's still a battle between illogical desires and logical needs.


The complications of Full Moon - because some of you - will be battling between past and future - as some star signs will be holding onto the past and trying to get the future - hence this Aquarian Full Moon will force and ensure you let-go of the "past" and let go of anything "negative" - in order for you to have the positive "future".


But the Moon "talks" to you and gives you the STRONG feelings - and if you never had STRONG feelings - you'd never do anything good in your life - so listen to the STRONG feelings. It has a destined message for you. For example, when "couples" feel it's time for a baby - they're driven by the WANT and DESIRE - because the love for each other has arrived at a sense of STRENGTH and STABILITY - to WANT to bring a child into the world - so "life" - gives them the strength to have the money to expand - somehow they get it.


Likewise - if you have a WANT or DESIRE for new automobile, new home or new anything - then somehow - life will ensure you have whatever you need to get it - but FIRST - you have to WANT "it" - fired-up from within you - because you honestly - LOVE and DESIRE "it". That's what the Full Moon will do for each and everyone - OPEN your emotions to know what you want.



August defines Something BIG for everyone

Jupiter has moved from 20° => 28° Virgo

Sun in Leo - is the month that's going to transform your life - making it an unforgettable month - hence when Sun enters Virgo - you're going to realize - what a BIG month Sun in Leo has been. The greatest facet of the journey of Sun in Leo - is realizing how important good people are in your life.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system - hence as it moves from 20° => 28° Virgo - means something BIG for everyone. Jupiter defines the reasons why you look-forward to the future with optimism and that's what August will give everyone. The reasons why you're looking forward.




Sun in Virgo - August - September 2016

22nd August 2016 - Sun enters Virgo

Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter in Virgo - combined with - Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius means something for everyone


22nd August: Sun enters Virgo

22nd August: Mercury 26° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26° Virgo

24th August: Mars 9°52' Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 9°52' Sagittarius

27th August: Venus 27° Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27° Virgo

29th August: Mercury 28° Virgo conjunct Venus 28° Virgo

30th August: Venus enters Libra


9th September 2016 - Jupiter enters Libra


9th September: Jupiter enters Libra

12th September: Karmic Clarity - date-with-destiny - "the future has arrived and begins a new phase in your lives"




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