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The Universe - Spiritual Astrology

Energy Created From Within

& Energy Transcended from the Outer Ether


The one thing we love about "Life" is the mysterious puzzle of "life" - and yet within all the mysteries - when we THINK and MEDITATE long enough and with the power of spiritual intuition - the answers come to us "from WITHIN" our mind and thoughts - and which simultaneously come "from ANOTHER world" too. It seems a paradox - of both individuality and collective spiritual existence - but that's the wonderful mysterious puzzle of "life".


Indeed this is my "secret" to what I call "spiritual astrology" - everytime I see astrological aspects and planetary movements - that I don't understand - i stop THINK and MEDITATE and then the inspired answers "come" to me.


Our "Universe and Solar System" everyone and everything in it - operates in the same way - there are transcending energies that transcend from the OUTER ETHER - and there are ascending energies that are created from WITHIN our Solar system - astrologically by the SUN, MOON and all the planets in their orbit with their specific energy influencing each of us - and then individually by the energy that everyone and everything on the world has WITHIN their own identity.


Understanding the Inner & Outer Planets Energies

When understanding "astrology" we departmentalize the planets in our solar system into 2 groups; the inner planets - that is the planets whose orbit's are between the planet Earth and the Sun; and the outer planets that are located from planet Earth to space beyond.


In very basic terms if you can imagine and think of transcending astrological energies from outer space - the OUTER EDGE and END of our SOLAR SYSTEM which we call the אין סוף - "Ein Sof" - The "INFINITY of the outer Ether"- as they transcend to the realms of our Universe and enter the orbits of the "outer planets" before they arrive at the Earth's orbit; whereas energies being emitted from the centre of our solar system the Sun pass through realms of the "inner planets" before reaching Earth.


When considering the DIVINE DECREES and DIVINE energies - spiritual astrology teaches that we need to comprehend the energies that transcend from the OUTER ETHER.


Outer Planets "השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף"

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto



Image reproduced by Courtesy of NASA


Energy Transcended from the Outer Ether

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - Outer Planets


The transcendence of energies from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether of far beyond our Solar system is the energy of the Eternal Divine Creator of the whole infinite Universe with its multitude of galaxies and stars; these transcending energies into our solar system come from the infinite ether beyond; they transcend through the orbits and and realms of the outer planets before they arrive at Earth. Therefore when we consider the energies that our being bestowed upon Earth we need to consider the transcending energies through orbits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.


Hence, for example, when we cannot understand why Saturn - planet of karma, destiny and judgment allows bad things to happen - we have to spiritually consider that we deserve such pain into our lives because the Universal Divine has transcended these energies to Earth where people and countries are not fulfilling their true destiny. These are not explicable nor clear like the Sun's energies - these energies are hidden, invisible and have transcended from the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether.


It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in the אין סוף "Ein Sof" - infinite ether - because it's energies will transcend to Earth to affect our lives whether we like it or not. However, it is the job of a good astrologer to read these transcending energies to comprehend the spiritual mysteries of life on Earth. For each of the STAR SIGNS are indeed called the כיפה עליונה "Kipah Elyona" "OUTER shell of our Universe" - as they allow the DIVINE astrological energies to transcend to our Universe - and create the energies we SEE in real life on Earth.


Energy Created From Within

The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon - Inner Planets


The energies of our Solar system are emitted from the central energy of our solar system - the Sun - these energies arrive at Earth after passing through the orbits and realms of Mercury, Venus and then through the realms of Earth's physical Guardian protector - the Moon. Whether or not Sun's energies pass directly through these planets isn't necessarily relevant - what is relevant is that the Sun's energies pass through the orbit of the inner planets in order to reach Earth.


The energy that transcends is triggered and collected in each orbit it passes through and where the planets of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Moon is in relation to Earth and in which degree of which star sign as viewed from Earth - is the indication to astrologers as to the energy that can transcend to us on Earth; this daily unique specific code of astrological energy is the code that astrologers understand and use to make accurate predictions.


Understanding spiritual "astrology" is the ability to read this map and code of the Universe - a good mathematician can be a good astrologer for it is a precise and accurate art - but only a good spiritual astrologer can interpret the real meaning as ONLY with a belief in the Eternal Divine Creator of this Universe can one appreciate the ascendance and transcendence of energies.


The Energy Transcended from the Outer & Energy Created From Within


This is the spiritual secret to understanding ASTROLOGY for everyone is created with your own specific defined ASTROLOGICAL energies - seen in both conception and birth charts - that define your AURA - whilst having an INNER SPIRITUAL soul, mind and thoughts that creates energies and REACTS to energies - and SIMULTANEOUSLY each and every moment of everyday a NEW energy transcends into your life from the EXTERNAL WORLD around you.


The exact amount that you ALLOW into your AURA from the external world - depends on how receptive your aura is - how receptive your astrological profile is - and what your aura INVITES into your life - to teach you the lessons your astrological profile needs to teach you at specific, exact and precise moments and stages of your life.


Astrologically, this depends on the "make-up" of your aura of the 4 elements of life - how you receive the energies of the 4 elements of life from each planet through each star sign - for there is ALWAYS energy constantly available - the secret is being OPEN to receive it - knowing how to RECEIVE it and ENABLING your aura to RECEIVE it - to come both from WITHIN you and come into your life from the constant DIVINE transcending energies that sustain each of us - everyday of our lives.


Body & Soul - Time & Space

Everything that was - will always be

Everything that will be - has already been

Live in harmony with every moment of "life" and enjoy the journey of life through "Time and Space"

From "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"


People get worried for "nothing" happening in their lives - worry is FEAR of "nothingness" of being left alone - left out and neglected - but when you realize that NOTHINGNESS is actually SOMETHING - because TIME AND SPACE - needs periods of NOTHING - before it creates new phases in your life - you will realize there's never a reason to worry about anything.


During 9 months of pregnancy and during the dormant "winter" hibernation season - you don't worry that "Nothing" is happening - because you know it is happening - likewise in your life there is ALWAYS something happening - TRUST that "TIME AND SPACE" - has a specific reason for every phase and every moment of your life.


The journey of life creates experiences for your "Body & Soul" whereby "Time and Space" creates the designated zones for those specific experiences - because you can't possibly live ALL the FACETS of your life compacted in one SMALL time zone.


Therefore TIME creates ZONES, phases of your life and "Astrologically" each and every year - specific "PERIODS" for each experience to happen - each with it's defined boundaries and purpose.


"Astrological cycles" gives great comfort - because you'll comprehend that every period of your life - every month of the year has it's own purpose - "Astrology" shows you how to live in harmony with your life-cycle and ensures you feel "something" every moment of every day.

Spiritual Astrology - teaches that as life has cycles then NOTHING LASTS FOREVER in real life - even though EVERYTHING EXISTS FOREVER - as a memory in your soul.


Indeed this is the SECRET of LIFE - knowing that EVERYTHING EXISTS FOREVER - hence to be a wholesome person - is to make the "PEACE" with everyone and everything in your life - past and present - in order that your wholesome "spirit" and future will be "AT PEACE" forever.


"Time and Space" is created by the Astrological energies to define your experiences. Listen to the "astrological" clock and you'll have a much happier journey - "knowing" - everything has a specific energy, reason, defined time and destined place. All of which make and create the energy in your AURA during the journey of "life".


Seeing "Everything" in Your Astrological Map

When I look at and study people's astrological charts - I can see EVERYTHING - even children, lovers and marriages - your 7 relationships, homes, travels, dreams and even blockages, dreams and illusions - everything you're going to have and destined to have - because the ASTROLOGICAL chart is just like the lines on the palms of your hands - it contains your WHOLE life mapped out.


"Time and Space" isn't restricted when you see the BIG picture. Everyone everywhere in the world has a destined life mapped out - astrology shows you this map of your life - when you live in "harmony" with "destiny" - you feel good - and when you don't you feel bad - the secret to astrology is understanding yourself - understanding your life-pathway and then embracing the journey of your LIFE !



HUGE amount of energy and light from the Galactic center in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius

"The Infinite Ether" is an understatement

Space is currently a hidden mystery and yet the fact it exists in uniformity - defines "something" GREAT has defined it


Finding whatever "it" is that expands your mind - is unique to you - and as I come from a curiosty of "Astrology" - the planets, stars and infinite ether - and most specifically my fascination with the HUGE amount of energy and light from the Galactic center in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius means that whatever "it" is - is BIG - bigger than any of us can imagine.


Space is so vast - that distances have to be calculated in terms of "Light Years" the defined distance it takes light to travel. It's so vast - and is proven to be so vast - that the numbers can make anyone dizzy. Speed of Light is 186,000 miles per second [300,000 km per second] - "1 Light Year" is actually a distance of 6 trillion miles - [10 trillion km]. And there's 26,000 light years to the centre of our Galaxy. That's truly "BIG" . The whole Milky way is estered as 100,000 light years across.


The nearest stars are 16 light years away - that is 96 trillion miles - [160 trillion km] - when you look up at the stars at night - the light you see from some stars - can take 4 years to arrive in your eyes. For example, the stars that makes up the astrological star sign of Libra is 377 light years from Earth and Capricorn is 340 light years from Earth - add to this - thoughts of the infinite vastness of space and the stars beyond - then you might realize that anything in your life is totally insignificant - that is a moment - when you should become humbled at the greatness of whatever it is that has created the Universe.




The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is => & Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The Star Sign of Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

[It's worth reading the Full Article on]


Space is Real and Infinity Exists

It might be overstating the obvious - but as you're intelligent and enlightened readers of "Astrology" and if you're anything like me - then you too FORGET the obvious - so - FORGET all the man-made garbage and earthly nonsense - and to THINK of infinite SPACE.


Think of the infinite reality of our Galaxy, the infinite vastness of the Ether and all it's lights and energies. The center of which - as far as we know it - is towards a HUGE source of energy and light in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius. Whenever, I have earthly moments of worry or fears - I STOP and THINK OF INFINITE space - which immediately makes me see the earthly stuff with a different perspective.


Whilst earthly stuff is important to "life" experiences - understanding that there's more to "life" than small and almost insignificant nonsense - then you too - will stop worrying. Worry is a contraction into limited space - whereas when you think of space it is exactly like "love" - it is an expansion of your mind and hence the connection of your thought to something BIGGER than yourself - will redefine "you".


However, and here is my main point - if you "think" of it all as science and don't think of "it" as a brilliant creation of a Creator - then you're missing the point of enlightenment. When you truthfully realize that not a single star is a coincidence - but a created entity by SOMETHING BIGGER than any of us could even imagine - then you're beginning to understand that it is BIG - VERY BIG. It is even BIGGER than the millions of websites on the internet - and - it is ALL REAL and BIG !


Think of the infinite infinity of the Universe


The next few years - due to Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces - truths will be revealed that will be expanding minds. Each truth as it is discovered by scientists - will expand the realization of how small we are - and how great the Creator is.


The famous from the prophetic book - Tana Dvei Eliyahu - written 2000 years ago - [which I will be using to write the "Book of Secrets of ספר סודי סודות"] - constantly uses the phrase לעולם ולעולמי עולמים which means "For this world and for the worlds of other worlds" - it was beyond reality for them to understand what prophetic words were being given then - but now in our generation - it will become clear - that it's not just "this world" - but we are a "world amongst worlds of other worlds". Humanity - wasn't yet ready for this - but soon - humanity will be ready.


Whilst for this wisdom - I constantly say - I love the brilliance of Rabbi Onan and Eliyahu for giving us this wisdom in Tana Dvei Eliyahu - but most of all - I say - I LOVE THE DIVINE GOD - the CREATOR of everything - who created the infinite infinity of worlds amongst worlds - in an infinite space that is an infinity of light years.


לעולם ולעולמי עולמים

"For this world and for the worlds of other worlds"


Crossing Over the Galactic Center

Renewal of Energy for Our Solar System

This year the crossing-over of 28°/29° Sagittarius - The Sun crossing over the Galactic center will feel like the renewal it should be.


You could say - that just like a BIRTHDAY - which is a renewal of energy - the crossing-over of our Sun over the Galactic Center of 28°/29° Sagittarius - is like a the BIRTHDAY and RENEWAL of energy for our solar system. Indeed, the people misquoting the Mayan's Calendar - understood that 21st December 2012 was the END - but as you know the truthful reality - the Universe is cyclical - hence every "end" is just another "beginning" - and now you know why that date was chosen - as the Sun was in alignment with Galactic center - 28°/29° Sagittarius.


Unfortunately, humanity is sometimes SLOW and hates change - especially when the changes define letting-go of the "past" prior to embracing the "future". Thankfully, the past 2 years 2012, 2013 and 2014 with Saturn in Scorpio - helped and ensured that the "past" is now over - hence from 23rd December 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 - will be refreshingly positive - as each and everyone will FEEL, SEE and BE AWAKENED to the "future" - a "future" which will be unusually optimistic. "Unusual" is the right word because after the past 5 years of being pessimistic and not even seeing a bright "future" - it will be unusual for EVERYONE to become optimistic!


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