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A Summary of This Years Events for 2017, This Weeks Planetary Movements,

Today's Moon Astrology & This Months Astrological Events


Summary of Today's Astrology

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th November 2017


Sun in Sagittarius - the 9th star sign of the Zodiac - is going to be an even stronger astrological month than the past 9 months - when the planets will push you forwards to get your life moving - especially in 1 specific area of your life that's been "dead" and "stagnant" - strong destined events will happen for everyone.


Jupiter in Scorpio - is defining a NEW PHASE - and - that means an END to facets of the past - each day for the next few weeks - you will be experiencing destined CHANGES and CHOICES to make.


Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Sun entered Sagittarius - 5am UK - 6am Europe - 00:00am USA EST

10:30am India - 4pm Sydney, Australia


Neptune went direct in Pisces - 3pm UK - 4pm Europe - 10am USA EST

8:30pm India - [Thursday 2am Sydney, Australia]


The New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday 18th November 2017 - has unlocked the beginning of the journey of specific destined changes for everyone of every star sign.


Thursday 23rd November 2017

Moon enters Aquarius - 7pm UK - 8pm Europe - 2pm USA EST

[Friday 00:30am India - 6am Sydney, Australia]


Moon entering Aquarius on Friday & Saturday is when you will realize - with fresh and exciting feelings that it has been a New Moon of a whole new beginning in an area of your life that's been dead - because - something will make you sense that a BIG CHANGE is coming for you.



I will begin this new weekly feauture of Healing-Your-Planets after Christmas

Healing-Your-Planets - Awakening Your Mercury


Mercury defines your thoughts - Mercury defines your unforgettable dates-with-destiny

Can you remember your most powerful dates-with-destiny in the past 12 months of your life ?


If you can't remember at least 4 important DATES when something BIG and unforgettable happened to you - in the past 12 months - then your Mercury is afflicted. It does NOT matter whether "it" was GOOD or BAD - however it does matter - that you remember the date and "it" was unforgettable. That's the power of Mercury.


You see - Mercury - is the innermost planet - next to the Sun - it defines your THOUGHTS - and to test if your Mercury is active and alive - you always need to ask yourself - do you remember what happened in the PAST. If you can vividly remember DATES when things happened in the PAST - then your Mercury is alive and active.


The next question is - do you feel the fullness of the energy of those events of those dates in your head - as you THINK of the MEMORIES - does the surge of energy come-back to you? Does you HEART-BEAT fast with excitement as you're remembering those dates? That energy created and unlocked by your memories and your thoughts is - YOUR dates-with-destiny MERCURY energy.


Hence, if you want TODAY - to be a NEW date-with-destiny - then you need to awaken and connect within your own mind - your Mercury - remember with that surge of Mercury energy those unforgettable dates - and - then let yourself FEEL the power of your own thoughts. You will know when you've done it because you'll feel SOMETHING VERY POWERFUL and ENLIVENING.


I should say - you don't need to be clever nor intelligent to remember your dates-with-destiny - because just like the date you had sex for the 1st time in your life - just like the date you got married - just like the date you moved into your new home - just like the date you got divorced - just like the date when your parents / loved-ones died - just like the date you went-away on holiday - just like the date when something unexpected and surprising happened to you - there are numerous UNFORGETTABLE dates-with-destiny in everyone's lives.


When you go to a psychic, fortune-telling gipsy or astrologer - and - they give you a prediction - they are seeing your Mercury dates-with-destiny - and - each prediction they give you - gives you energy - because - they have connected YOU with YOUR MERCURY.


That's the purpose of this exercise - THINK about each UNFORGETTABLE date-with-destiny and FEEL the surge of energy from WITHIN you - begin by thinking about the unforgettable dates-with-destiny you've had in the past 12 months - then expand - and THINK about all the UNFORGETTABLE dates-with-destiny in the past 12 years - and then THINK all the UNFORGETTABLE dates-with-destiny in your whole life.


You can do this exercise - anytime of the day - wherever you are - and - immediately - it will awaken your mind into attracting NEW destined events. The key to UNLOCK your Mercury - is the word - UNFORGETTABLE experiences - and I have to say that means BOTH good and bad experiences!


New feature explained fully in audio

"Healing Your Mercury - Unforgettable Dates-with-Destiny"

To start Audio click on "Play" ... [10 mins audio]

Audio is in "mp4 format" and you will need "Quicktime" player


I will explain HEALING YOUR PLANETS - in the next few months

fully revealing everything in the "BookofChanges" in January 2018


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