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Understanding Your Star Sign

Your Sun and Your Moon Sign


Your full astrological profile is based on your date and time of birth - use to calculate your full profile of your full birthchart - or have a reading with me. Your astrological profile - defines everything about "you" - your relationships with people - your interactive energies with the 4 elements - your method of handling difficult situations and your reaction to "opposites" - but your day-to-day astrological energies and your ability to have a predictable routine in your life is identified by and defined by your Sun sign AND your Moon sign.


Sun Sign - Birth Star Sign
Birth - Dates
Aries 20th March => 19th April Fire
Taurus 19th April => 20th May Earth
Gemini 20th May => 21st June Air
Cancer 21st June => 22nd July Water
Leo 22nd July => 22nd August Fire


22nd August => 23rd September Earth
Libra 23rd September => 23rd October Air
Scorpio 23rd October => 22nd November Water
Sagittarius 22nd November => 21st December Fire
Capricorn 21st December => 19th January Earth
Aquarius 19th January => 19th February Air
Pisces 19th February => 20th March Water


The Moon sign is defined by the EXACT degree where the Moon was when you were born - and what phase of the Moon it was - New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing or Waning Moon Phase. [See Moon Charts - "same login / password" as this website]. The combination of who you in terms of your Sun-Moon defines "You". It defines the day-to-day energies that you resonate to - according to the Astrological Month of the Year - and according to the Lunar Phase / Month.


If your Sun-Moon are in a harmonious combination - your emotions are supportive of your real life, whereas if your Sun-Moon are in competitive and disruptive aspect - then you've learnt either not to let your emotions upset you - or you've not cared about your ego / identity OR you've had and continually have emotional conflict within yourself.


If your Sun-Moon have no interaction between each other - then you've managed to departmentalize your identity, purpose and meaning of your life - without being emotionally "involved" - you've learnt to departmentalize your life to "survive" - even so a part of you feels a VOID and EMPTINESS - which from time-to-time creates confusion in your life.


Because in reality everyone needs BOTH SUN and MOON energies to interact with each other - in order to move, motivate, achieve and do anything - especially to succeed in life. Therefore the ONLY solution to create interaction between BOTH SUN and MOON is to engage with energies from OTHER PEOPLE - as THEIR SUN and MOON work to enhance and energize YOUR SUN and MOON.

You might otherwise wait for and need the Daily Moon astrological energies to stimulate you but the best energies come from EXTERNAL energies from other people to stimulate you - to get your life moving.


Your Sun and Your Moon Sign

These TWO aspects of you - identify the real YOU - Your Sun sign and Your Moon sign.


When you look for someone to love / have sexual relationship with and to marry - you always go for the appearance and their identity - the SUN sign compatibility - is the where the energy of attraction between people happens. The truth is you should be looking for the Moon sign energy - because if you're not emotionally in tune with each other - the relationship has little chance of success !


Choosing someone based on the SUN sign comparability is like marrying for "money". For many times you identify the person for WHAT they have - what's in their life - and thereby if "someone" else would take their place - it wouldn't make a BIG difference - because you have chosen the EXTERNAL factors and what their life represents to you.


Making the RIGHT decision has to be based on DESTINY and the intrinsic SPIRITUALITY of who they are - if you have NOTHING in common with them and if you have no karma nor DESTINY with them - then "they" are just like every other person on the planet. Therefore - it is imperative you get the MOON sign right and in harmony with your MOON sign.


The problem is - as fickle humans - people who you relate to because you MOON sign is perfectly in harmony with - you might not like the external package. "They" might not have enough money or status for you - or "they" might be ugly and not someone you could even think of being "turned" on by!


But, from my experiences - the best relationships you can have are with people who have the same MOON SIGN as you - because as the Moon cycle changes constantly every day of every month - having someone with same MOON SIGN means you're in harmony with the Moon and with each other's mood's too - as the Moon talks to both of you.


The dilemma you might have is - are your own EMOTIONS in sync with your own individual personality ? The Sun-Moon aspect in your own chart defines your own character - and if you're NOT in SYNC with yourself in blissful harmony - how on earth can you expect your relationships to be IN SYNC with you ?


The answer is you've probably worked out how to handle your own emotions - and you know when you're EMOTIONALLY not in SYNC with your reality and individuality and you've learn to ACCEPT that. But other people who are not in SYNC with you - will not understand nor accept you.


However, if the person has their Moon compatibility with your Moon - then you can be sure of a good, mutually supportive and harmonious relationship as they'll understand you and you'll understand them - if your Moon's aren't compatible then astrologically you're going to run into problems - as one of you wants and is in the mood to do something - whilst the other can't be bothered doing it and not in the mood.


Your MOON sign - relates to your emotional and spiritual wavelength - the lunar energies to which you constantly resonate to. Whereas your SUN sign - relates to your external reality and individuality - the version of you that you present to the world on first appearance and technically the identity that "someone" else could steal, copy and fill your place - for it is ONLY YOUR MOON - YOUR MOODS and YOUR SPIRITUAL SOUL that truly defines your unique individuality.


Your physical body might work to a clockwork of predictable routine based on your physical reality of your Sun sign - but it is your spiritual soul that creates changes in your physical life - and it does this when your emotional energies are energized through the Moon and the lunar cycle - of your Moon sign.


"Spiritual Astrology"

Physical Body & Spiritual Soul


I'm sure you've always been fascinated by "astrology" - for inexplicably "it" makes sense - and yet the greatest spiritual enlightenment is when you comprehend that there is direct relationship - between your physical existence, astrology, the astrological energies created by planets in the solar system, the transcending energies from the star signs from the infinite ether and with your spiritual soul.


The astrological energy which you receive - and which energizes your physical reality has transcended "light years" away from the infinite ether of the astrological star signs - and from "infinity these astrological energies energizes your spiritual soul, mind and thoughts - to put-you-in-the-mood to do something DESTINY wants you to do.


Amazing, inexplicable and truly spiritually DIVINE that from an infinite space - astrological energies can transcend and change your life - even though you're insignificantly small in comparison with the space of the OUTER ETHER of the infinite solar system. This acknowledgment of the "spiritual" side to physical astrology - will awaken you - and help you recognize that "everything" has a DIVINE and DESTINED PLAN for your life on earth.


Living with Two Versions of Yourself

The Outward Version - Projections of You to the Outside World

The Inward Version - Who you really are - "INSIDE" yourself


I'm certain that many times you get confused of who you really are - the series of life events and daily routine - makes you wonder WHO you really are. For although there is an outward version of yourself that the world sees - and defines about "you". There is a more significant inner version of yourself. Confusion occurs when you are a DIFFERENT person on the outside to what you are inside.


I'll give you a few examples of how you change dramatically during each and everyday ...


[1] the version of you when you're asleep to the version when you're awake - ofcourse to the outside world - you're calm and peaceful when you're fast asleep - but you're still the same person. When you wake-up - do you become the real version of yourself immediately ? Or does it take a few cups of coffee and sh**, shower and a shave to be the best version of yourself ?


[2] the version of yourself when you're all alone - and the version of yourself when people are looking at you - when you sit outside in a coffee shop - you wouldn't do the things you do - when you're all alone at home having a coffee.


[3] the version of you when you're SAD and DEPRESSED - and the version of you when you're HAPPY and in LOVE. This is the important dramatic difference and change of your character which I explain on "your Birth sign & your Conception sign".


The reason you become like your conception chart is when you are SAD and DEPRESSED - you become detached from "people" - you become introvert and go "in" on yourself . Your astrological profile takes you back "inside" your mother into the moment when you were conceived. The version of yourself when you are an individual HAPPY and in LOVE - is the version of your birthchart. It's not a contradiction - simply a fact of life.


You need to know "who" you are ....

You're a DIFFERENT person WITHIN yourself - than you are to the OUTSIDE world.


"Spiritual Astrology" gives your life exact meaning - as you became a person - from the moment you were conceived - as that was the moment your spiritual soul transcended from the spiritual world of souls to start your physical journey on Earth.

Once you realize who you are from the blueprint of astrological energies at conception - then you know the energy with which you were conceived and the person you are WITHIN yourself. Astrologically this is explained on "your Birth sign & your Conception sign".


Knowing who you are - and knowing that you're a DIFFERENT person WITHIN yourself - than you are to the OUTSIDE world - helps define your life with clarity and avoids all confusion in your life - it's not that you are TWO different people - the TWO versions of your are collectively and yet different energies are "who" you really are.


Understanding All 12 Sun Star Signs

There are many good websites that explain the qualities of all 12 Sun Star Signs - and therefore I've chosen to recommend the BEST I've seen online and that's @ an excellent comprehensive guide to positive/negative qualities of all Sun Signs. Where you can learn about ALL 12 star signs, the positive and negative qualities and relationship compatabilties and possible permutations.



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