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Private Astrology Readings with Jonny

"One word by the right person can open a thousand doors"

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Currently - the waiting time for a reading is approx - 3 => 4 days ....


Special Value Astrology Reading

$30 for 30 mins telephone reading


I call it - "special value" - 30 mins readings - as an introductory reading - when you get the answers you need !

$30 for 30 mins for either an Audio or telephone reading - [I call you for the reading - included in price]



Full Comprehensive Astrology Readings

"I never ever do more than 1 full comprehensive reading per day "


"Every reading I do - I concentrate on carefully during the whole day

and - sometimes - I need 2 days to concentrate to tune-into your destiny"


All readings are currently being given within 3 days of donation


Telephone Astrology Readings with Jonny


Full comprehensive 2 hour reading - for a donation of $150 - €120

In a full reading for $150 - €120 - I create 1 hour of audio - AND - then I will call you for 1 hour



Full Audio Astrology Readings with Jonny


In a full reading for $120 - €100 - I create 2 hours of audio and then you can ask questions via email

In the Audio reading I create audio for you to download and listen to - just like the Audio on this website


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Please make a donation for your Astrology Reading



All readings are always given within 7 days of donation


I will always reply to PAYPAL email address - unless you state your alternative email address.


Weekly & Yearly Predictions for all 12 star signs with audio

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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם