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Positive & Negative Energies in Your Aura


Everything in the world contains a Positive energy and a Negative energy - that literally means EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Science has proven that every atom contains a positive energy called a "proton" and an equal negative energy called an "electron" - every atom in order to exist - MUST contain equals numbers of protons and electrons.


Through my belief in a Universal Divine Creator of the World and of Everyone on Earth - I believe that when everyone is doing what they're destined to do - there's harmony and peace in the world - both collectively and individually. It all starts with PEACE and HARMONY of ONE ATOM. Because when ONE "atom" is balanced with it's positive and negative energies - it has STABILITY.


Therefore, as "atoms" collectively form individuality of everything and everyone on Earth - each collective grouping that creates individuality must have and must attain a BALANCE of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE in order for there to be STABILITY. When all the cells in your physical body are balanced - you have STABILITY and GOOD HEALTH - and when all the energies in your AURA are balanced - then you have stability. However, and here's the important point - the energies in MY aura that I need to create STABILITY in my life are NOT the same energies you need to create STABILITY in your life.


Each individual has their own configuration based on their astrological chart and on their individuality that resonates with their mind, thoughts and spiritual soul - karma from "this" lifetime and "prior" lifetimes. Understanding EXACTLY who you are - define what you NEED to create stability into your life - on each and everyday of your life - and during each and every phase of your life.


Everything in your life needs balancing +ve & -ve

"You can't have too much positive energy nor can you have too much negative energy"


That's not entirely true - as at each phase of your life and at each level of growth - your body can adjust to receiving MORE energy - and your tolerance levels of both POSITIVE and of NEGATIVE energies can sustain MORE energy. But at each stage - you need to rebalance yourself.


Hence, the way you succeeded to BALANCE yourself when you were 20 is different to the way you balance yourself at 30 , 40 , 50 and 60 - but this isn't just based on your age - but on your astrological configuration. That's why EACH time ANY planet changes star signs - it is a time when you need to reconfigure yourself - to rebalance your energy.


As you GROW and MATURE - you receive MORE energy - both positive and negative energies are vitally necessary in order for you to grow. People deceive themselves in the pursuit of HAPPINESS and all things POSITIVE - which even though they might achieve "that" goal - it comes with SADNESS and NEGATIVE energies - in order to rebalance one's life energies.


If you were wise - and did opposites - you'd cry and make yourself SAD - in order to achieve HAPPINESS - because in becoming SAD - your auric energies will rebalance your life by making you happy - and bring you something GOOD. Maybe that's why instinctively people CRY - in order for "life" to BRING them something HAPPY into their lives - after all it works for a crying baby - doesn't it ?


"A World of Opposites"

When you're positive something negative happens

& When you're negative something positive happens


Have you ever noticed that when you're perfectly at PEACE with yourself and perfectly HAPPY with your life - that's when SOMETHING GOOD and BAD comes along - in order to change you. This happens in either of TWO ways :-


[1] When you're content with the life you have - when you ACCEPT having "Nothing" - when you ACCEPT having a "VOID" in one area of your life - that's when life brings you something / someone to FILL THAT VOID. This is the "GIVE UP" energy - when you GIVE UP pursuing and GIVE UP wanting something - and find genuine HAPPINESS having "nothing" is when "life" brings you the need.


[2] When you've achieved something you wanted - something you believed would give you happiness and peace - after you get it - then something happens to make you depressed, sad, bad and uncomfortable - because your aura is rebalancing your energies.


If you say - you don't want something - by law of attraction of opposites - that's exactly what happens in your life. Lonely people - who give-up and say they NEVER ever want another relationship ever again in their lives - end up falling in love quickly. Whereas people who are desperate and WANT a relationship - never seem to get one.


Have you ever read a "Good-health-guide" - and then found by experience - that everything "they" say is TOTALLY the opposite to what you truly NEED in your life. How many books are devoted to telling people nonsense - not to eat bread, milk, cheese and eggs, fruit and vegetables - and yet these are the GOD given stable gifts to nourish mankind.


I always say that if "they" need to call it "Good health guide" translated into real language means the opposite - the "Bad health guide"; and don't get me started on "life coaches" by definition means people that can't sort out their own lives - as there's a saying "If you can do something - you do it ; and if you CAN'T do it - you teach it to others".


Your Astrological Chart Defines Your Life Energies - both +ve & -ve

"I'm NOT a fortune teller nor a magician - I simply read your astrological energies and the planetary movements"


When readers wonder how I can understand astrological charts - and know what's going to happen in your life - it's a mathematical process of understanding how each planet in each star sign will affect you - and knowing how it should affect you - then I can predict the OPPOSITE - what you will do and what "life" will do to you - in order to rebalance your life's aura.


Hence, I know that by 2024 - destiny will bring great stability in many people's lives - as all the worries and problems you've had will all be solved by then. This means instinctively DESTINY [Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces] will create a new balancing harmony with a new "challenge" - and bring you the next set of lessons - in the form of "NEW RELATIONSHIP" moving into your "home" sector of your life.


There's no such thing as a BAD Astrological Birth-Chart

Challenging - "YES" ....... but Bad - "NO"


Your individual astrological chart defines the person you are - and provides the perfect recipe of the energies that create STABILITY in your aura - each of which is what you NEED in your life to attain STABILITY. When you have them - you are AT PEACE with yourself - when you don't you feel uncomfortable and unsettled - which makes you desperately NEED to readdress the BALANCE.


Hence, even when astrological birthcharts look challenging with numerous Red lines that create CHALLENGES and BLOCKAGES by oppositions and squares this does not mean the person has a BAD life. It means the person needs certain configurations in order to have STABILITY and PEACE in their lives.



Astrological charts with thanks to

Red lines create CHALLENGES and BLOCKAGES by oppositions and squares

Blues lines create POSITIVE EASY FLOW of good energy by trines and sextiles

"They" say that Red lines create confusion & weakness - Blues lines create clarity and strength


The chart on the left - oppositions and squares mean STABILITY is only found when she doesn't have things that other people have - STABILITY is acquired when living at "home" in a stable environment WITHOUT external influences. Whenever anything comes in from the external world - it creates INSTABILITY - which means a greater challenge to create even more CALMNESS and PEACE.


The greatest PEACE NEGOTIATOR always comes under tremendously difficult oppositions and challenges. but stability is eventually created purely because the person's astrological chart defines FIXED STABILITY needs to be achieved - at least in their presence!


Likewise the chart on the right with Jupiter Jupiter in Aries squared Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus in Capricorn creates FIXED energies that provide stability - no matter what happens, what's said and what emotional feelings are happening - STABILITY is always quickly restored.


This is the reason why - when you TALK to and COMMUNICATE with some people with FIXED oppositions and squares energies - they aren't influenced by your negativity - and in fact the opposite is true - you are influenced by their FIXED and STRONG stability.


This is always an ironically funny point - that people with FIXED energies can HELP others - and yet they themselves feel restricted by their own astrological squares and oppositions. That is UNTIL they realize that it's a GIFT that they've got and not a problem !


Hence, many times - as I read people's charts correctly - I see the TRUTH - because instead of seeing Red lines which astrologers say creates confusion, problems, bad luck & weakness - Blues lines that create good luck, clarity and strength - I see the AURA of the person that needs these aspects in order to have STABILITY and INNER PEACE in their aura.


Astrology of "Harmony" Knowing yourself


We're all made differently - only when you TRUTHFULLY know yourself - ACCEPT yourself and ACCEPT your limitations - that's when you KNOW exactly what you need in your life to have harmony, peace and stability. Accepting yourself and knowing WHO you are - is defined by the astrological energies of the outer planets as they influence your maturity and awareness of yourself.


Saturn transit conjunct natal Saturn - called "the Saturn return" - between 29-30 years old [repeated between 58-60 old]

Pluto transit square Natal Pluto - between ages of 34 and 38

Neptune transit square Natal Neptune - between ages of 36 and 40

Uranus transit opposition Natal Uranus - between ages of 40 and 46


During each of these 4 stages - you will "find" yourself and learn about yourself - better than ever before - ensuring that you can enjoy the next destined phase of a stable and peaceful life. Unfortunately, in our modern generation, many "liberated" youngsters who grew up in the impressionable 70's, 80's and 90's - took a seriously WRONG direction in life - influenced by the overwhelming "illusions" of life that Neptune created for that generation.


Which has meant that the rebellion of "Uranus opposition Uranus" - created a complete U-turn and change in direction in life. Sadly, "some" people who resist facing the reality of their life-limitations and refused to accept their individuality - and still continue to live in the Neptune illusion - continue into their 50's still trying to sort themselves out. [I will be explaining the above 4 generational aspects - links will be posted here].


The moment you truthfully KNOW and ACCEPT yourself - is the moment of enlightenment - it's the time when you learn to be AT PEACE with yourself, with your life, with your destiny, with your limitation and with your meaningful purpose of life - it's the time when you achieve great harmonious STABILITY in your life.


You're wanting and desiring something POSITIVE

Creates an "energy" in your aura to attract something NEGATIVE


The next level of spiritual maturity is when you realize - that PUSHING, wanting and desiring for NEW things to come into your life - is actually the SOURCE of all your problems - because the PURSUIT and DESIRE of NEW things - means you're seeking to create INSTABILITY in your life. You're wanting something POSITIVE - so your aura attracts something NEGATIVE. That's because in the positive-negative stability - your aura creates and manifests - equal and opposite energies.


The secret to living a happy life is NEVER to desire or WANT anything - now I know that "technically" seems impossible - but on some small level - it is attainable - and if you think "back" in hindsight - how many times did you really WANT something - when you got it - it came with "problems" and negativity.


It's far better to RELAX and ACCEPT life - then you'll get what DESTINY wants to give you - when the TIME is right - and when the astrological energies will balance the positive-negative energies out themselves - without you having to suffer pain just to get something good in your life.


The Biggest BLOCKAGES are always created the Moon energies

"Emotions" getting in the way of the flow of life energy


In studying "astrology" I've always said the easiest parts are the FACTUAL and truthful facts - the most difficult parts are PEOPLE'S emotions - for "emotions" can keep people trapped in the "past". Many people have "bad" relationships and "bad" experiences when we're young - BUT NONE of them should STOP you from moving on with life.

When you have a STOMACH ACHE and diarrhea - you don't stop eating forever do you ? You wait until your stomach has calmed down - and when you feel better you start eating again. Just because you've had a BAD experience in your life - why do you live with that continued attached negativity that keeps you trapped in the "past" - the ONLY reason is your EMOTIONS and your MOON's energy.


It is the CAUSE of all your stagnation and all your blockages - it's nothing to do with positive-negative energies in your aura - so you can't blame "astrology". It is YOUR OWN BLOCKAGE that you're constantly creating a BLOCKAGE because of your EMOTIONS - as you're wanting to live in the "past" instead of living in the "present".


Indeed, your THOUGHTS and your EMOTIONS could keep you BLOCKED forever - so LET GO - LET GOD - and allow the transcending astrological energies move you forward in harmony with your destiny - everyone else is moving - so come and join the rest of humanity. [Please read "DOING OPPOSITES" - the meaning of attracting your DESTINY into your life by "DOING OPPOSITES"].


Understanding all the interactive energies in "your" World creates

your astrological "needs" for the same types of people in your life


Your individual astrological chart has defined YOU - and defined the energies you need in your AURA to have your specific stability - each of the 7 planets define the 7 TYPES of people you need in your life - each of which creates that specific defined stability in your life.


Have you noticed that you always seem to "choose" similar types of partners and people in your life - that's because your AURA needs them and has defined those types are needed UNTIL you learn the lessons OR until destiny eliminates their presence. Unfortunately, many abused children who leave home at a young age - only run into more trouble - because - their astrological aura defines this need for "trouble".


Only when you understand your astrological configuration - then you realize WHY you keep on attracting certain "repeat" circumstances with their specific destined reasons. Learn the lesson by negating the negative energy with a corresponding positive energy - then you will be set FREE from the negative situation.


You CAN cancel - out ALL negative situations in your life - by THINKING positive - that planetary negative energy is in your astrological aura - so BE HAPPY it's there - BE HAPPY it's restricting you and BE HAPPY it's causing you problems - then the negative experience will GO AWAY and be negated by your positive ACCEPTANCE. But the more you fight it with negativity - the more it will come back in a different form and continue to fight you - until you finally "deal" with it the way "destiny" wants you to "deal" with it - through ACCEPTANCE.



"Opposites" - The 6th Month Rule of Astrology

This facet of "spiritual astrology" is important for me to reveal and explain this month in June 2013.


The cycle of the year is predictable - that's not only because of knowledge of the "past" and knowledge of "astrology" - but by comprehending what you see in REAL life as a lesson and facsimile of spiritual facts too. In Northern hemisphere in Europe - every winter it's cold - and every summer it's hot. In Southern hemisphere - they experience the opposite to what we're experiencing in Europe.


It's a fact of life - the principle of OPPOSITES - and even though you can't be HAPPY and SAD - at the same time - if you are SAD - then sooner or later - you will become HAPPY. If you are unstable - then you will become stable. If you are feeling unloved - you will feel loved.


When I study astrological charts - and due to the yearly cycle that is WITHIN everyone's chart - for example - the way you are between 21st June =>30th June - corresponds to the way you were between 21st December => 31st December.


And likewise - the way you were between 21st December => 31st December will correlate to 21st June =>30th June - and hence time always moves forward. 6 Month rule of astrology - will either a DIRECT OPPOSITE or events will be created by "destiny" to show you a corresponding and directly related energy.


This 6th Month rule - applies to EVERYDAY - and hence I guess - it's going to give you something DEEP to think about - as you "work" it out and how it has been influencing your life. The reason I've explained it - is because at the NEW YEAR - you have dreams, hopes and wishes of how you want the year to be - and maybe those dreams and hopes haven't yet manifested in your life - YET - but in 6 months time - they will.


The essence of the "6 month rule of opposites" is when you're life is balanced out - sometimes by the extreme opposite - if you were freezing cold in winter - then you'll be hot in summer. If you were lonely and unloved - now you'll be loved and find yourself buzzing with loving friendships.


Therefore for EVERY month of the year - you can predict for yourself - based on events 6 months prior . Hence events during October will show similarities to events during April; November will represent events to May; and December be compared to June.


Conversely, if you want to know what's about to happen - look back 6 months - and see what unfolded in your life then. Likewise, if you want a positive future in 6 months time - change your attitude today and in 6 months you'll see the results.


[1] Aries-Libra [2] Taurus-Scorpio [3] Gemini-Sagittarius [4] Cancer-Capricorn [5] Leo-Aquarius [6] Virgo-Pisces.


Inexplicable Attraction of "Opposites"


This fact of life is that OPPOSITES attract - and always magnetically fall in love with each other more than other star signs - this doesn't mean that they have harmoniously perfect relationship - far from it - as they are OPPOSITES.


But they have the ability to bring out the best in each other - [and the worst too] - because OPPOSITES challenge the core of existence as they have the ability to OPEN the locked doors.




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