The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo 23rd July => 23rd August 2018

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2018


22nd/23rd July: Sun enters Leo

24th July: Venus 16° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

25th July: Sun 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus

26th July: Mercury goes retrograde at 23° Leo

27th July: Full Moon 4° Aquarius - Full Moon conjunct Mars [retrograde]

Prior to Full Moon 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus - BIG unexpected surprises

27th July: Sun 4° Leo opposes Mars [retrograde] 4° Aquarius

28th July: Venus 19° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 19° Capricorn


2nd August: Mars [retrograde] 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus

6th August: Venus enters Libra

7th August: Sun 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio

8th August: Uranus goes retrograde 2° Taurus

8th August: Venus 1° Libra trines Mars [retrograde] 1° Aquarius

9th August: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Leo conjunct Sun 16° Leo

10th August: Venus 3° Libra squares Saturn 3° Capricorn

11th August: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio


11th August: New Moon 11° Leo

13th August: Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn

19th August: Jupiter 15° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces

19th August: Mercury direct 11° Leo

19th August: Mercury 11° Leo sextiles Venus 11° Libra


August: Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn

26th August: Full Moon in 3° Pisces

28th August: Mars goes direct 28° Capricorn

6th September: Saturn goes direct 2° Capricorn


It's a Good Sign - you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


You should be able to sense that something is going to change

because deep-down you want a change now - more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it


Sun in Leo - 5th Star Sign of Zodiac

Powerful Changes - Love - Vibrant Happiness

The Configuration of Planets that will be defining Sun in Leo - July - August 2018

Complete shift of emphasis from what it has been in the past 3 - 12 years - and - in 3 aspects for the past 14-28 Years



Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde]in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Introducing Sun in Leo

Magnetism - Honesty - Love


Astrologically - life is all about OPPOSITES and OPPOSITIONS - without direct energies of OPPOSITES - there would be no energy in the world to do anything or want to do anything. OPPOSITES attract - all flow of electricity and batteries are defined by "+" and "-" , all the best and most powerful relationships are defined by magnetism of energies.


Full Moon's prove that fact - Full Moon's always unlock maximum energies - and - during Summer of 2018 - due to the 3 visible outer planets of Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Mars in Aquarius - all on the "nightime" side of Earth - OPPOSING - the 3 inner planets of - Sun in Leo - Mercury in Leo - Venus in Virgo all in the "daytime" side of Earth - means that MAJOR changes will be happening for everyone of every StarSign - as Earth comes directly inbetween all the OPPOSING planets.


Whether you like it or not - whether it makes you feel uncomfortable or not - whether it annoys you or not - EVERYONE has OPPOSING forces that energize you - and - EVERYONE NEEDS OPPOSING forces in your life - "some" of those OPPOSING forces are very good for you - and - "some" of those OPPOSING forces are very bad for you.


When you can see clearly WHAT and WHO is the OPPOSING energy in your life - then you can decide to make it a part of your life - or - work with it to energize your life - or discard it and eliminate it from your life.


It is remarkable that the SAME OPPOSING energies that often bring-people together - are - always the SAME OPPOSING forces that work to end relationships - because the OPPOSING forces decides when to be connected and when to disconnect.


You can never truly choose WHO you are attracted to - WHO you love or WHO you hate. It's truly intrinsically part of your destined destiny. However, there are specific astrological times in all our lives when destiny creates the BONDS of ATTRACTION - and - when destiny DISCONNECTS the bonds.




Everyone on Earth is Experiencing Major Changes

Sun in Cancer - Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn


As explained on Months Astrology - this is the destined time - a STRONG - once in a lifetime change is happening for everyone on Earth. It's a major change that Saturn is doing to ensure we let-go of things that are wrong for the future - and - we become attached to things that will be right for the future.


For "some" people - this means - letting go of things you've become connected to which are bad for you - and - having a "SYSTEM RESTORE" - or - "SYSTEM UPGRADE" - the key is that you will be healed and ready to move-onto your next phase after the Full Moon.


You could say that any STAGNATION you're having at the moment is like going through a CAR-WASH - you're moving but you can't see out of the windows - and - you've got to take-it-slowly - UNTIL the CAR-WASH has ended. Then you'll be like "NEW" - fresh - clear-thinking - clean - and - detached from all the negativity, dirt and filth.


As soon as you're ready - then - SOMETHING will happen - which for some of you it did happen already - and - made you really excited - because you had GOOD LUCK in area of your life where you've never had GOOD LUCK.


BUT - and here is my message - some of you - need to wait UNTIL - you feel ready - or - until you realize the message of the Full Moon, adapt, change and see what specific facet needs to change - or - wait for destiny to make the changes for you.


Summer 2018 - is - MAGNETIC COHESION - feeling connected to whoever and whatever Saturn wants you to be connected to. Focus on all the goodness and good people in your life - and - if someone is giving you grief or negativity - then "they" have a karmic problem - and - whilst you might be connected to them - try you best to ignore them.


Saturn - planet of destiny - is ensuring you're only connected to the people who are truly RIGHT FOR YOU - hence - all you have to do is LOVE all the people you LOVE - focus on being connected to all the GOOD people in your life - and - Saturn in Capricorn will protect from the "others".





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