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The Four Physical Elements of Life

Fire - Earth - Air - Water

After comprehending that everything in the world contains a "Positive energy and a Negative energy" - the next stage is to understand that everything in this physical world manifests from the spiritual world at a SPECIFIC TIME AND SPACE by transcending into this physical dimension through the astrological energies of the world VIA the 4 physical elements of Life - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER .


EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is alive - consists of EXACT composite energies of FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER - and when you understand how EVERYTHING and EVERYONE interacts with each other in accordance with their EXACT energies of FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER - then you've then unlocked the astrological mystery of life.


Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Everything resonates to the 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER

You can only have peaceful harmony in your aura when you're resonating with all the 4 Elements

Walking alongside a flowing river on a sunny day - you achieve being energized by all 4 elements

Irrespective of your astrological chart - each and everyone needs energy from EACH of the 4 Elements - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER - EACH and EVERY MOMENT of EVERYDAY - that's a fact of life living on Earth as humans. But your astrological individuality indicates WHICH aspects of "you" are energized MORE than normal by EACH of the 4 Elements and WHEN you are energized by them.

Astrological predictions of your future can be defined by WHEN you will be receiving astrological energies from specific planets through specific star sign - and when you will be ENERGIZED by the energies - and use them OR need to COMPENSATE for them to readdress the balance of Positive/Negative energies in your aura.


Yin & Yang - Incoming or Outgoing Energies Life

Everything resonates to the 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER


Everyone is in a constant state of "change" - energies are changing all the time - means in accordance with balancing Positive/Negative energies - you constantly need to adapt and compensate for a LACK of OR EXCESS of energy.

For example, on a "cold" day - you compensate for the cold weather by hot drinks, warm food, wearing more clothes and turning the heating on conversely on a "warm" day - you compensate by eating cold foods, ice drinks and turning the fan on to ventilate the stagnant hot air. Instinctively when you're FIRED UP and have too much FIRE energy you compensate by taking a SHOWER or bathing in water; on a "rainy" day you carry an umbrella and on a windy day - you don't wear anything that will fly off !


Astrologically - on days when there's too much energy coming INTO your life - you NEED to give energy OUT - to compensate for the balance; and on days when there's NO energy coming INTO your life - you do nothing and give NOTHING out "special" more than usual. If you don't re balance the energy - then you've too much excess energy - and it manifests in different ways. The sole purpose of which is to redefine the balance of "You" and "your astrological" configuration.


Each Planet in each specific star sign - transcends an energy that resonates with each of the 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER. Predictive astrology is knowing WHAT the effect of each planet in each specific star sign will have on your astrological configuration.


Transcending astrological energies that creates YANG energies within your life - are YIN in essence ; and energies that creates YIN are YANG in their essence. A full Moon makes many people become extrovert and YANG in their nature - as the Moon is a female YIN energy - at it's maximum YIN energy during a Full Moon - pulling on your energy - making you YANG balancing Positive/Negative. Whereas a new Moon makes you introvert and YIN in your nature - as the Moon's YIN energy is weak and needs little of your energy to balance it's energy.


Moon Astrology is easiest to understand - as the Moon relates to your emotional energies - and it is your EMOTIONS that makes you react and do things - even if "Logically" you wouldn't normally do anything. Like the tidal waves coming in and going out - you're forced to move with the Moon's energies - in the same way that the powerful Moon's energy affects the tidal flow of water in the whole world; causing high and low tides daily; and causing different levels of Tidal flow depending on New or Full Moon energy prevailing; likewise astrologically the Moon "does" that to your emotional energies. When the Moon makes aspects to other planets - that too - influences what happens in your life - and depending WHICH of the 12 star signs you are and WHICH star sign the Moon transits.


The 4 Elements of - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER


Fire - everything that has any sign of life - contains FIRE. Fire is like the flame on a candle creates warmth, light and energy - but it needs guidance where to use it's energy. Fire is the engine - but an engine is wasted if it's not powering something purposeful or meaningful.


Earth - all physical existence is defined as Earth - when all Fire, Water and Air energies - are eliminated - "ashes" remain. However, WITHOUT the Earth content - then Fire, Water & Air - create nothing together. The content of your Earth energies - defines what you are in this physical world.


Water - the sustenance, the ability to sustain life and continuity of life - water is vitally necessary - WITHOUT WATER energies - the physical existence is limited. Astrologically - planets in water signs indicates physical success - and ability to manifest physical and material success.


Air - the connectivity and interaction between individuals and every separate entities is defined by Air - without Air - there wouldn't be anything connecting anything to each other. Air is the flexibility, adaptability and communicative transference of energy between everything and everyone.


Fire Signs



Earth Signs



Air Signs



Water Signs




The Combinations of 4 Elements of - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER


Deciphering the astrological energies of each of the planets through each of the star signs and their influence on your life - is directly related to comprehending the way the 4 Elements of - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER interact with each other. For example, "Fire & Earth" - don't mix ; "Fire & Air" - each needs the other to survive ; "Fire & Water" - clashes violently - could extinguish the fire or erupt / evaporate the water into steam - which is stronger wins. [I will explain all the combinations and permutations in "Summer 2013"].

Suffice to say - that the 4 Elements of - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER provide the formula to predict the astrological energies - and hence the affect of your individual astrological profile and collectively for everyone on Earth.


Colours Resonate with Fire - Water - Earth - Air

Every colour resonates to an energy - we all understand the vibrant colour RED creates - and the calming colour BLUE creates - but even shades of Pink , Purple contains a mixture of energies - each of which resonates to the 4 Elements of - FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER.

Do you "Know" your colours - the colours that WORK for you - the colours that are in HARMONY with your aura - for wearing a bright REDS is silly for someone with WATER energies - and wearing BLUES is likewise silly for someone with FIRE energies.


Buildings are created, gardens are made, and colours of interior design are define by the energy of the entity. A building's facade and it's interiors' identity and energy can be changed by using a red canopy or red carpet - as in St Peters in Rome. Light and shades of colours can be used to energize, attract and enhance the identity.


Do you know what colours "work" for you ? People who have difficult grounding themselves with stability - might be well advised to wear BROWN - "Earth" colored shoes; Blues are always good for prosperity and sustained growth ; Reds are good when you need to fire up and motivate - for making things begin.

When you understand that your astrological profile needs your outward appearance to harmonize with your own identity - you'll realize that LUCK is created by being in harmony with yourself.



The "Internet" resonates to a different Energy for Everyone

Fire - Water - Earth - Air


The "internet" is an important tool in all our lives - but what does it's energy represent to you - that depends on your astrological chart. For example - by nature - are you a GIVER or a TAKER ? Do you give more energy to the "world" than you receive OR do you receive more energy from the "world" than you give ? Answer that "general" question - and you too can define your interaction with everything and everyone in the world. Because, unfortunately, many people in this "modern" world - only seek to TAKE and to RECEIVE energy - very few look to GIVE and to CREATE energy.


Do RECEIVE energy from the internet or do you GIVE energy to the internet ? If you think in terms of conversations you have and of power of speech - the internet is a gift of communication - but just like in REAL life - when you are talking - you cannot possibly hear what other people are saying; and when they are talking you can't speak. The flow of energy is ONE WAY at any ONE time.


Therefore as you sit "online" define - which WAY is the flow of energy - when you're ONLINE ? I find it impossible to concentrate on writing and GIVING - whilst reading emails coming in and RECEIVING. It disturbs the flow of energy - as humans our ENERGY flow is usually ONE WAY at a time - RECEIVING or GIVING. During the day - define for yourself when you are in GIVING mode and when you are in RECEIVING mode. Then you'll be in "harmony" with yourself.


Many people RECEIVE energy through emails, through communication - for them the "internet" is an AIR sign of communication; however, other people need a SCREEN to view the content of websites and need to receive the energy through the vibrant colours of websites - the internet for them is a FIRE sign of positive lively energy. Others receive "business" and orders from their online business - for them the internet is WATER sign sustaining their lives. Whereas for others the internet brings stability and efficiency into their lives - as it enables them to live life more efficiently as Earth signs - dislike wasting time.

What the "internet" does for you - is defined by and depends on your astrological chart and the timing of the planetary transits as they aspect your chart - especially as the Moon transits each of the star signs. And I should add that just like you have different facets of your life - the "internet" COULD become "all" the different energies of your life too.


Balancing Your Life - Constant "Tuning in" Meditation

All mature spiritually enlightened people have learnt that EXTERNAL influences can affect the INNER balance. Therefore, whenever one feels TOO MUCH energy - especially disruptive energies. The instinctive thing to do is STOP and MEDITATE. By "stepping out" of physical life - you can regain an inner balance.

True spiritual Meditation means connecting with the Divine source and becoming harmoniously peaceful and "at ONE" with the DIVINE from "WITHIN". Each day and every period of every single day - the astrological energies change - and when you know the ENERGY of the day - you know how to re-balance yourself. If you don't and are unsure then STEP OUT of "life" - and meditate to regain your INNER composure.


Many people live life - like drops of water fluctuating with the tidal waves in the sea - moving backwards and forwards - depending on the flow of the astrological energies. Someday's they are MOODY and FRUSTRATED because the general flow of energy is in one direction - and "they" want to go in the other direction. Other "free" and "liberated" people - don't care where life takes them - whilst others UNDERSTAND the ASTROLOGICAL energies and then use them wisely - each and everyday - knowing and predicting the future astrological energies means you can predict which days, weeks and months of the year - you must be doing what you should be doing at the right and destined time.


The reason the STEP OUT of "life" meditation works to regain your INNER composure - is because it DIVORCES you from the "Physical" existence and puts your body where you mind and thoughts are - in a spiritual dimension BEYOND the physical existence of TIME and SPACE. Beyond this physical dimension of the world that's influenced by 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER.

When you learn to STEP OUT of "life" whilst "technically" living in this life - you can achieve harmonization and acceptance of everything that happens - whilst experiencing the astrological energies. As I've always said there is NEVER A BAD astrological aspect - even a square and opposition is a GOOD energy - that's why it happens. The challenge is to comprehend it's meaning and learn it's lessons. Switching off and Meditating enables you to understand the meaning.


Spiritual Meditation helps you ACCEPT everything that happens in your life. Many people falsely believe that "praying" is asking for things that aren't destined for you to have - NO - that's not right. "Praying" is to ask for HELP so you can ACCEPT everything you've been given to you - ACCEPT everything for it has a destined reason to happen - and ACCEPT that everything has a destined time and place for it to happen in the future.


True spiritual prayers is ASKING to live the destined life you're truly DESTINED to live - to do what you're supposed to be doing at the right and destined time in the right place - and never to make mistakes by being misdirected off your destined pathway. When you do - you'll know that you have peace and HARMONY in your life - for you're living your defined DESTINED life. If everyone in the world would ACCEPT and LIVE the life they're destined to live - the world would be a much better and more harmonious place to live in.



During Private readings - I explain how you can use the combinations and permutations of

Each of planets in each 4 Elements FIRE - EARTH - AIR - WATER to your advantage



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