The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer

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The Astrology of Your Aura

Energy Created From Within You & Energy Transcended into Your Aura


Each individual person is a facsimile of - the "Universe & Solar System" - as you have an ENERGY that is WITHIN you that sustains and keeps you alive - whilst simultaneously - you absorb, interact and allow-in EXTERNAL energies to come into your aura to bring you new energy.


Your Astrological Profile is Your Universe


Each individual person is a mini "Universe & Solar System" - as everyone has planetary energies in their auric world. Each of you, according to your astrological profile and according to your stage in life - has a predictive journey that which you handle everything "life" and that identifies what's going on in "your" world.


As the transits of each of the planetary energies moves to aspect your FIXED energies - that characterizes "you" as an individual - it's easy to an astrologer to know - how you will react to these energies - either harmoniously OR rebelliously - and if you will create a POSITIVE energy because of something NEGATIVE - or if you'll create a NEGATIVE energy because of something POSITIVE.


Your fixed planetary energies means it can't be changed - even if you try - as the definition of "change" would mean DEATH and complete REBIRTH. Or would create MAYHEM and CONFUSION in your mini-Universe.


Understanding your astrological profile means comprehending the way your "world" reacts to energies and what your "world" needs in terms of interactive relationships with other people and positive / negative energies from situations that manifest in your life. All of which - you instinctively do - in order to recreate the definition of STABILITY in your "mini-World".


You are "in Control" of Your Auric "World"


When you realize the TRUTH is that you are in "control" of your aura - you will understand that you can oscillate from being sad, gloomy and miserable into becoming happy joyous peaceful and loving. It is UP TO YOU to work with the transcending astrological energies - understand your astrological AURA and then ENERGIZE your AURA with the transcending energies available.


When you do this successfully - you'll see that every moment of every day - is BRILLIANT and is a FANTASTIC GIFT of LIFE. You'll know what to expect and when - and then be able to prepare - in order to counter-balance any instability that might be created by the transits of the planets and their interference with your "aura".


You need to know "who" you are ....

You're a DIFFERENT person WITHIN yourself - than you are to the OUTSIDE world.


Before understanding how you interact with the rest of the world - you need to know "who" you are in terms of astrological energies. Indeed, you are a DIFFERENT person WITHIN yourself - than you are to the OUTSIDE world.


After a lot of studying astrological charts and people - I conclude that the person you are WITHIN yourself - and in your OWN world by yourself - is the moment of your CONCEPTION - your blueprint of life - the astrological time you were conceived and brought into the physical dimension of the world through the energy of your father and mother.


And the person you are when you interact with the OUTSIDE world and with OTHER people - is your birthchart - the time you were born - when you achieved your own individuality in the physical dimension from your mother.


As most of everyone's concerns are related to the INTERACTION with OTHER people - that's what makes "astrology" easy to predict from one's birthchart - however, for people who are deep-thinkers and live in solitude - then it's important to comprehend the "conception" chart too. This is also important - when considering HOW YOU SLEEP - and the energies you RECEIVE when you're ASLEEP - for during SLEEP you are the conception chart person and not the birthchart person.


Spiritual Astrology means both understanding astrological energies as a mathematical and scientific calculation - but also incorporates the need to understand the real spiritual reality of your life on earth, meaning, purpose and karmic too.


Spiritual Astrology explains, sees and understands "you" as a person - just like understanding a mini SOLAR SYSTEM - with planets moving around your CENTRE - creating an AURA - in accordance with :-


1. Astrology of Your Conception & Birth Charts - Energies Created From Within You - These energies define WHO you are and WHAT your aura is - and how your aura is configured to ABSORB - REPEL - INTERACT and HARMONIZE with the energies around you - wherever you go , whatever you do and whoever you meet.


2. Astrology of Daily Transcending Energies - Energy Transcended into Your Aura - your AURA enables you to RECEIVE energies - because without these INCOMING DAILY energies you wouldn't be able to exist. How you receive these energies and what you do with them is related to your Astrological profile - and the configured Astrology of your AURA. That's what makes predicting - so easy.


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1. Astrology of Your Conception & Birth

Energy Created From Within You


The reason many people study "astrology" is because everyone wants to understand themselves - and only when you truthfully know who you are - then you know what your limitations are, your capabilities are and what your destiny is - that's when you can be the BEST version of yourself - accomplishing and succeeding what you're destined to be doing.


"Who" you are astrologically is a BIG question - "THANK GOD" - through DIVINE spiritual inspiration - I've been given the answers - [as quite honestly - I would never have worked it out on my own]. "WHO" you are is based on the start of your physical journey of your life - hereditary from your father and mother at the moment of your conception. UGH - I know what a "horrible" thought to "think" of your parents doing "it" - to conceive you - but that's your start - the beginning of "You"!


The moment of CONCEPTION - is the moment YOU started your journey of LIFE - your spiritual SOUL transcended from the OUTER ETHER into our Solar system - and that moment is the essence and blueprint of your life. Hence, even though your BIRTH Sun-sign is important - you have an intrinsically more important Sun-sign - and that is of 9 months prior to your birthday - your CONCEPTION Sun-sign - the day of your conception - is your annual renewal of life energy of the person you truly are. Ofcourse - as a Spiritual Astrologer - I then combine BOTH charts to understand WHO you are and WHAT energies are present in your AURA.


The specific identity of YOU - is an AURIC ENERGY that is unique and present in the world - your AURA is the energy you GIVE to the world. I always say - that EVERYONE gives energy to the world - some more than others and some are able to generate significant energies to GIVE to the world - they are great channels of energy. Even people who don't want to GIVE - are GIVING - the fact they exist and other people see them - their AURA is giving an ENERGY.


I find it ironically funny that the greediest and selfish people - are many times GIVING more energy to the world than "they" want to give - the reason they are GIVING is in SHOWING OFF beauty, status and elegance - they GIVE energy to the world. It has cost them a fortune to dress-up and style themselves - and then everyone who sees them gets to absorb and take their energy - not just of their physical but of their AURIC energies too - that's why people LOOK at STATUS to absorb an AURIC energy.


You too - whoever you are - have a unique AURIC energy that GIVES energy to everyone in the world - this energy comes from your astrological profile. That's why you find some people LUCKY for you and others UNLUCKY for you - as their astrological aura - gives, takes or co-creates energy with your aura.


Each and everyone you connect with - creates an astrological energy - the closer you are to them - the more energy that interacts with your aura - and then when they become so strong - such as a regular DAILY energy within your aura - they then become one of your 7 Planetary relationships.


The important facet to know - is that you have an AURIC ENERGY - and the world needs to see it - feel it and absorb it - if you stay indoors and isolated all day long - NO-ONE gets to see your auric energy - [and being on internet/facebook is not the same as walking in the street amongst real people!] - the DIVINE has created humans to be AMONGST other people - we are social people - so GO OUTSIDE and SMILE - RADIATE in the REAL world - your AURA and your AURIC energies - you have something to give - even if you don't think have - you do - your aura does. BE the SUNSHINE of your mini-solar system - and brighten up the world.


2. Astrology of Daily Transcending Energies

Energy Transcended into Your Aura


Your astrological charts - explains WHAT energies you ALLOW into your aura and WHAT energies your aura BLOCKS. There are energies you need EACH and EVERY day to sustain your existence - and other aspects that you can easily live WITHOUT - because your aura doesn't need those energies. "Daily Routine" is just another way of saying Daily energies your AURA needs each day to energize your existence.


For in reality EACH and EVERY moment of everyday - astrological energies transcend - and 90% of the time - you're not even using what's available and attempting to come into your aura - because you're either blocking the energies or refusing to use the true potential of what's available.


Proof that this is so - is when you suddenly have an EMERGENCY - somehow from somewhere - you have ENERGY to handle any situation - then afterwards - your aura goes back to "sleep". There is always ENERGY available to EVERYONE - understanding your astrological AURA will show you - when to use and how to use the transcending daily astrological energies.


Astrology of "Harmony" When Daily Transcending Energies

Enter into Your Aura


Living in "harmony" means living with a continual flow of energy into your aura and out of your aura - into your life and out of your life - like a Sunrise and Sunset - it comes and goes each and every day. Every cycle of life has YIN and YANG - "Giving and Taking" - "Coming and going" - "birth, death and being reborn".


That's the essence of the continuity - Astrologically in the "Daily" sunrise and sunset - moonrise and moonset, then "Monthly" lunar cycles of waxing and waning Moon from New Moon to Full Moon and then "Yearly" cycle of life through each of the 12 Zodiac star signs - and planetary cycles as each planet makes it's way through the 12 star signs.


The astrology of "harmony" means knowing exactly which days are destined for doing what you're destined to be doing, for "giving", "taking", creating and even "doing nothing" - for " doing nothing" has a purpose too - as you're emitting an auric energy.


Astrology of BLOCKAGES When Daily Transcending Energies

Cannot get into Your Aura


Although "harmony" means living with a continual flow of energy into your aura - your astrological profile has created SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS in your chart in order to BLOCK energies from getting into your aura. Certain days and months - will be more exciting that other days and months - because your AURA has allowed-in energy or your AURA has blocked energy.


"DIS-harmony" means being BLOCKED when you NEED to be UNBLOCKED - and being UNBLOCKED when you need to be BLOCKED. As your astrological chart has created BLOCKAGES in order to make sure you don't receive things you are not destined to receive nor do things that you're not destined to do.


But there is another fact that sometimes the continual flow of energy CANNOT get into your aura and it needs to get into your aura. The energies are being transcended but you're not receiving them - because your AURA is BLOCKED. This does NOT mean "Give up" living life - but it does mean you need to UNBLOCK the BLOCKAGES - hence the need to study astrology.


For example, if you're living in India and your soulmate is in Germany - then you're not going to find "Love" nor be "happy" - as you're in the wrong place - so astrological energies will restrict your life - in order to get you to MOVE - everything you experience is a "sign" - it is for you to decipher the astrological energies and what you should be doing instead of living a life that's not really your destiny to live.


When You are NOT living your True Destiny ...

The Astrology of your Aura is CONFUSED with "Other" people's energies


Whenever you're in a state of confusion OR realize that something BIG is wrong with your life - the intuitive thing you do - is "GO IT ALONE" - hibernate - go to your bedroom and just be "ALONE". Instinctively - you know that when you SWITCH OFF to the outside world and it's negative interfering energies - that's when you find yourself from WITHIN your own AURA.


That is because in your own AURA you know yourself best - but studying and understanding your astrological chart is the best way to truly KNOW yourself - know your destiny and understand that everything is going to be alright.



Astrology Explains how to Live in Harmony with the Energies



I have prepared the navigation to each of the 14 aspects of life and as soon as I have the time - I will explain each of these important aspects of life - their times and energies in your life. However I will choose ONE of them to show you something important ....



"The Time to Talk"

Speech - Whisper - Talking - Humming - Singing

"Astrology of these 14 aspects of life" - teaches that at ANY time you can CHANGE the energy in your AURA - simply by SHIFTING the energy in your aura. The "Time to Talk" includes all forms of SPEECH - WHISPERING - TALKING - HUMMING & SINGING.


And yet I bet you can't do ALL 4 right NOW - as the energy in your AURA at any ONE TIME can ONLY do ONE at a time. If you CAN whisper - then talk - then hum a tune - then sing a song - you are a FLEXIBLE person and have understood your aura - but if you find it difficult - it means your aura is fixed at ONE energy level.


Understanding ASTROLOGY will show you how your aura reflects the energy of your "life" at this moment and what your true destiny should be - and if you're on course for your destiny OR you're being BLOCKED.


What Emotional Energy Are YOU Made Up Of ?

What Energy are you CREATING in your aura NOW ?



You can become ANY one of these emotions ANY TIME you want


Look at the Plutchik's chart of emotions above and ask yourself honestly which category do you fit into right now ? Which category do you fit into when you wake up in the morning? Which category do you fit into at work during the day ? And how many different categories do you oscillate into during the course of the day ? And if someone had to label and place you into ONE category based of the majority of your daily energies - which category would that be ? What energy does your body vibrate to ? If you don't like what you see - then choose to change - leave that category and change.


The "ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love" explains how to change your energies and resonate with the "yellow" energy of optimism, joy, ecstasy, happiness and love. The moment your whole body resonates with the energy of love - you will feel ALIVE and sense the Eternal Divine energy of LOVE always - every moment of every day.


The Auric Colours of the Individual


Whatever the collective picture of the sum of different emotional energies you consist of - is the auric colour of your soul. What colour would you represent ? The ultimate perfect would be WHITE LIGHT - about the yellow of Joy, Serenity and Peace - the colour of the Sun as WHITE includes every colour - but first attain the YELLOW and white will come automatically !


"Like Attracts Like - Your Auric Colours Emits Energies & Signals"


Your auric colour emits energies to the whole world and then attracts the lessons it wants - "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" - there is no doubt that if you have a difficult situation in your life - it is because you attracted it by the essence and colour your soul's aura is emitting and the astrological energies in your AURA.


You maybe able to deceive yourself that you don't deserve something that's happened - but your soul knows the truth and LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE - you've got auric colours that attracted energies for things to happen in your life - so change your life by truthfully changing your emotions and auric colours.


You are "in Control" of Your Aura

When you realize the TRUTH is that you are in "control" of your aura - you will understand that you can oscillate from being sad, gloomy and miserable into becoming happy joyous peaceful and loving.


It is UP TO YOU to work with the transcending astrological energies - understand your astrological AURA and then ENERGIZE your AURA with the transcending energies available. When you do this successfully - you'll see that every moment of every day - is BRILLIANT and is a FANTASTIC GIFT of LIFE.