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Astrology Predictions for Scorpio

For everyone with Sun in Scorpio - Weekly & Yearly Astrology Predictions


Week from Monday 11th => Monday 18th March 2019

To be read in conjunction with "This Weeks Astrology"

* Sun 20° => 27° Pisces

* Next Full Moon 0° Libra on Thursday 21st March 2019

* Mercury 27° => 21° Pisces - retrograde

* Venus 11° => 19° Aquarius

* Mars 16° => 21° Taurus

* Jupiter 22°55' => 23°29' Sagittarius

* Saturn 18°33' => 19°03' Capricorn

* Uranus 0°14' => 0°33' Taurus

* Neptune 16°19' => 16°35' Pisces

* Pluto 22°40' => 22°48' Capricorn

Audio Version - This Week - for Scorpio


Weekly Astrology for Scorpio

For everyone with Sun in Scorpio


Complicated - Changes of Truth - Endings

Astrological configuration is once-in-a-lifetime - Changes for You defined by the Truth


This year's - Sun in Pisces from 19th February => 20th March 2019 - Pisces - the 12th StarSign of the Zodiac - is known astrologically as the most mysterious - as - Pisces creates endings wherever endings need to be created - Pisces is in sync with destiny and it's more complicated than normal - because - MAJOR phase of life has ENDED and MAJOR new phase is BEGINNING for everyone.


The question you should ask yourself - is - when you were young and left-home for the 1st time - where you frightened of the future - or - did you feel SET-FREE from your parents home. This instinctive feeling of how you handle life defines "you".


Are you a FRIGHTENED person - or - are you SET-FREE LIBERATED person? This week - contains ENDINGS for everyone of every StarSign - because of the fact that New Zodiac Year begins on 21st March 2019 - which defines a NEW BEGINNING for every SunSign Scorpio - and - that means - something that's been the definition of the past 7 years of your life - especially something "negative" is finally coming to an END.


It's going to happen - whether you want it or not - and - as a SunSign Scorpio - you should be feeling both ecstatically excited and nervously anxious - because - "it" is going to be BIG for you - especially as - all the planets in [Earth Signs] defines MAJOR changes for you.


Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


And the 3 planets in Pisces - talking honestly to your SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign]

Sun in Pisces [Water Sign] Mercury in Pisces [Water Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign]


All these planets in [Earth Signs] defines the TRUTH and STABILITY for the long-term for your - SunSign Scorpio - and - you can't yet see "it" yet. Soon you will see "it" - and - soon "it" will excite you to realize that all you've been waiting for - will finally be happening for you.


Scorpio is the StarSign of instinctive honesty, destiny, committment and loyalty - the bond of cohesion that you can trust forever. And therefore - if you've made mistakes and become "disconnected" or "uncertain" - or - you've been lied to - and - deceived - then you will now become 100% certain - and - RECONNECTED to the people in your life you can trust with your life.


This is the week of completely being SET FREE from negative situations to live the life you're destined to live - and - finding what's truly and honestly 100% right for you. The purpose of the changes will be to create LONG-TERM STABILITY defined by DESTINED TRUTH - especially as life will detach you from negative situations - in order for you to be able to be the truthful and best version of "You".


All the planets this week will be creating a lot of changes for everyone - because there are no planets in StarSigns that would create lies or deception - planets are ensuring everyone sees the TRUTH with clarity - TRUTH creates STABILITY - and - is perfect for your SunSign Scorpio.


The real reason why you're ready for POWERFUL CHANGES - is that life Saturn in Capricorn wants to protect you from anything that's not your destiny - and - Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] wants to set-you-free from negativity - as the emphasis of Jupiter is being shifted out of problematic negative situation - into - a phase of brightness, happiness, success, expansion and positive vibrancy - that will make you feel you're being SET-FREE.



This Year 2019 for Scorpio - Part I

1st January => 31st March 2019

Audio Version - "Introduction to 2019" - 1st January => 31st March 2019


Complicated and Very Busy

Revival of Life-Energies - Coming out of Dead-Zone


During the past 7 => 12 Years - as far back as 2007 - everyone has been in dead-zone in at least 1 area of your life. From now onwards many areas of your life will be coming alive - since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on 8th November 2018 - you've felt more alive than ever before - in the past 6-12 years.


Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 2019 - is the main reason why - your life will be remarkably changed for the better - and - everything that you need to live a meaningful life will be happening for you and to you. The BEST of which will be in January and February 2019 - as something negative vanishes from your life forever.


Coming "OUT-OF-DEAD-ZONE" means - coming-back to life - "life" means what makes you feel ALIVE - "ALIVE" means destined TRUTH - and - TRUTH creates STABILITY. Relationships, love, happiness good health and destined stability are all definitions of being ALIVE.


Hence, anything or anyone that makes you depressed are definition of "DEATH" and wrong for you. Divorcing yourself from anything BAD for you - will be easy between January => March 2019. Which combined with attracting GOOD things and GOOD people who are truly meant to be in your life - will be the energy of "LIFE".


The next 3-4 months - until - April 2019 - will be creating enormous changes for everyone. And those of you who've been in "DEAD-ZONE" or connected to BAD situations - will find yourselves SET-FREE.


Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The life-changing events in the next few months for you will be created by

Mars entering Taurus [Earth Sign] on 14th February

Uranus entering Taurus [Earth Sign] on 6th March 2019


The astrological configuration of the outer planets from now and until 31st March 2019 is one of 100% TRUTH. Which means anything which is a LIE and WRONG for you - is defined as "DEAD" energy. Depending on how afflicted your life is and how long you've been holding onto something BAD for you - will define how much will be changing and how dramatically quickly it will be happening for you.


You're one of the LUCKIEST StarSigns - because inside you - you know the difference between - GOOD and BAD - positive energy and negative energy - TRUTH and LIES. Hence, when things change - you're 100% ready for it all.


Let me define the expression "COMING-OUT-OF-DEAD-ZONE" - everyday life is supposed to make you feel ALIVE and HAPPY to be ALIVE. If you feel depressed and sad - and - you're not happy to be alive - then you're in "DEAD-ZONE".


It's perfectly normal to have phases of life in "DEAD-ZONE" - but - you're not supposed to be in "dead-zone" forever. Unfortunately, during the past 3-7 years for some of you - or since 2007 - some of you have been totally in "DEAD-ZONE" - and - there are some facets of your life that have never been ALIVE.


Officially you're out of "DEAD-ZONE - defined by - both - Mercury & Venus - [as explained in Healing your Mercury & Healing your Venus - [1] Mercury means you're being communicated to - people are emailing you and you're emailing them - you've always got people interested in your life - and - equally - you're interested in other people's lives too. [2] Venus - love of life - something has happened and something will continue to happen to ensure you HEART is constantly kept alive and in love with life.


You see "DEAD-ZONE" defines your inner self - when both Mercury & Venus are afflicted makes you feel depressed - with no love-life and no-one who loves you - no-one contacting you and you couldn't be bothered contacting anyone either. That's completely changing - and - for those of you who haven't yet had it change - then it will change. Immediately it does - you're officially out of your "DEAD-ZONE".


The problem in this generation is that some people are TOO LAZY and TOO SELFISH to communicate with others. Your natural nature of every SunSign Scorpio means you only choose to communicate and connect with GOOD people - you never ever waste time with liars. And in the next few months - you'll see "some" people vanish from your life - and see - good new people coming-into your life.


You must not be lazy when it comes to talking to good people - you must keep communications / emails going - in order to get others to respond to you - in order to become ALIVE - in order to get out of your "DEAD-ZONE" - in order to live your life with happiness.


Every SunSign Scorpio from now onwards - at least until January 2020 - is now in the zone of HAPPINESS and ALIVENESS. All you have to do is communicate with other people. Don't dare spend time alone - you're not destined to be alone. If you are alone - then - use you email to initiate communications.


Career - Business - Relationships - are all defined by your SunSign Scorpio that has a genuine affinity to GOOD and HONEST people. You're a likable StarSign - you like to be liked by others - and - in your nature you naturally like other people. You always see the good in others and want to be connected to other people.


Indeed, that's the purpose of Jupiter in Sagittarius - between 8th November 2018 => 10th December 2019 - you will feel and see what Jupiter has planned for you - and - it will be a - BIG BIG BIG - VERY BIG - VERY POSITIVE change in your life.


Saturn in Capricorn from 21st December 2017 => December 2020 - is defining a whole new chapter of your life. It is something you've either neglected - something you never believed could happen - something that has been stuck, dead, non-existent or something that's been assumed that would last forever - Saturn in Capricorn has defined - it must change - in sync with KARMIC TRUTH - there's no energy for lies anymore.


Saturn in Capricorn will ensure that you're connected to the right people - and - most importantly DISCONNECTED from the wrong people. There's no room for error's or mistakes in relationships - hence - until 2020 - everyone will achieve harmony and stability - thanks to the cohesive power of being connected to GOOD people.


Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

The life-changing events in the next few months will be created by

Mars enters Taurus [Earth Sign] on 14th February 2019

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] on 6th March 2019


Outer planets of - Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - with - Mars & Uranus Taurus [Earth Sign] - means there's no room for lies or liars - there's no energy for stealing someone else's destiny - there's only energy for TRUTH and acquiring what's HONESTLY right for you. This is why "some" people - not you I hope - "their" lives of deceit will be falling apart - because they can't and won't be able to lie anymore.


Destiny will ensure that instinctively people will be doing RIGHT - forced to do RIGHT - and - life will be creating CORRECTIONS - to ensure - everyone is RESET to be the "RIGHT" version of themselves. And that means genuine honest relationships - no more cheating on lovers etc.


The only problem will be for "selfish" and "greedy" types of people - as - Saturn in Capricorn will force people to want to be in relationships - and - that means CHANGING for many people - Saturn will force people to let-go of someone who is not theirs to have.


COHESION and being part of other people's lives is easy for you - but others might be facing problems - so show them your SunSign Scorpio, honest, warmth and charm and help them see that honesty in relationships is easy.





The Outer Planets of Generational Changes

Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] - then - Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] on 6th March 2019

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Jupiter in Sagittarius - 8th November 2018 => 2nd December 2019

Saturn in Capricorn - 21st December 2017 => 16th December 2020

Uranus in Aries - from 8th November 2018 => 6th March 2019

Uranus enters Taurus - from 6th March 2019 => 2025

Neptune in Pisces - from February 2012 and until 2025

Pluto in Capricorn - from November 2008 and until 2024


The combined power of these 5 outer planets will be to create an important change - not just in one area of your life - but in all areas of your life - especially if your life is not RIGHT at the moment. These 5 outer planets always have their greatest impact on people's lives from the age of 29/30 onwards - that's because the Saturn return at the age of 29/30 - unlocks the full power of the other 4 outermost planets.


Usually between the ages of 30 => 50 - most people are readjusting their lives in sync with TRUTH. You see midlifecrisis isn't really a crisis - it is an adjustment to ensure you're living the life that is correct and good for you. It is when you get forced and guided to find yourself.


Saturn in it's natural home of Capricorn means - everyone will be going through a sort of "midlifecrisis" of finding your own DESTINED TRUTH - some of you - it will be minor adjustments - others it will be major. The most important change will be to ensure you're CONNECTED to the people who are RIGHT for you. And - disconnected from anyone who is WRONG for you.


Life will do it for you - for example - say you're working or living in a place that's wrong for you - STRONG coincidences will happen - anytime between now => July 2019 - to get your where you should be with the people you should be with.


As Saturn in Capricorn is an [Earth Sign] - combined with - Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - means REAL LIFE movement - REAL LIFE relationships - REAL LIFE - that means - face-to-face human energies of warmth and connectivity.


Which means for you SunSign Scorpio - that - Saturn in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus - means a MAJOR new vibrant phase of life begins - and a BIG CHANGE for you - Saturn understands that everything GOOD and DESTINED happens slowly - from now onwards you'll see the reasons for everything you've been through in the past 3 years - especially as you'll sense Saturn making everything become "light", good and showing you that everything is going to be alright. But to become RIGHT - something BIG will be CHANGING in all your lives !


The 3 outer planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - each define a stage of growing-up - collectively and generationally for everyone in the whole world - each planet defines a border that you can't go-back to the "old" you - you can't go back in time - and you either move-forward with everyone else, adapt and change or you'll find yourself being left-behind.


The effect of these 3 planets will depending on your age and circumstances - and - depend on whether you're in sync with your true destined destiny - then destiny will create necessary changes for everyone.


Uranus re-enters Taurus on 6th March 2019 - will be creating a BIG positive change for you - which - depends on your age and circumstances as to how BIG it changes things - the key word will be a NEW irrversible phase of your life that will last for 7 years. Whilst you've had a taste of it from May 2018 => October 2018 - the Uranus in Taurus energies will return from 6th March 2019.


As a SunSign Scorpio - all these 3 planets will work to create long-term stability in your life - as you define what's truly RIGHT for you - and - STOP being DISTRACTED by other people's lives and nonsense - and - END / DISCONNECT from anything that's bad for you!


Now - I must be honest with you - that there will be some facets of your life that have been a part of your life for the past 5 years - and - for some of you for the past 12 years - which will now END. It's not a "maybe" - it is a fact. The truth is - during the past 2-3 years in 2016-2017 - you already sensed and saw that things needed to END. And now it will - if it hasn't already happened - because something else better for you will come-along to replace it.


You see - every phase of life is defined by specific facets - and because it's a whole new phase - specific things will be forced to change - as they've "died" - there's no energy in "it" anymore. Don't be shocked when it happens - because you'll see - as one door closes another opens.



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