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Understanding "The 12 Houses"

To comprehend spiritual astrology - accept it's a fact-of-life - that everything exists in continuous never-ending cycles

Nothing ever DIES - and Nothing is Born - Time and Space - is a necessary illusion of Life for the purpose of Karma


The Cycle of Life - Death, Conception & Birth

Astrology by factual definition is cyclical - all the planets going around in cycles and circles - means that by definition - there is NO END. None of us spiritually enlightened people will ever see - DEATH or BIRTH - in the sense that non-spiritual physical-only earthly people understand "life". Because materialistic spiritually-ignorant people understand LIFE - as a ONE-WAY journey from BIRTH at the beginning to DEATH at the end.

Explaining the spirituality of a person's soul, continuity of the existence after physical death and the fact-of-life of Reincarnation to people who choose to be ignorant and blocked from understanding - is like explaining to a blind man the beauty of blue skies, green trees and colors - unless you see and experience things for yourself - you are in "believing" mode - and not yet in "knowing" mode.

The factual reality is everything in life is a continuous cyclical journey - every END is a NEW beginning - every DEATH - defines a CONCEPTION and REBIRTH - at the END of every day is the beginning of a NEW day - at the end of every lunar month is a NEW Moon - and at the end of every Zodiac cycle in Pisces is a New cycle of Aries. This fact of life - means that there is always HOPE for a NEW tomorrow - nothing is ever DEAD - as explained on "Book of Reincarnations".


Understanding The Yearly Cycle

Everything in "nature" works accordingly to clockwork - the seasons, months and days - all work according to a defined destined cycle. All of nature is working in harmony with the clockwork of "life" - and collectively all of "nature" is working to sustain each and everyone in the world. If only humans would LISTEN to "nature" and the clockwork of "life" in the same way that nature does - then the world would be PERFECT and BLISSFULLY PEACEFUL.

Unfortunately "humans" interfere with nature - and when we do - because nature is fixed and defined - any interference in nature is immediately creating a NEGATIVE KARMA in our own aura. People can amass a lot of negative karma - before and suddenly - we are blocked. Some people are lucky and the NEGATIVE KARMA creates negative situations immediately and hence cleanses the aura immediately - others are unlucky and get away with amassing a lot of NEGATIVE KARMA until something BIG happens. This definition of spiritual astrology explains why inexplicable situations happen - even if not defined in a person's astrological chart - because the person has interfered with NATURE.

When you comprehend that "nature" is constantly working to sustain each and everyone in the world - you will realize that just like nature has a yearly cycle - you too have your own yearly cycle - which is working to SUSTAIN your life. In the same way, you wouldn't plant seeds in the freezing cold winter and expect them to grow - would you? You wouldn't go out in the middle of the night shopping either? nor would you go to sleep during the daytime - nor would you dream of missing a day - for everyday is necessary in life. Hence understanding your yearly, monthly and even your daily astrological cycle is vitally important to living in HARMONY with "nature", with your destiny - and ensures you value and appreciate the uniqueness of EACH and EVERYDAY of your life.


The Yearly Cycle of your Life

Life Cycle of "The Seed of Your Life"

By Months starting with your Conception Month

Your "Astrological Year" is defined in the 12 Astrological Houses of your Yearly cycle and begins the yearly cycle with your conception anniversary. As explained on - "Your True Star Sign" - life cycle's start and begin with your conception - the moment the SEED OF LIFE is planted.

It doesn't matter that you don't know it exactly - as the YEARLY / MONTHLY cycle defines groups according to your overall SUN star sign - that begins with the approximate day when the SEED of your life was planted - that's your yearly renewal date - to begin your cycle of life anew.


Your Birth Sun Star Sign

The 1st month of your "Astrological Year"







The 12 Month Cycle of Your Life

Each Month is defined by one of the 12 Astrological Houses

"Timing Of Life" is exceedingly important as Each Month Has a Unique Purpose

The Yearly Cycle of your Life - By Months - starting with anniversary of your conception month as 1st Month


Your "Astrological Year"


1st Month - 1st House
"Who you are" - Your identity and destined purpose for the next 12 months defined. Each year your destiny redefines a NEW purpose - and it is in this month when the GREATEST and BIGGEST changes happen in a person's life. Suddenly "DESTINY" can make you END an OLD life and BEGIN a new life. Everything that happens is DESTINY and hence will happen quickly, easily and will be LUCKY as a "sign" it's your DESTINY for this new cycle in your life.
2nd Month - 2nd House
Your "possessions" - the tools, finances and income you need to accomplish your purpose. You need money to live - and in this month your life is defined on how you earn your money - and destiny requires you to have an INCREASE your income or a DECREASE - depending on the lessons you need to learn during the year.
3rd Month - 3rd House
Connections through Communication - mental intelligence, clarity to connect thoughts and words. The month when your intelligence is stimulate through the people you connect with - a time when your year is defined to find good and bad connections with people - and decisions with how you are going to handle these people in your life. This is the month when in your "communication" and "thoughts" disconnections are made to the old as new connections are created.
4th Month - 4th House

"Family and Home" - people and places that creates your roots in this physical world are defined - you know where you belong defined by the positive energy your HOME and your FAMILY give you. If you are living in the WRONG place and connected with the WRONG people - this month will force you to see this and events will happen to guide you to a SAFE place for you. If you're in the RIGHT place - then in this month - your home becomes a place of great happiness for you - filled with all the RIGHT people that makes you feel "at home".

5th Month - 5th House
Pleasure and desires - what makes you ENJOY life - feel good about life - creates a "desire" for living life. Each and every year as you mature - the "pleasures" you enjoy changes - if suddenly you don't feel like doing something and want to do something new in this month - it's a "sign" that your aura is changing and maturing. It's inexplicable WHY you want to do things, WHY you enjoy some things and WHY you want other things - but that's destiny this month - you just "do" - and then you realize WHY you've been driven to WANT to do this - as it makes your soul GROW.
6th Month - 6th House
Physical well being and Health - the strength of your physical body enables you to accomplish your purpose. It's not just about your physical BODY - but everything in your AURA - needs to be RIGHT for you. If your doing something that's unhealthy for you - and is draining on your soul - then you'll be STOPPED from doing it. Likewise, everything that's GOOD for you - you'll do - eating habits change, physical exercise and looking after your body - because when you have a HEALTHY body - you have a HEALTHY spiritual soul.

7th Month - 7th House

Partnerships and close relationships - no-one can succeed alone - we all need strong partnerships to succeed. Even if the people are DIFFERENT from you - that's OK because partnerships are often created between people who have different strengths - and your weakness is supported by their strength and likewise your strengths support their weakness. During this month - you learn to appreciate all your close relationships - although it can sometimes reveal to you your weakness - which makes you look for HELP. This month HELP comes and you've got yourself a pleasantly balanced relationship.
8th Month - 8th House

Strongest emotional and karmic relationships - Sexual unions & Spiritual energies creates strongest BONDS between you and others which act to transform your life and your aura to become wholesome. This month - you connect with someone STRONGER than you connect with anyone in your life. It's a STRONG energy - sexual energies are by nature strong - as they AWAKEN almost every part of your mind and body - with power that you never knew you had. For more spiritually mature people - this month is also a month of SPIRITUAL unions - because being connected STRONGLY to someone in spirit world - is a unique personal experience which AWAKENS your soul. Hence, this is month when coincidentally, people whom are close to you might DIE and passover to spirit world - OR when you have a spiritual experience that enlightens you and AWAKENS you - that there's MORE to life than physical LIFE.

9th Month - 9th House
Understanding yourself - and allowing others to understand you - change and transformation through wisdom, knowledge, and learning through interaction with ALL kinds of people from all over the world. Diversity and wisdom brings you the ability to understand yourself better. The more you search the more you'll learn. This month will encourage you to meet, interact and learn from many different kinds of people. The more people you know - the more enhanced your character becomes - as your aura is IMPRESSED by and takes energies from EVERY experience and EVERYONE in your life. Some of whom make a bigger impression on you whilst others force you to do the "opposite" as you'd never want to become like "them". You can only truly understand yourself - you individuality and your role in other people's lives- when you interact with OTHER people - and sense what you're impressed to learn from them - and what they're impressed from you - your character and your wisdom.
10th Month - 10th House

Destiny - are you exactly where you should be? If you are it's a month of destined "signs" and good luck - a month filled with happiness from WITHIN that exudes and fills your aura too. If you're not where you should be doing what you should be doing and IF you have any minor adjustments you need to make - then it's a month and time of BLOCKAGES, frustrations, stress and turmoil - to MOVE you to where you should be. This is the House of "guidance" to guide you to your DESTINY. This month is month of your real birthday- as the INNER version of "you" reveals itself to yourself - and to the world - you learn what needs to change URGENTLY. This month your inner and outer worlds will attempt to harmonize themselves. If they aren't in "harmony" - birthday's are "time of conflict" and "change". The good side is DESTINY does come and help you - to get it right.

11th Month - 11th House
Inspired hopes, aspirations and dreams - "things" what you want to happen in your life and feel are possible but you feel unable to have. You need "goals" in order to move forward - and even FAR AWAY destinations can be brought closer through your thoughts, hopes and dreams. This month can create dramatic events - especially if your destiny is now working on preparing the next years cycle of your life - you will get inexplicable URGES with a NEED to WANT to be liberated from the life you're living at the moment. It might not be so rebellious - but it will show you REALISTICALLY where you are - and encourage you to LOOK AFAR and dream of possibilities. These might all be illusions - but in order to stimulate you and excite you - you need hopes and dreams and something to live for.
12th Month - 12th House
Karma - means explaining the inexplicable - none of us understand WHY things happen - but they do happen - and when you least expect them too - both good and bad - that's Karma. Only when you LET GO , FORGIVE and HEAL the "Past" - then Karmic changes happen. This month is usually a month of DEEP and meaningful energies - even if you never CRY - then this month you can CRY - for "tears" can wash away all regret and mistakes - and mysteriously FREE you from any bad "karma" that's inexplicably holding your life back. If you BREAK karma in this month - then you'll be liberated FOREVER - and then the 1st Month of your cycle - you will be liberated by destiny to begin a "new" life.



The Month Begins When Sun enters the Star sign

In spiritual astrology - each of the 12 Astrological Houses BEGIN when the Sun enters the star sign of that House

Then NEW defining destined events really start to unfold at the New Moon of that House.


The Monthly Lunar Cycle of your Life

According to the star sign of Your Moon

As I explain on LUCKY Right Times each and every month the transiting Moon conjuncts your natal Sun and the transiting Moon conjuncts your natal Moon. These are times of RENEWAL for you.


[1] transiting Moon conjuncts your natal Sun - is your own personal NEW MOON - and starts the monthly cycle - hence the few days leading up to "Your" personal New Moon - are karmic 12th house days for you - heal, forgive and wait until your personal New Moon when Moon meets your natal Sun to START something NEW for you.


[2] transiting Moon conjuncts your natal Moon - is a fascinating conjunction and is when "you" get a recharge and plugged into your destiny - when your feeling are 100% accurate. For the truth is NON of us understand why we do many things in our lives - most of us - do them because of the positively GOOD feelings we get to do them. The Moon creates these feelings - sometimes you know you can't trust your feelings - but Moon conjunct natal Moon - you know you can.


As the Moon astrology cycle's are monthly - can I suggest you keep a diary to learn about yourself - and to know which star signs Moon is good for you. For example, if your Moon is in Earth Signs of Taurus, Capricorn or Capricorn - then transit of Moon in Earth Sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Capricorn will be good for you - whereas transit of Moon in Leo and Aquarius will be complicated, frustrating and useless to most Earth signs.


Remember life is a continuous journey of cycle's so NOTHING ever stays the same - everything is always changing - keep moving forward and never "live" life in the "past". And even if you're having a difficult stressful day - it will CHANGE WITHIN 3 days - as the Moon takes 2.5 days to transit each star sign. So no-one should be - nor ever be - stressed out for more than 48 hours !



Become LUCKY instead of being UNLUCKY

Do you feel you're always UNLUCKY in some aspects of your life ?

Then you need to uncode your life and understand your astrological chart

to find the right time when you can CHANGE your luck to become LUCKY




The Cycle of Life - the 12 Periods

Each person has a yearly life cycle, whereby ones soul experiences the same type of lessons each and every year at the same time of year, as their soul is influenced by the movement of the sun in that sun sign . This yearly cycle is known as the movement through the 12 astrological HOUSES. Each month has its own specific energy, purpose and lessons to learn. The purpose of understanding each months energy is in order to learn to flow with life's energy instead of fighting the destiny of life !


Indeed, if you think of the general cycle of a person's Lifetime consists of 12 periods of time - s according to traditional astrology, a person’s life is split up into 12 sections of 7 years making a total lifespan of 84 years - but one period can also define ONE month in your yearly cycle.


Aries - The first 7 years one is like an ARIES ram, always putting oneself first selfishly and running around causing mayhem in complete irregular fashion, just like a newborn ram. Adjusting to the "new" version of yourself - the redefined version of "you" each and every reincarnation as you've just arrived on earth.

Taurus - 7 until 14, one is like a TAURUS bull, full of energy and fighting for ones space.

Gemini - 14 until 21 one transforms and becomes like twins GEMINI, developing a split personality from a child to an adult, with opinions and attitudes like a child and that of an adult.

Cancer - 21 till 28 like the sign CANCER, with changeable moods as one is sampling and tasting everything in early adulthood and adapting to changeable views of life, in the same way that Cancer is ruled by the ever changing Moon.

Leo - 28 till 35 one becomes to one's physical peak and strength of the LEO lion, which identifies one's character, and usually the unchangeable course one has taken in life.

Virgo - 35 till 42 one settles into a semi permanent, yet orderly, well organized earth state of the intelligent young VIRGO.

Libra - 42 till 49, one becomes the intelligent, thoughtful and communicative LIBRAN, balancing out and harmonizing life, with experience and ability to communicate ones thoughts sensibly.

Scorpio - 49 till 56 like the Scorpio, a person develops an intense personality with hidden depths. SCORPIO has learnt through life experiences and no longer has fears. It can handle most situations. Adapt and avoid troublesome people.

Sagittarius - 56 till 63 like a Sagittarian full of optimism and encouragement, from life it has learnt and matured, nurtured its one character and able to reflect back on life positively with an exuding confidence developed and earned from experience. Therefore one is able to convincingly instill optimism.

Capricorn - 63 till 70 like a Capricorn, they start to become introverted and take a very contemplative look at life. This can lead to depression and taking a damp look at life, they start to take a rigid and emotionally cold outlook on life. This stage in life they become very disciplined and fixed in their ways with little flexibility, which can be a good attribute if they have developed a fine character in their life, or a really depressing nuisance if they have failed.

Aquarius - 70 till 77 like a unpredictable and communicative AQUARIAN, they have extremely fixed opinions, but are prepared to share their views with others, and start to talk and communicate their ideas and thoughts, even if only by reminiscing.

Pisces - 77 till 84 like a spiritual deep-thinking PISCES, idealistic sensitive and intuitive, no longer thinking about the everyday worries they had when younger, they are learning to look at and appreciate the deeper more emotional meaning of life . Becoming selfless and giving to others in an inspirationally spiritual way, using all their years of experience from their whole life and using these years to reflect on the true good memories and sensory pleasures of life, like music, nature and art.


In some circumstances, especially in the case of reincarnated souls, a young person may have developed their soul in previous lifetime and choose to continue where they left this world, hence a 40 year old may already be advising and thinking like a wise spiritual 80 year old.


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