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The Astrology of Planet Neptune

As explained on "7 Relationships".....


Your illusions, fantasies and delusions that encourage you to live life and "soften" the reality of your life are defined by your Neptune.


Neptune doesn't create reality - in fact very often - it works AGAINST you to create deceptions, illusions and fantasies. Neptune makes you BELIEVE that you are RIGHT when it's WRONG in order to convince your mind to do something. Thereby Neptune actually makes you do things which you wouldn't do if you knew the TRUTH - it creates difficulties and challenges in order to give your life the destined, necessary and important experiences your soul needs to learn. If "old" age is the gift of hindsight - then "youthfulness" is the gift of Neptune's illusions.

Neptune on it's own is an planetary energy but when it interacts with your OTHER planets in your astrological chart it works FOR you and AGAINST you - but all with the same goal - as it's energies creates DECEIT and LIES in your life - which creates your life experiences to very often block your true destiny.

Only when you've overcome Neptune's illusions at each and every level of your life - that's when you mature. Thereafter the elimination of Neptune's illusions enables you to accomplish everything you're destined to do in your life.

I refer to Neptune's illusions as a necessary diversion - because as humans we need to LIVE a LIE in order to realize that it is a LIE - thereby we will be able to eliminate it completely from our lives. You can't possibly know the REAL TRUTH - until you've seen and experienced a LIE. Neptune's energies make you believe in nonsense and lies - in order to test you - and only when Neptune energies have completed their destined role in your life and they will stop deceiving you.

Unfortunately, many people never "mature" spiritually and never see the TRUTH as they live to the day they die - believing in the deceptive lie - hence end up dying in the state of illusion - this is especially true for "religious" people who delude themselves amidst fabricated man-made "Neptune" lies.

I will explain "Neptune" fully here - but in the meantime - with respect to "7 relationships" - it's energy does NOT create a "Neptune" relationship in your life - Neptune simply creates a DECEPTIVE ILLUSION in order for you to experience "life" and thereby challenge you to FIND the TRUTH.



Neptune is one of the OUTER planets - I call GENERATIONAL planets - as it moves to CHANGE the perceptions of each generation. Older people need different things in their lives to have "stability" than younger people. Hence Neptune in Pisces is going to affect certain "older" generations - in fact Neptune in Pisces is DESTROYING the older generation - especially that selfish greedy generation - people born with Neptune in Libra and Neptune in Virgo - for it was "that" generation that created the pursuit of SELFISH GREED as a noble profession. They were deluded to believe in themselves without care for others.

Neptune direct in Pisces will get back to work in destroying the corrupt values of "that" generation - hence it will create STABILITY for everyone else. For "older" generations should have shown and taught younger generations that STABILITY is created through HARMONY, PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION - but "that" generation didn't - they did the opposite.

Unfortunately the last generation of "leaders" influenced by selfish greed - ensured that younger people were ruined - because "they" taught STABILITY means wars, anger, fighting, greed, decadence, selfishness and detached sense of duty to anyone else in the world except themselves and "their" own kind - hence "they" ruined a whole generation.

Now Neptune direct in Pisces will undo their damage - by showing the true meaning of STABILITY through PEACE - living in harmony with EVERYONE in the world. As Neptune goes direct in Pisces you can expect more shattering of illusions and therefore lose respect for "nasty" people who think they are better than the rest of humanity. Simultaneously it will enlighten you to find wisdom, understanding and spiritual truth - which is actually WITHIN you.

Neptune going DIRECT in Pisces will be like a TRUTH filter - as life will show everyone the discerning difference between TRUTH and LIES. Neptune going DIRECT will make it become easy to detach yourself from all kinds of nonsense especially DEAD and MEANINGLESS things you GAVE LIFE ENERGY to. And that includes ALL man-made "religious" nonsense, deceit and lies of fake "gods" and "lucky" charms - as if they never existed - because truthfully it never did exist in true DIVINE spirituality - it was merely man-made nonsense passed down from previous generations - that you were conned into believing.
The reason illusions eventually DIE and get DISCARDED - is because spiritually they have no DIVINE energy within them - Neptune in Pisces is the process of cleansing the world of "garbage" and will continue as ALL the leaders of fake man-made religions will be eliminated by the DIVINE destined will of GOD in 2013. Neptune in Pisces requires 100% TRUTHFUL spirituality - and only the ETERNAL DIVINE GOD knows who the true spiritual people are and if you're honest with yourself you will KNOW it too.



As explained on This Week's Astrology

Neptune in retrograde will affect the following - lasts until Neptune goes direct on 19th November 2015


Affecting all Pisces born between 26th February => 8th March - restricts as conjuncts you

Affecting all Gemini born between 24th May => 8th June - restricts as squares you

Affecting all Virgo born between 23rd August => 6th September - restricts as opposes you

Affecting all Sagittarius born between 26th November => 6th December - restricts as squares you



Meaning of Neptune in the Star Signs

to be explained



Neptune in Virgo 1928 => 1943

Neptune in Libra 1943 => 1956

Neptune in Scorpio 1956 => 1970

Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984

Neptune in Capricorn 1984 => 1998

Neptune in Aquarius 1998 => 2011



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