The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

The Astrology of the Planet of Moon

use the "Moon Phases Chart" to find out what lunar phase at the time of your birth


Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.


Why Does - Moon Astrology - "Work" so Accurately ? ....

Why "Moon Astrology" works is an invisible mystery - but there is some scientific logic behind it. As I come from a college education in Atomic and Nuclear Physics it is simple to understand. Everything that exists in the world and in the Universe exists as "ENERGY". The particles of made of ATOMS - and in harmony the positive energy of the Nucleus is balanced by the negative energy of the electrons in ORBIT around. When there is equal and opposite energies then the ATOM is STABLE. When there is an imbalance - the ATOM is UNSTABLE and GOES "nuclear" explosive and in laymen's terms "GOES CRAZY" !

The Earth and Moon are in HARMONY with each other as the MOON is in orbit AROUND the EARTH [unlike other planets that orbit the SUN]. Even though you can't see the Moon - the energy of the orbit of the Moon PROTECTS the EARTH and is ALWAYS in HARMONY with the EARTH.


The existence of all life on life - follows the same principles - PAIRS - made of 2 individuals / entities that

COEXIST and SUPPORT each other in a state of perfect HARMONY with each other.


Hence, opposites always attract because of this principle - when each knows and understands EQUALITY in energies - there is HARMONY - but when one feels better than or exerts pressure on the other - there is an implosion. As we see in the World, it is GOOD to have OPPOSITES - but each energy MUST ACCEPT it's own boundaries and co-exist with it's OPPOSITE. Good would not exist if not for Bad. Light would not exist without Darkness. Spiritual enlightenment would not exist without pursuit of selfish materialism. Peace would not exist without Wars. "Yes" would not exist without "no" & "right" would not exist without "wrong". Men can't exist without women and women can't exist without men !

This also applies to YOU as an individual - you have an energy and the clothes you wear enhances, energizes or negates your inner soul. Hence the reason that each star sign has it's own colour's that harmonize and enhance it's energy. And similarly on certain days you feel like wearing blue jeans and other days an elegant refined suit. Now, I'm wandering off from the point - but hopefully have given you lots to think about.

The point I want to make is in RELATIONSHIPS - although you have energies of "7 Relationships" based on people you meet, work with, communicate with, music you listen to, places and people you get energized from - you ONLY HAVE ONE PARTNER at any ONE time. Just like the Earth and Moon.

Even if you've had many lovers and ex's - but at ANY ONE time - you have just ONE important balancing co-existing partner - energy. He / She is your MOON - just like you are "their" MOON - balancing their existence in HARMONY with you.

People who develop and grow together are PERFECT - but there are many people - especially in our generation - when they OUTGROW the relationship or have short-lived karmic relationships to deal with past-life issues - when you have FINISHED that relationship - you MUST let go of that "MOON" energy - be in LIMBO for a bit - in a state of NOTHINGNESS - then attract the next "MOON" to orbit your "EARTH".

People, especially women, who have children with one man, have affairs with another, buy a house together with another - are FULL OF CONFUSION because they've got 3 MOON's around their EARTH - and this creates DISHARMONY. Likewise men who have a wife, a girlfriend and a lover will always be in a confused mess - "one man - one woman" relationships are the essence of true-love relationships on Earth.


I've explained this fact, after listening to readers - as I realize things I accept and comprehend - some readers find confusing - sorry !

When you truly understand Moon Astrology you will realize the truth of how important it is to have the balance in the right relationship and that you are EQUALS - and more importantly ONLY focus on ONE relationship at any one time !

When you see photos of couples - the good couples always REFLECT each others energy in each other. You can understand a man by looking at the woman he is with - and even more so - understand the woman by the man she is with - as women always magnify the energies of the man. Just like to Moon-Earth relationship.


The Only Reason why Moon Astrology doesn't work for you is :-

YOU are Blocking the good Energies

Especially written for readers who aren't FEELING anything - you're not dead - just being silly and blocking the good energies !


Your Body is 60% Water - BUT it's the 40% of You is BLOCKING Lunar Energies


One of the main reasons why Moon Astrology works is because the Moon creates a gravitational pull on ALL the WATER in the world - we all see in reality EVERY DAY and TWICE a DAY - flow of ALL sea water creating a tidal flow of water. The collective sea WATER is almost 100% water - and hence it REACTS in obeyance to the Lunar energies of the Moon.

UNFORTUNATELY humans are made up of 40% of "stuff" other than the WATER content of 60% ; FAT and OBESE people have more WATER content than other people up to 75% - maybe that's a reason why "BIG" people they ENJOY life more - as they are sensitive to he fantastic lunar energies more than thin people !

Even so, the majority of "YOU" is WATER and is hence sensitive to the Moon's gravitational energies; in astrological terms - it's the same - an energy WITHIN you is RELATING and CONNECTING with the lunar energies. But, if you're NOT feeling it - there's nothing wrong with the Moon NOR with Astrological energies - the problem is the other 40% of YOU is BLOCKING it - so why not use this dynamic period we're all living in - and STOP BLOCKING the blessings of transcending energies. ENJOY LIFE !

If you FEEL stagnant and stuck - and not having the FUN, HAPPINESS and ENJOYMENT today - then why not do the [2nd] "turning back exercise" as explained on Book of Secrets' Secrets introduction ? It will help to confuse your aura - and stop you from BLOCKING the good energies that are trying to get through to you. I should add, and ask you to ask yourself WHY are you so stubborn and controlling - that you use the 40% of your body to BLOCK the positive energy that's trying to influence the 60% of Water that is the vast majority of "You" ? Are you really that arrogant and stubborn ? This is always the case that - allegedly intelligent people are always more DEPRESSED than others - because they use their minds to BLOCK the positive energies that are continually transcending down to earth. So stop being so "clever" and let the positive flow of energy of the Moon UNBLOCK you to set you FREE to have a good life and live the life you're destined to live - instead of the life you're trying to orchestrate and make for yourself - LET GOD in, LET the astrological energies in and LET it BE !


Meaning of Moon in each of the star signs

to be fully explained in Summer 2015

Moon in Aries

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Leo

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Libra

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Pisces


You Should Know Your Moon Transits ...

I've been explaining Moon Astrology for a long time - and by now - you should know which Moon transits you like the best and which ones you hate. Which ones are good for you and which ones are bad for you. Do you know them ? If you don't then now is a good time to learn .... you'll find the Archived Moon Astrology helpful and in the meantime make yourself a calendar of Moon transits.

Indeed it is a predictable formula for each and everyone. There are 2 star signs which are VERY GOOD for you - and 2 star signs which are VERY BAD for you. Do you know what they are yet? If you find ONE star sign which is BAD for you - there is another one BAD for you too - and it's usually the OPPOSITE of the 1st BAD one. So if Moon in Gemini is BAD for you - then Moon in Sagittarius will be BAD also. Similarly for the good star signs - if Moon in Cancer is GOOD for you - then Moon in Capricorn will be good for you too.

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you - 6 other star signs which have a purpose and reflect a pattern which are neither good or bad - but have purpose for you to be extrovert and accomplish OR time to be introvert and reflect - and then there's ONE star sign which is your own MOON sign and ONE star sign which is your own SUN sign - both have a NEW gift of energy to give you - a boost of energy to create NEW beginnings.

When I say VERY BAD for you and VERY GOOD for you - I mean to say - the Moon puts you in a BAD mood or a GOOD mood - and as we all know - when you're in a GOOD MOOD - everything goes well for you - you become lucky, successful and happy - but when you're in a BAD - things go wrong - you become unlucky, grumpy and accidents can happen.

The Moon determines your AURA. The Moon's energies can CHANGE your whole life - even if you have excellent aspects in your chart - if you're in a BAD mood you can ruin the goodness and conversely - even if you have BAD aspects in your own astrological chart - if you're in a GOOD mood you can transform your life to become so happy and successful. Additionally "Spiritual Astrology" always defines that you can change anything - by SAYING THANK YOU and MEDITATING - but it's sometime very difficult to meditate and say "thank you" especially when the Moon is bringing the worst out in you!


Moon Squares, Oppositions, Trines & Sextiles

Where-ever you are in the world - a traffic jam is frustrating - just like Moon squares

Until you learn the need to accept them and wait for the Moon square to pass-by



During each Moon transit of each star sign - I list the aspects the Moon makes such as Moon Squares, Oppositions, Trines, Sextiles and Conjunctions - because in the same way you BECOME LUCKY when the Moon conjuncts each of your planets - the aura of the world - becomes lucky too during Moon conjunctions.


For readers - "new" to astrology - I want to explain - that Moon squares - are indeed the worst aspects - and if a Moon square affects you - it will create FRUSTRATIONS that you can't do anything about - and if you attempt to push and force things to happen during Moon squares - you'll only get even more irritated. The only thing you can do is WAIT for them to pass.

When you learn to ACCEPT the Moon squares - you can actually ENJOY Moon squares - are opportunities to "slow-down" and take-life-easy - and even laugh as you see other people getting annoyed and frustrated as they are ignorant of power of Moon squares.


Moon oppositions - are much different to squares - because like magnetic attraction - things always happen during oppositions - people and events come into your life - indeed - it's thanks to Moon oppositions - that life is always interesting.

Moon sextiles & especially Moon trines - are moments when you feel supported and strengthened - with a stability in your aura - that you know everything is going to be alright - because you feel it from within you. Moon trines - are always good moments to work-hard, focus on your goals and make good decisions.



use the Moon Phases Chart to find out what lunar phase at the time of your birth


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